Escort News Saint Petersburg: new answers to questions

  • 6 Apr
    Tonia answered a question
    • Do you have one more blonde friend who can join for threesome

      by Reus_roan (343 other questions) – 6 Apr 2021

      Добрый вечер, есть подруга! И блондинка и брюнетка) с радостью встретились бы!

  • 4 Feb
    Marina answered a question
    Marina - escort in Saint Petersburg
    Marina - escort in Saint PetersburgMarina - escort in Saint Petersburg
    • Can be book three blonde girls for foursome fffm, possible.thanks.

      by Reus_roan (342 other questions) – 4 Feb 2021


  • 3 Feb
    Alena answered a question
    Alena - escort in Saint Petersburg
    Alena - escort in Saint PetersburgAlena - escort in Saint Petersburg
    • Hi Alena,do you have any female blonde friend who can join us for ffm threesome.thanks

      by Reus_roan (342 other questions) – 3 Feb 2021