Hello Gentlemen, thank you for visiting my profile, before you decide to message me, please be kind enough to go through my profile as I’ll be covering most of your queries that you may have for later.

I am a mature highly reviewed, independent, ELITE companion originally from Mumbai, India based in Dubai, all my photos listed here are mine, I don’t normally share my photos over WhatsApp for the sake of my well-being and privacy, I am one of the highest reviewed companion in this city so I am sure that will help you make an informed decision whether or not you would like to spend some time with me.

I am a university educated woman, I speak fluent English and one of my fortes is to have conversations with my clients should we both match the same wavelength and chemistry in our meetings, I have worked extensively in the corporate world, I am an honest and a straight-forward individual always eager to experience new fun and kinks in life.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from any potential clients is whether I offer in call or outcalls, let me answer that here:

I live in Jumeirah Lake Towers in a residential tower on the top-most floor that has a breathtaking view of the beach(dewa side) & Marina, the view gets mesmerizing at dawn and dusk, I have my own balcony where we can sit, have a few drinks and a lot more (discuss that with me on WhatsApp).
Security won't ask you any questions about where you are going. You wont be expected to present any documentation.
Rta Parking is available, move and pic next building hotel also offers a valet for 35aed which can be covered by taking a burger to go, I do have a residential parking card but prefer to not come down in heat.

So, yes, I do offer in calls, and I can also meet you at your home or a hotel, I drive so you wouldn’t need to worry about picking me up or dropping me off. Meeting me is always never exclusively about ‘sex’ I offer a lot more than just that, we can sit, talk about each other, our lives, hobbies, have a few drinks and then definitely engage in passionate lovemaking that will blow your mind.

I am 166cm tall with a body to die for, my most prized possession (as you can judge from my photos) are my beautiful, natural 46D sized breasts, if you’re a fan of big and natural breasts, then you’ve got to experience mine, they’re as natural as they come. My clients always spoil me by complimenting my natural body and this makes me love them even more.


I offer everything that one can think of when it comes to sex but I do have my own limits and boundaries that I would never compromise on, and I would appreciate if you would not ask me these questions when messaging me:

* No sex without protection (I offer OWO without), but the sex must be protected at all costs.
* No swallow
* No golden or brown shower
* No hardcore BDSM
* No hits or bruises on my body


Passionate lovemaking is my USP, I have always been told that sensual kissing and blowjob that I offer during my sessions are the best in this city, I wouldn’t brag about it but you must try me once to prove the others wrong who are a fan of my kissing and oral skills. I offer true girlfriend experience and always ensure that my clients leave satisfied and meet me again after our first session.


I do offer ‘additional services’ that I term as my ‘diamond package’ which is designed catering to the needs to elite gentlemen to provide them a lifetime experience considering their fantasies, here’s what I offer in my diamond package (which obviously) comes at an additional cost depending on the service that you would like to choose:

*÷ First night with an Indian bride – If you’ve always wanted to experience how it feels to have that Indian wedding night fantasy then you have to look no further, my wedding night as the name implies is exclusively for overnight sessions, however, if you’re someone who can’t afford to spend the night, this fantasy can be played anytime and for as many hours as you wish, this includes:
o Me wearing a red or black Indian sarree (with lingerie of your choice in my wardrobe or if you would like to spoil me with your own choice).
o Decorating my apartment to give the wedding home feels (flowers, incense sticks, decorating my bed, decoration of my apartment floor, lighting inside the apartment to give the wedding home feel) etc.
o Me wearing jewelry as you would expect your bride to do.
o I will be dressed as your bride when you set your foot inside my apartment.

I charge additional AED 500/- than my regular fee if you would like to avail the diamond package – Indian bride session.


I am located at the top-most floor of my building, my apartment comes with a view of the beach, highway and Marina, I have my own separate balcony, I am kind of an exhibitionist and love to explore, if you are someone who is equally passionate then we can make endless love in my balcony, trust me, clothes are 100% off at my place, we, drenched in each other’s sweat, saliva and juices is another feeling that can only be explored at my place, if you would like to explore and experience ‘balcony sex’ then I do offer that as well as part of my gold package at an additional gifting of AED 500/-

Just to recap, I like to keep my conversations concise and brief over WhatsApp as I receive tons of messages every day, I have covered almost everything about myself, so please be considerate of our time when you message me as I am not always in a mood to strike endless conversations over WhatsApp but trust me, in person, you’ll not find a gentler soul than me in Dubai, let’s keep our conversations on chats brief to respect each other’s time, here’s a brief summary of my do’s and don’t’s:

* Kissing – I love passionate kissing with loads of tongue play (hygiene is important to me).
* Oral – I love giving and receiving oral, I have been told by countless people that I am the best in town when it comes to giving head, come and experience for yourself if you’re doubtful.
* CIM and COB (no swallow)

Incalls per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
Outcalls per hour from
1,600 AED (US$ 435)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
170 cm / 5′7″
Extra Large
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    This is going to be a rather detailed assessment of Riya and who she is after my rendezvous with her, it was over two weeks of chatting, planning, and finally meeting with her.
    On my first interaction, I assumed her to be impolite because of how short and to the point her replies to my questions were and I even dropped the idea of moving forward with the meeting but still, the idea stuck with me and I kept in touch with her without committing to a schedule, she did reply every time I messaged her and this kind of went on for over a week or so, she has listed down a couple of fantasy scenarios in her advert and I had a hard time choosing one, I am neither a nudist nor an exhibitionist, however, I have always had this fantasy of public sex but it is not really possible in the country that we live in, I discussed the idea of balcony sex with her for days on end and after her assurances, I mustered up enough courage and proceeded with the meeting last night after mid-night.
    When I stepped foot inside her apartment and saw her and the way she warmly greeted me made me feel like a donkey as she gave a completely different impression of her in-person than the text messages (she did explain to me the reasoning behind it and I completely agree with her now), she made me feel so much at ease, the set up for the meeting was perfectly ready, the lights were switched off and the whole area outside was lit with the Marina lighting, this gave it all a different feel altogether. I did not find her one of those bang-bang-go girls that you routinely encounter, the meeting started with her telling me about herself, and then talking about me, my life, work, and almost everything she could think of, she is kind of an intellectual when it comes to starting off conversations with her guests. Now, I realize why there are so many men in this city smitten by her charm.
    So, onto the good bits now, I had my first sexual encounter on a balcony under the open sky, I tried all the positions with her that I could think of and she was game for everything, her jiggly boobs, when she is on top, was a sight I would love to see again and again, she has a very soft bottom and she likes being slowly spanked when she is riding you. Overall, my experience with her was one worth talking and sharing about, it was well worth the wait of 2 weeks and I am glad that I did not miss the chance of doing her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    I met her for the first time in August and once was never going to be enough for me so I decided to meet her again early morning, we had agreed after our first meeting to have the next session in her balcony while we watch the sunrise over Marina, I am an early riser and we planned this meeting few days ahead, it would all sound cliched if I would repeat the same things again that others have so eloquently put already but trust me, once you meet her, there is no way you're ever going to forget her and you'll keep coming to her asking for more.
    Just to add a few bits about her personality, she is amazing in every sense of the word, very kind and accommodating especially if you're a repeat customer, there're things we agreed for this time that I would keep to me but if you've seen her once and want to taste her again, don't think and just go for it, she'll cater to any request that you may have.
    Ria, as I told you in-person, you're a gem, not many can come close to you, just be the way you're, I will never have enough of you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    Had a really bad week and to relieve my stress, I thought of texting my favorite girl in Dubai, gave her a few minute's notice, and ended up at her place, my girl is too kind and accommodating and understood that I needed to unwind, as always, she was super cool and attentive, listened patiently to all my nonsense and again gave me the time of my life. She's my go-to stress-relieving therapist and always does magic with her words and actions, not many can claim to match her aura and charisma, she truly is the undisputed 'charismatic goddess' of our city and we are all lucky to have her here. Undoubtedly the sexiest and naughtiest girl in town that you can never have enough of. Period.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    I had a second meeting recently with Ria and like the first one, it was pure bliss and heavenly, Ria is one of those girls who doesn’t rush you, seems involved from the beginning, gives you her attention and tries her best to make you a repeat customer which certainly has been the case with me. Not a lot of girls have that charm about them where you don’t seem to get enough of them and always want to go for more, Ria has that factor. If there was a mechanism at MR to rate to girls from different ethnic backgrounds individually, i am sure, Ria would have stood out to be the No. 1 girl coming out of India serving lonely men in Dubai. I would not rate her on my experiences with East Asian, East European or European girls as I feel the barometer rating girls should be their ethnic background or culture and for me, she is currently the best Indian independent girl available in Dubai, my rating of her is based on:
    1. Her speaking skills (English)
    2. Her looks (She’s naturally busty and has natural body)
    3. Hosting (You don’t have to book a hotel or an Uber for her to see you)
    4. Kissing (Has no inhibitions and kisses you like a lover)
    5. Sex (She seems to crave and like sex, does it with all her heart)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    When I was leaving her home, she asked me to write a few words about my experience with her and that it would be my prerogative whether I write something positive or negative about her.
    Our second meeting took place yesterday afternoon (17-November) at her home, she guided me on where to come, where to look for parking and how to enter the building, now, the feel of the building as soon as you enter is up-scalish, I could see a lot of food delivery boys, residents of the building coming in and out with no prying eyes looking at them, I wasn't asked any questions by the receptionists, she guided me on which elevator to take and how to find her apartment, it is kind of secluded apartment in a corner on the top most floor so that's also a positive since I don't like being pried upon when visiting someone for casual meetups. I was greeted by her very nicely, she met me with a smile and a hug with a smooch to follow, it was a nice start, I was coming straight off work and being the gentleman that I am, I didn't even sit and asked permission if I could shower before we could settle, now what she said next not only startled me, it made a super confident dude and an extrovert like me blush, she said ''why bother taking a shower when I can use my tongue on you'' I wasn't expecting her to say that and I had no answer except for a smile, I didn't expect her to be so forthcoming and confident since it was our first meeting, anyway, she has a bathtub where you can lie down and be yourself, warm running water, towels to choose from, etc. After getting done, I came out with a towel wrapped around me, she had switched off the lights by then and was only in her underwear, she has a TV placed next to her kitchen counter and was playing some 80's love songs on YouTube, i, there were no words exchanged with me at all, she simply came towards me, she started caressing my body and kissing me, I mean those were proper kisses, I have never been kissed like that before, I don't know if it was just me but when she was in her element, she kept saying dirty stuff to me in my ears, threw away my towel aggressively and gobbled my cock as she had never seen one before, this was too hot for me to handle, as bad as it sounds for a guy to say it but I could not control even for a few seconds and as Borat would say "I had a liquid explosion" I was done and dusted by then and was still trying to come to terms with what had hit me, I thought my day was over as I already came but she then took me to her bedroom, she undressed herself and we laid down on her bed, she was still stroking my cock while we were talking about stuff, I was ready for round 2, we again made out, but I have to admit, she was a bit too much for me to handle, the way she strokes and gives a blowjob can make anyone reach climax in seconds. After again sucking me off dry, she pushed me on top of her and said "show me how talented you are" some of the things that she says during sex are really hot and sexy and I am smiling while I am writing this. This was not an ordinary meeting with some ordinary woman, she deserves all the high praises coming her way and now I understand why there are so many smitten by her charm.
    Now, onto the negatives: She makes the time fly with you, you don't even realize and the time with her is over 😭 😭

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Rai on Nov 13. Can describe in one word "Excellent n Extraordinary ". Will meet Ria again and again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    She is an unbelievably good escort and a bargain for me, never have i ever seen a woman eat a cock like she does, a total bargain for the services she offers inside and outside of her bed.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Highly recommended Ria. Met her two days, back she was a very nice lady make you comfortable immediately not typical escort clock watching. Had a nice discussion for some time and went into action she knows what is BJ and she gives the best. We both enjoyed our time and would definitely visit again. If you are looking for a nice time please go for her no need to think twice...

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Met this beautiful lady on a short notice. She lives in a top notch apartment in JLT, where u can see the whole marina view.she was very kind as soon as I entered welcomed me with a hug and then went to her sofa for a chitchat. sometimes later she started touching n kissing me using lot of tongue play which was very new for me. And then she took me to her room removed my clothes and started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. Her techniques are mind blowing😍 totally loved it. She never looked at her phone while I was there and she is not at all a clock watcher. We even listened to “Manike mage hithe”song 😅 10/10 for me worth the visit.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    If u have an itch, scratch it. I have always had an itch for Indian girls and always fancied them, the porn that i watch is always exclusively involves Indian women in it, i have met many indian escorts over the years in many countries but never came across one whose experience was worthy of sharing, this changed after i met Ria about 3 weeks back. The positive reviews drew my attention towards her and made me feel this could be the one i have been waiting for, my visit turned way beyond my expectations, from the moment i walked in to the moment i left her, not for a second it felt like i was meeting with an escort and it involves money, few observations that set her apart for me were (a) she didn’t demand money the moment i set foot inside her home (b) she was attentive towards me and did not indulge in checking phone or try finishing me to get another customer in (c) she didn’t push me for sex until we were both comfortable and had spent some time outside her bedroom.
    Her BBBJ is worth every penny, no adjectives to describe how great the kissing skills are and sex is beyond exceptional, to top it off, she goes down on her fours and loves a facial. By far the Naughtiest, nastiest and dirtiest indian escort i have ever fxckd.

  • Rating: 2 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Went for round 2 ; Pari is still gorgeous as always. Though the act itself felt mundane, forced and mechanical. Wouldn’t go back for thirds, unfortunately.

    I've never met u..I knew the second u said in ur previous review butt naked because it's insane to expect a first meeting from someone u meet on a public platform..u expect me to open door naked..without any payment..I only offer this for regulars..anyway no idea what ur motivation for this is..but focus on ur work rather than playing cheap tricks..uve made it so so obvious this is a fake review..read ur own previous review words again and do me a favor try again...I dare u do better try again...dude/ah sorry babe this is few levels below of dumb..equip urself mentally before u do this again...ur welcome

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (1 other review)

    To each their own, I had the yummiest time with her, she is the type of girl u would want to take home to ur parents, she is talkative which is different to other escorts i have met, calling her the queen of BLOWJOB and FOREPLAY will not be an overstatement. Sex was awesome, her moans did not feel fake. Not a clockwatcher at all.

  • Rating: 3 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Always wanted to try and Indian girl so gave her a visit a couple of days ago. To begin with, she wasn’t a switch-and-bait. Location was easy to find, and she DOES WELCOME YOU AT THE DOOR WITH WHAT YOU ASK OF HER (Id asked her to be butt naked and SHE WAS ) . The BJ is out of this world, she will eat you up like no tomorrow. The sex isn’t great though, I mean she does make up for it with her personality. Would highly recommend for those who want to be sucked dry or into foreplay.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Went to see Ria for a second time in as many months last night, needless to say, she is pure bliss, have never felt such comfort with a girl off MR. There are things that happen with her that cannot be put into words no matter how hard you try. If you are looking at her advertisement and wondering whether you should try her or not, let my words be an assurance to you that you will come out smiling. Another dimension that she has added to her meetings which made my evening super sexy is that she opens her doors how you request her, I was petrified when I asked her to open the door naked but she did that to please me so kudos to her for always going out of the way and making sure she pleases you in whatever way you prefer.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I am an Italian and it is not an easy task for one to make an Italian man happy, this afternoon (11th October) was my first meeting with Charismatic Ria in Dubai, let's talk about it:
    Comms: Very easy to approach, she was willing to speak over the phone to confirm I was talking to the girl and not some random pimp on the other side trying to find a client for his girl.
    Pictures: Real and genuine, she shared with me her photos before the meeting and the girl who met me was the same as the photos.
    Dressing: I requested her to wear the purple Indian dress she is wearing in one of the photos and my request was approved.
    Location: Found it easily, with no parking or security issues, I paid the valet who parked my car safely.
    View: I suggested to her while talking that she should start charging for the view also from her apartment lol. The view is amazing.
    Drinks: She offered me Heineken beers which was really thoughtful of her, we had a couple of beers and talked about Venice, apparently she is planning to visit Venice and Amalfi coast soon so I gave her my suggestions on where to go and what to see.
    Pre-session: She is a bit of a talker, and feels really good if you get that connection going with her, we talked about a great deal of stuff before we moved to her bed.
    Session: I think the reason she doesn't take you directly to her bed is probably because of the fact that she likes to ease you into it, I was meeting her for the first time so perhaps that was the reason she took it really slow with me. Once we were in bed, it felt as if someone had hit a light-switch as she turned into a different animal altogether, I can still feel the taste of her tongue in my mouth, she kisses highly passionately.
    Blowjob: The best Indian blowjob I have experienced, again, no words to describe how good it was, I could hardly control myself.
    Sex: It isn't a pornstar experience with her if you're looking for one, she offers girlfriend experience to you, and doesn't say no to anything as long as it is within the agreed list of things you discuss before the meeting.
    Was I satisfied? Totally
    Will I recommend her? Absolutely YES if you're wanting to taste an Indian girl.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (8 other reviews)

    She was referred to me by a friend of mine and after going through her profile I decided to meet her, I choose my girls very carefully and usually have a ton load of questions before I finally choose the girl I wish to spend time with, I had no doubts that she is independent since she was being referred to by someone I fully trust, after I introduced myself to her, my barrage of questions started and she was patient enough to answer all of those in one message (for those of you who have interacted with her would surely know what I mean by that), this was the height of professionalism and attention to detail that I have not observed in some of the other women that I have seen.
    Keeping it brief, I met her for an incall at her house which is at one of the most luxurious localities in Dubai so it made me feel safe and comfortable, I had briefed her during our conversation over the phone that I will need her to open the door wearing nothing but a sexy set of lingerie, when I knocked and she opened the door wearing nothing but a red bra and panties, 'little johnny' couldn't resist and was hard like a pole at the mere sight of her half naked body, I closed the door and followed her gazing at those beautiful ass-cheeks that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. She offered me a drink, we sat down on her sofa, talked for a moment and then she came closer to me and initiated the first touches that would make any man weak in the knees. She undressed me there on her couch, knelt down on the floor, and started eating my cock as if she was hungry for it, never have I ever felt that eagerness of a woman munching on my cock as if she was longing for it. There was no looking back and that 1 hour felt like a few minutes, the best thing about Ria that I would say is that she has not at all inhibited in anything that she does, she makes love to you like a long-lost lover and can arouse sensations that you never thought existed, with me, she took the lead in everything that she did, one last thing that I would like to say here is that she has an amazing set of rack as you can judge from her photos, those are some of the biggest natural boobs I have ever had the chance of sucking and I can't wait to have another go at them again. She is truly one of the finest Indian girls in this city, you won't find a better girl than her in Dubai, if you're looking for an independent Indian girl to feast on, start your car engines and head to JLT - Dubai because that's where this gem lives.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met Ria on 2-Oct after many months of following her profile on MR and going through all positive reviews. I must say, she is worth more than all these reviews. All her photos are genuine and her place is neat and clean. Though I reached half an hour late from the agreed time, she welcomed me with a lovely smile and hug.

    I told her what I like before we met and she performed well beyond my expectations. She is not mechanical at all. In fact, she loves what she does and does it very passionately. As all reviewers said, her DFK and BJ skills are just mind blowing and best in town. She is very understanding and definitely not a clock watcher as I overstayed around xxxxxxx minutes but she didn't mind it at all.

    You must meet her to figure out what's so special about her that she's got so many positive reviews. If you are looking for an Indian girl with whom you want to spend quality time with moments to remember for life, look no further. She's the best choice for all your needs and desires.

    Thank you Ria for the wonderful evening. Looking forward to meet again. 😍 ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have met her once for an incall at her apartment recently and would like to write a few words for her as I believe that she truly deserves all the praise, I loved the feel of her apartment overlooking Marina. Here I would mention that I showed up to meet at a very good time as it was dusk and the feel around Marina was very romantic, she gave me the girl next door feels with the way she was dressed and how her house was decorated, nothing about her gave any fake impression. I didn't feel like I was meeting her to "do the deed" since she was also quite keen on striking up a conversation about life, work, her experiences, my experiences, what i was expecting of her, etc. This for me broke the ice and made me feel really comfortable, I have always been a huge fan of Indian women and the way they dress, since we were getting quite comfortable in each others company, I asked her if she would be willing to wear a sarree for me, she happily agreed to do it, from thereon the session took off and i felt being on the 7th heaven, she kisses you as if she means it, her blowjob took my breath away, like literally, that blowjob is heavenly, she is an exceptional woman and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a real girlfriend experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Such a good companion. Very friendly. I wish I had more beers 😂.
    Btw amazing bj 😍😍😍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    I have been trying to meet Ria for a while now, last month we connected but apparently, she was traveling so we could not align our schedules. Last night, I was close to Marina and thought of writing to her again to see her availability, luckily she was available, I was also closeby and we agreed to meet, I had spoken to her over a call earlier so I knew that she works independently, one thing to add about the place that she hosts in, I found it really easy to locate, it gives you a feeling of comfort as it is a residential block and doesn't give any shady feelings at all. Nonetheless, I showed up at her place, she was dressed for the occasion, I had made a special request for a low cut deep-neck dress that reveals her figure and she was wearing exactly the same, you could judge from her photos how massive those things are. I had a wonderful time with her, last thing to mention about her, she is perhaps the best Indian kisser that I have ever met, and how blowjob skills are unparallel. Full marks to her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I had a meeting with Riya last night for a few hours and had an unforgettable experience, I am not surprised about so many people wowed by her after experiencing it all myself. It all started with a deep sensual kiss, i have never been kissed like that before, the entire session was an unprecedented experience and I had never had such a soothing experience ever before so yes she is the one who has that X about her factor as you can feel that she puts her heart and soul to try and please you. Really loved every minute of it with her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met this lady yesterday. Communications were easy. The place was easy to find and with adequate paid parking. Was not comfortable with the high price that I ended up with but oh, boy, the service was excellent. The place was nice, clean and tidy. Excellent conversations. Remarkable use of mouth and tongue!

    To summarize, costly time very well spent! For those that have an Indian itch, go for it!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    My first meeting took place in the beginning of September, to be doubly sure she is independent, i persisted on speaking on a call first, over the phone call i was completely sold to the idea as she spoke very eloquently and all doubts were cleared. I took care of the schedule and agreed to meet at 6 pm at dusk as i opted for the balcony sex “package.”
    I had a choice of beers to choose from, we had a few beers and once we got comfortable, we proceeded to do the deed, the heat wasn’t unbearable but it was a wee bit hot but again, one can do anything for pleasure. I felt safe, surroundings were comfortable too and i had a very good time, she is true to her self and doesn’t fake, i had loads of fun and can vouch for her genuineness. She is gold.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her a couple of days ago while transiting through Dubai. Here is my experience:
    It was easy to choose her as the profile looks so positive and promising (I was specifically looking for an Indian girl so the decision was easy). The positive reviews also helped a lot in my decision making. We met at my hotel near the airport for a few hours. She reached at the agreed time. Her dusky features and long black hair had me aroused, she was wearing a very tight top which made her breasts pop-out, she greeted me with warm smile, a hug and a very passionate kiss. We got to talking and quickly connected. It never felt like a professional appointment. It was very friendly. She is educated, good manners and nice communication skills. There was no hesitation or compromise on safe services. I found her to be quite open minded. Not going into the details of our experience on bed. She is awesome in every aspect at what she does and does with whole heart.
    To be honest, I have been with countless women over the years, I have met many good and beautiful ladies from different platforms and agencies. But, Ria stood out for me which pushed me to leave a few good words of appreciation for her. Also, I would like to mention about her dressing sense and the way she carries herself. She is very fashionable and perfect girl you want. Just treat her well and you will get back lots of love and pleasure in return.  

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (8 other reviews)

    Ria is among the best in Dubai. Great location ,easy to find. She was very friendly and easy to talk to- made me feel like i have known her for years. Amazing oral skills, a great body and tastes yummy. Did not want to stop munching on her. Cant wait to meet her again !

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I had 1 hour session with her in late August and i have to say she is a very talented girl, delivered to me all the promised services, located in a good setting so session turns out to be comfortable. The best part for me was her sensual kissing and oral skills.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met this beautiful lady long time after our first visit. Had some confusions in the beginning but all got sorted while we met face to face. Had a very wonderful time with her and hope to meet her again if all goes well. Sorry for the inital confusions dear.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her this afternoon for a second time after over a year. Photos are 100% genuine. She has a beautiful face and an amazing set of breasts. Apartment easy to find in JLT. Sloppy BJ was very hot and steamy, really hard not to cum. Highly highly recommended.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Have been wanting to see Charismtic goddess for a few months now but our schedules never aligned, texted her day before to see her availability, responded to me immediately, we have chatted many a time before so I was hoping she might take me for a timepass and not meet me, however, she immediately confirmed her availability, without a second thought I headed out, when she opened the door, she was impeccably dressed, i had not made any specific requests but she looked dazzlingly beautiful, we sat down, had a drink and talked for a bit, i always like my women to initiate the first touch, perhaps she judged that, it all started with gentle touches and caresses which in no time turned into a lot more that i will not be disclosing, it is for everyone to experience on their own, all i would say is (like a lot other reviewers) that perhaps this woman gives the best blowjob in Dubai, she sucks as if there’s no tomorrow, and her kissing is amongst the best, if not the best i have ever experienced. Hands down the best in Dubai.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I saw her in apartment for incall, parking was readily available, I was a quite nervous entering the building given the number of scam artists around Dubai now which is a shame, nonetheless I went ahead with the meeting.
    I had requested her to open the door wearing nothing but her undies. This made me really comfortable seeing her half-naked sitting on her sofa talking to me and had no inhibitions, we had really good, warm and friendly conversation, It was so overpowering when she decided to kiss me, I felt like her toy from that moment, I consider myself to be an introvert that i felt she realized and took charge seeing that.
    Her oral skills are beyond magical, never have i had an experience where i just closed my eyes and felt on the 7th heaven while i was being completely drained.
    I spent more time with her than I paid for, but every penny was worth it, the words could never truly describe the magic I witnessed.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    met Ria last night and found her to be smart, intelligent, educated, a woman with beauty and brains, initial conversation on WhatsApp didn’t sound too welcoming as it was straight to the point but in person i found her to be completely different, i had really meaningful, insightful and deep conversations with her which was a delight. Nice apartment with a beautiful view. I felt really comfortable being in her company, thank you for a good time and here’s hoping for more in the future.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Ria is super cool to talk to and hang out with and she slowly eases you to the main course.

    Superlative BJ, best I have had by far. Amazing enthusiasm and very responsive to every move you make. True GFE.

    Treat her well and you will get a night to remember. Thanks

    Totally worth it!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Our meeting happened 2 or 3 weeks ago, Ria is elegance personified, our meeting was supposed to last an hour which ended up being more than 3 hours, her engaging life stories, jokes, her wittiness, and her will to engage beyond just a few hours of companionship makes her one of the most sought after women in this city, lives in a safe residential building which makes the meeting all the more pleasant, I haven't had the opportunity to see her again our first rendezvous but I will surely be seeing her again as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for the awesome memories Ria.

    PS: My offer for watching Man United's match still stands.

    Yours absolutely crazy Man United Fan.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    I met Ria and her Filipino friend Jen this week for a 3some session, Ria and I have met a number of times over the years and she’s my go to girl, this time she suggested us to have our first 3some encounter, it was my first ever such an encounter and I wasn’t how it would eventually turn out, they were both waiting for me when i showed up at Ria’s home, Ria was beautifully draped in a saree while Jen was in her own element wearing a uniform, we chatted a while until i was at ease, every man and his dogs dream is to see two women make love and this is what i was hoping too, we were talking for about half an hour when suddenly Ria and Jen leaned towards each other and started making out, that was a sight to behold for me as I had never seen 2 women kiss that passionately in person, one thing led to another and this session became one of the most spiciest sessions that i have ever experienced. Both the women were all over each other, kissing, licking, sucking each other, using a strap on and what not. Our session continued for about 2 hours and we only stopped when all 3 of us were fully exhausted. I am sure i will be having a lot more of these 2 goddesses in the future.

    Hey sweetheart!
    Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so glad you enjoyed your first threesome, our comfort level helps us slide into exploring other dimensions so easily.
    I'm actually looking forward to schedule you with the Scott girl too.
    Super duper excited.
    Can't wait.
    Lots of love 😍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Not sure how my review for her isn’t going through, I have met her couple of times in the last month, she is exactly who she claims to be or perhaps better.
    I definitely see her as a must visit woman in Dubai, some of her skills are beyond amazing, she left me speechless every time i had the chance to see her. Her blowjob needs to be a must have in every man’s itinerary.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Created an account just so I could write a few words of appreciation for this woman’s craft, had an amazing session with her. Provided all the agreed services, no fuss, no hustle, pure pleasure. Will definitely see again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I met her this afternoon after a quick conversation, here is my brief review of her:
    - Location: Very easy to navigate to, close to Marina in a residential tower, I found it safe and discreet, security didn't ask for any identification.
    - Apartment: Big and cozy, has a view of Marina and JLT which I found really nice, she lives on the 30th floor so I found the view quite mesmerizing.
    - Meeting set up: I found her quite educated, I always try not to engage with agents for my own privacy reasons, so to ensure she's independent, we spoke over the phone before meeting, she speaks perfect English which made the decision quite easy for me.
    - Services: We had agreed on what I was expecting her and she did oblige beyond my expectations, South Asian girls generally have a reputation of not being good in OWO and DFK but I found her to be exceptional, especially DFK was one the best I have ever experienced.
    - Post session: We sat down and chatted a while after our session, she didn't ask me to leave as soon as I was done, it was my decision to leave respecting the time we had agreed to spend together.
    - Recommendation: I didn't find her mechanical, I felt she was truly engaged during the in-person conversations we were having, and also during our session she made quite an effort to ensure I was content, I do recommend her.
    - Will I repeat? Yes, I would be a repeat customer for sure.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Met this beautiful girl 5days back , it was wonderful experience, she is not time watcher and very beautiful in person. She is very hot and friendly. Will be visiting again soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Can’t remember the number of times we have met but every time is extra spicy and special, she has shown me things i never thought i would see in this life time, one of the very very best around.
    Thank you R for being such a gem.
    Horny Sindhi

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    It was indeed a pleasure to meet this lovely woman again, nice to see she has her own incall place. Service wise and friendliness she is top notch. She is lovely hot and great fuck. Hope to cu again this is your indian friend.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Sorry for the Late Review, this girl is one gem of a person, no drama and straight to the point and the good thing I like about her is she is honest on what she says, treat her good and she will take you places where you can't event think about.

    Thanks Ria for your wonderful time which I enjoyed a lot

    Typical Indian Cruel Foodie

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her today, very nice lady. you can talk to her as long as you can. I felt a true connection with this intelligent, classy, confident and very sexy lady. Had an amazing session with her. She will excite you to the core. Can't wait to see her again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I have been seeing her profile for a number of years now but never met, this is a late review as we met in the second week of June, I have always found Indian women to be a bit intimidating which helps the submissive side of me, after i contacted and chatted with her for a brief time, it made me feel easy as i was not engaging with an agent and could openly discuss my fantasies and what i was looking for with her as i am still exploring new things. She sounded highly educated with her level of communication, i always prefer in calls at private places so we agreed to meet at her apartment which is very conveniently located in JLT in a safe residential tower. Meeting with her was not just about our sexual side but it turned into more of an intellectual session, we sat and chatted for about an hour before we proceeded into her bedroom, the windows face towards the Marina side and she has a wooden plank placed right next to them, i don’t know how to describe that but we ended up making love against the glass windows and on top of the wooden plank, it wasn’t easy but that’s what made it all the more better, Ria is perhaps amongst the most reviewed and sought after girls in town, if you’re looking for a true companion who you would end up calling a friend, then do pay her a visit, you won’t regret, totally worth the time, energy and money.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    I had an amazing time with Ria, from the second I entered the apartment she treated me like a friend. Treat her with the respect she deserves and you’ll have a great experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (10 other reviews)

    3rd meeting with this awesome woman since the turn of the year and each time has been better than the previous one. She's a complete heart throb and would treats you like her own, seeing that she has moved places, decided to pay a visit to her new place and boy I was lucky, got to to fulfill my dirty fantasies, had I known her place earlier, would've taken advantage of the long weekend and met her for a longer time but hopefully next time. Guys, this woman is a must try but proceed with caution as she can be addictive.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Honestly, don't bother with any other escorts you'll find here in the site because the woman right here is THE QUEEN! Beautiful, kind , sexy , gorgeous body , horny as hell and an absolute goddess! If things aren't going so well for you ? Just have sex with her, she will take you to heaven. Big warning though , you'll get addicted and careful not to fall in love with her. Because no normal man is worthy of a goddess as her or to be humbled to kiss her beautiful feet.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her today. Where do I even start.!!
    I haven't seen a lot of escorts, but she is unique of the lot, I don't think a better girl can exist here. She shouldn't even be called an escort, she is just amazing.
    Sex is only a part of what she does, don't get me wrong, she does the sex part on a level that is extremely hard for another to match with; she is more than that, she is fun to be with, extremely talkative (in a good way), smart, a realist, and what not, she can be a great friend and a listener.
    Now to the part that matters here, the passion she brings to bed is top notch. You may start wondering 'How can a paid girl be this much interested in fucking the **** outta you?', but she does that, so well. Her crazy wet kisses still are lingering in my lips, and other places 🥰 Her BJ is so raw and intense, I felt like she is a crazy monster. She wants to get fucked, so badly. Oh my, she is a sex angel.
    Dear Charismatic Ria, I feel so fortunate to have met you today and hopefully we will have more fun together. How do I remind you who I am - The guy who overstayed and emptied your cigarette stash, but didn't touch your beer (today on 20th April 2022)

    Hey goodboy!
    I am so immensely overwhelmed reading these beautiful words. I genuinely have a hanger in my mouth since morning, just cant stop smiling!
    How do you expect me to forget who you are!
    Your typical gentleman that feels like a friend more than anything you had me so worked up!
    I knew the second i had you in that we would have a great time, your energy is that of a long lost friend, calm and so open it was refreshing to know you for you..
    I genuinely feel the encounter we had was great because of you.. I love the way you kiss almost very misleadingly sensual but you turn tables later in bed.. While i ended up taking the lead initially(since your such a polite guy i thought you would never kiss me first) what transpired there on was a complete turn of tables energy wise i could not help but feel submissive with your moves on me.. The condition i was in i wanted it all so greedily! I wanted to return the pleasure that you had me feel! Your size the pounding it still makes me want you again!
    I believe i ended up saying i should not have spoken to you that long (first meeting problem when we naturally gelled that hard)
    I so should have grabbed on all the time in bed that we have!
    I enjoyed your company immensely i believe I had you twice but I would have had you again and again if you dint have that commitment! I hope to be swept off my feet again the way you did with your masterskills..
    I am eager to recreate that same level of intimacy with you again!
    Cant wait😘💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met her on 16th Feb. Invited her to the hotel I was staying. There was no hassle in comms. Prompt and clear response. Had dinner and couple of beers. Really enjoyed conversations with her. She is great and wild on bed. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. And will definitely meet her next time in Dubai

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Thanks to the credibility of massage republic reviews. Only went to her because of the good reviews , visited with lot of dilema but we started conversation she mesmerized me I felt warmth,care, affection as of I knew her ages , she never looked at the clock we chatted for hours made me relaxed,gave me enough time to gel in, then the night turned romantic ,I planted a kiss between conversation we both got aroused then what happened was magic .she suddenly turned into a erotic devil ,I felt pleasures in every inch of my body where she touched, once a cim ,then a romantic intercourse .it was reinvention my sexual desires . Was a great time.really missing the day .❤️ With love.....

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met this wonderful woman last week (sorry for the late review, but this is my second attempt to get the review through). Because of her previous reviews, I wanted to meet her for quite sometime; and I can say with 100% certainty that she was totally worth the wait. She is an excellent conversationalist, even though it was the first time meeting her, we spoke as if we had been friends for months. When it comes to getting physical, I think she really seems to enjoy a connection, because she was really spontaneous and passionate. Deep and sensual kissing; the best oral skills I've experienced in sometime.
    Not a clock watcher at all. In fact, I think I ended up overstaying for a bit, because we had quite a conversation. Quite easily, the best GFE I've had, and hopefully the first of many future visits.
    Thank you for a wonderful time.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Met this charismatic lady late last month, drove down all the way from another emirate and it was worth battling Dxb traffic. Great conversationalist, intelligent & unique - if you're looking for a plastic russian / thai spinner look away. If you're looking for a true GF experience, there's none better. Was a bit disappointed with the clock watching (she had another appointment) but truth be told i myself was quite late. Would have loved to extend. Thanks love, and i'm still ' undefeated '

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Thanks Ria 😄

    After a tough day at work, she was an ideal treat after a tiring day at work. She is an innately energetic, easygoing and wonderful person. I had one of the best evenings in recent memory, and everything was just perfect. She is extremely horny, and she is an absolute devil in bed.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Ria for an outcall at my house yesterday. What an amazing energetic passionate person. Coms: 10, Body: 10, Oral Skills: 10, aims to please, very sexy in bed, the way she moans is just out of the world. After we chatted, she literally arrived at my doorstep in 15 minutes! Great service, great personalty, a genuine nice person. Will repeat again for sure.

    I've heard of a website in UK that let's us also review our clients.. I love the idea especially because personally written reviews aren't getting approved here.. At least my replies can be personal, some women should be guided before meeting this great guy.
    Never agree to meet him in a domanint energy. You can be the queen of the world but this man is too skilled to be a domaninating energy around..you will turn submissive. He's super kind sweet too much of a gentleman to make the first kiss happen.. But once you kiss him.. Your powerless thereon.. I felt my skin melt, crawl with excitement at his kiss.. And if you've hit the bed that's it your in his terrain and your in for a treat..
    He is intensely passionate on a woman, you will feel your body surrender.
    His tongue and mouth down there!! Goosebumps at the thought! No words can articulate this man's skills in bed for a woman. I was constantly showing my bodys goosebumps. I felt like I was about to levitate from the bed into space. Every thrust felt like volcano of emotions. That tongue mouth, virility and the way he gives you something of a tantric massage in the middle of it! Uff! Your just a passenger in his spaceship.By the end of it all, you will need time to be recollecting your pieces on earth and you will have a warm, gentleman, a friend giving you his heart!
    Advise to you love please take insurance for your mouth for a million usd! Womankind needs it❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Met Ria today.I didn't give her much time as I was in a hurry. It was my first time with her. She picked me from the ground floor. The moment I reached her room and sat on the sofa she grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth. I was all in a surprise. I didn't expect such a blowjob in my life.she was licking me everywhere. I just relaxed laying down. Finally she allowed me to finish on her face. She is the best experience in town. I hope you liked me and we can meet again.

    Hey hottie!
    It means a lot that despite of driving through Emirates within a day you took the time to write these kind words for me.
    Even though we met for a short time i could understand from your words that you are working in a high stress environment,
    All the more reason why i wanted to whip you out and eat you while you were sitting, so as to leave you with the fantasy of blowing you while you are on your desk working..while im on my knees below your desk 😉.. And your on a zoom call keeping a straightface and im eating you whole!
    What i appreciated the most about you is that you were aware that your virility can be a lot for a girl, I could tell you were on cloud 9 before you said the statement-' come lie down next to me'.Most men arent able to be concious of the girl in the moment of extreme pleasure. I noticed that you kept being apologetic and considerate towards me. Though I kept going your consideration did touch my heart.
    I appreciated the time we spent together. I am sure to meet you next to fulfill your fantasy of four hands, two mouths fighting for your d*** next weekend. You'll find me in my negligee next waiting for u!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Recently met with Ria. Initial conversations put me totally at ease and by the time we did actually meet I felt a true connection with this intelligent, classy, confident and very sexy lady. She dressed to please and I had no complaints on any level. Perfect evening of conversation, laughs, drinks and impromptu kissing and touching. Ria is very gifted in the kissing department of all parts of the body. I will not divulge all the intimate details but it was not rushed and it was a perfect gfe and so much more. If you treat this wonderful lady with respect and have read and understood her profile prior to meeting you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

    Hey love!
    I must admit I was still anxious and nervous ever since i first heard from you realizing that your a class apart from all the other texts I usually get.
    The kindness, warmth, patience, connection with which you spent time with me, I have no words for it.
    Your intelligence, point of view of life everything about you had me captivated for hours. It feels so good to be validated by a man of your strata whos such a gentleman.
    I know your not a fan of speaking of our intimate details here but I just cant help but express my pleasure...
    It wasnt till I reached the bed that I realized your tongue is a two way sword to my heart. Your skills in bed for a girl are beyond this world. I was genuinely in paradise and for quite sometime forgot all about pleasuring you! I believe you have an alternative career path awaiting your enlightenment where you could run an academy and teach men across the globe how to do that to a girl! I would like to enroll for my bi encounters.
    I have been feeding my imagination thinking of your tongue ever since we met to pleasure myself!!
    I must say I was capable of being much better in making love to you had i not reached a supernatural stage of selfishness.
    I am a giver too! I still feel there is loads more I had to offer there!
    Hope we meet again so I can try to return the feeling of nirvanna you left me in.
    Genuinely cant wait to see you again..
    (The commited Hedionist in my pants is twitching at the thought) 💭😉

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Created an account just to leave this rather late review - she is an absolute tigress in the bedroom, wanton and willing. Her kissing and bj skills are electric, and you can tell she really enjoys what she does. A lovely talker, also, with both dirty talk during sex and the relaxing friendly chat either side of it.

    She made me feel like I'd enticed a woman into bed rather than booked a service provider, and that's just magic when it happens.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    A very kind and intellectual woman. But hands down, the best BJ ive ever had.

    I can't thank your words enough, I don't know for sure if your the same one I was anticipating a review from, would you mind sending me a wassup.. As I don't want to be the one to disturb you.. I would like to thank in messages a bit more personally also.. Hope you don't mind. Appreciate your kind act and beautiful words! They made my day!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (33 other reviews)

    I am so happy that through MR we get to meet some awesome gems! And Ria is 100% one such girl.
    While I have been speaking to her for the last couple of months, I finally got a chance to meet on Nov 18 for a 2 hour session.
    I can say one thing: Ria is exceptional at making you comfortable both before and during the meeting. All questions were answered to my satisfaction and given there are so many click-switch-bait Indian profiles everywhere, I did have many questions and proof requirements but she was amazing to put me at ease.
    On the day of the meeting, she guided me to her place and was outside to pick me up too. No id required and it’s a nice secure place with a very clean and comfortable room.
    I noticed the small details, she wearing what I asked (both inside and outside), the ambience of the room with mood lighting, incense sticks and even a wonderful floral arrangement in shape of a heart on the floor near the bed - shows you how much she is invested in the meeting.
    She offered me a choice of drinks also and we were talking for a while to get comfortable - and break the ice. And when we started, things went totally crazy! She is one of the most passionate and exceptional lovers I have ever met.
    Her kissing, foreplay and BJ skills are out of the world - and honestly the best from any Indian I have ever been with. A huge natural rack and a cute overall body with this amazing nature and great conversationalist make her top notch in my mind.
    The best part is that she genuinely enjoys the lovemaking - it’s not pretence or just trying to get the job done - it’s complete involvement and this made me go even more crazy to see how wet she was getting. And I will be discreet and not get into specifics of what all happened but I can say one thing that I was exhausted, drained out and have possible not felt this much pleasure in a very very long time. She was also not a clock watcher I ended up overstaying by at least 30-45 mins but no complaints from here or any hurry to get rid of me. This girl is a GEM and I am so happy to MR that I got to meet her.
    Give her the respect and treat her well gentlemen and she will surrender herself to you and give you that once in a lifetime experience.
    If it was possible I would have given her a 10 star rating.
    Ria my baby thank you once again and look forward to seeing you soon.

    Hi Hottie!
    I kept thinking for the last few days how I should thank you for such kind words about me, it’s always lovely to know when someone truly likes me, your words sure did bring a smile to my face. I am glad we finally got to meet after our detailed conversations, I was so looking forward to meet you.
    I must admit your virility and skills are incredible!
    Now that I can read the other reviews of all the practice you've had... being an enthusiastic of cuisines of the world(other reviewed girls) 😂 I realise where it came from!

    It’s rare to find genuine people as yourself and when I do meet such people, I try & make them feel as much at ease as I possibly can, after all mutual fun & pleasure is what I crave for.
    What I am most happy for is the fact that you liked my little setup I had made for you, I want my guests to feel as if they’re at their own home, I loved our conversations too and didn’t realize how time flew, all I can say is I loved every minute of time spent with you, I am never a clock-watcher especially when the passions are running so high, thanks a lot for being such a gentleman and for treating me so well, I can’t wait to see you again (hopefully very soon), I will have a little surprise for you in store,
    until then lots of love, hugs & kisses.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    She was really amazing. Met her today in my lunch break. Had an amazing session with her. She is so good...She will excite you to the core. Can't wait for the next.

    Hi darling!
    Despite of being such a discreet gentleman, you made the effort to write this review.. I understand it needs you to log in and, I noticed how tied your work leaves you when the calls and messages just dont stop. I can't comprehend in your busy life, how you must have taken time out to write for me..
    I am just so heartfully grateful💐❤️❤️
    You are amazing in bed.. I enjoy especially when a guy knows what he's doing and is just as passionate in his intimacy as me.
    You definitely had me feeling very steamed up and all that titillation escalated enough to climax me so hard.. I did not expect you to be so corporate and still so passionate.
    I find this as a very hearttouching and a kind gesture from your end, I have put you in the Donot disturb list and won't disturb you from my end.. But will always appreciate the time and effort you spent to write these kind words. Will be looking forward to outdo myself the next time we meet😍😘❤️

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met Preeti yesterday for a 2hrs session! She is a passionate and sincere lady who loves what she is doing. Simply amazing

    I wanted this reply to be a bit personal if you wouldn't mind.
    I hope I can take the liberty to review you too, I find your nature selflessly sweet..I feel as long as I am present in front of you, You take care of every wish that I could ever have, when I meet you I feel like the apple of your eye, almost as if for you I am incapable of doing anything wrong. I know we meet rarely because of how intensely you travel. Everytime I see you I am reminded of how similar we are in ways, a fisherman recognizes another fisherman from a mile away. I genuinely appreciate that warm feeling. I miss your sense of humor.

    Its that kind of gentleman, sweet boyfriend attitude of yours combined with your kisses that put you in trouble with me. That's why the only place I can take care of you remains in bed and you know before we get there I will burn you out .

    I love to gobble your penis whole like a hound. I love the way your penis pounds it out.. Love how you just melt on my tongue just giving in and surrendering. The way you validated at my forth attempt of draining you out.. That your penis is dead now(Mar Gaya in hindi) .. That was a point of euphoria for me.

    I know you have started to despise traveling. The lifestyle once you dreamt of is getting exhausting at the moment. Someday when you wake up to a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.. Think of the new horizons that your life can still bring you to. While at it, do think of me and how I would KILL you if you forgot to click those pics and show me later, Salud! 😘❤️💐

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Met this wonderful lady last night. And what a night it was. Those kisses are still on my mind. While the sex was awesome, the connection we shared was so intense. She is an absolute gem of a person. Warm and caring with the right amount of sexy. Those who are reading this, guys don't think twice, just go for it. Can't wait till our next meeting. Thank you for a memorable evening.

    Unlike the rest of our tedious lives, Sometimes I realize how some people I meet don't need to pretend or mask beneath who they are and who they have to be with me. I feel the same way, and so when we connect its a lot deeper and a lot more genuine than most relationship dimensions that we meet in our lives which fall apart with time.
    This is the part that I appreciate the most about my experience doing this.. To connect this deeply, I remember you saying how the other reviews could leave you feeling jealous but I hope you genuinely know how much I appreciate this dimension I have with you, we can never keep it to 2 hrs, the conversations can be endless and just a few beers and the two of us are enough to keep the night going, if I could buy time with you I hands down would, without any hesitation. Oh yeah! you would be worth every penny.
    We both know I am a sucker for your kisses and passion. Most of all the connection and the conversations we go about makes me feel alive and bonded. I appreciate such days and moments most of all when I realize I have a friend for life.
    I'll be waiting for another rendezvous of intellectual, emotionally stimulated back and forth with intense passion (your payment will be in an envelope) ✉️take care of ur toe for now😘loads of kisses, love

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I am posting a late review as i never posted any review earlier but this lady deserves …😊

    I met her on sept first week in my hotel i must say having Charismatic Goddess in bed is all worth it! Price and effort to meet her is worth it..... There’s alot of indian and pakistani ladies in UAE, I am so picky type of person and yess. The confidence makes her more gorgeous. Lets started from beginning after a long conaideraton i texted her and received the reply from her on time and we finalise the deal i sent her my hotel booking ( i remember) she didnt found the parking and she late a bit…

    When she came to my room i was little nervous but she start talking to me and we smoke together..,
    When everything is ready... we started to kiss passionately, I feel her body so hot as fire, i must say she had a great kissing skills i can still feel her tongue inside me anyways she was all over me, her natural moans was a big turn on we had a good session

    If you want someone wild in a bed try her once believe me you will not regret

    Thanks baby for a wonderful session

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her last night at my apartment and do not regret my decision one bit, we initially agreed to meet for one hour but ended up spending more than 3 hours, first had a delicious dinner with her followed by a passionate, steamy session that i still can’t seem to recover from, didn’t expect her to be such a bombshell in bed, everything about her was perfect, especially that wet, sloppy blowjob of hers is a treat for anyone, well worth the time & money, i will see her a lot often for as long as i am in Dubai, i have found what i have been looking for.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    An absolute firecracker!!!
    Had a great time with Her
    Well worth the time spend!!!
    BJ is out of the world

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met this awesome lady yesterday and it was a mesmerizing experience. She is extremely passionate about sex and will make you feel like a king. Her BJ is unbeatable and you will have to control yourself if you don’t wanna cum. Her body is extremely soft and fair. She is a goddess of sex guys. Please make sure that you do visit her and then you will keep on going again and again. I am planning my second visit already with her. Take care and stay blessed baby. Thank you very much for your wonderful company

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have never reviewed a girl from MR previously as I like to stay discreet but this girl deserves one. I decided to see her on 4th August and here it is how it all went down:
    Pre-meeting arrangement: I texted her, I received a reply after about 20 min's, conversation was straight to the point, i was sent a template that outlined her services, it was a new experience as i had never seen such a template being sent out by a girl, it made matters much easier as there was no need for me to ask back & forth questions about her and her services.
    Communication: She seems highly educated, Indian girls are beautiful but i have had experiences wherein the girls weren't that good in communication which was a turn off for me.
    Hotel: She offered to book me a hotel which was a nice gesture as i wasn't comfortable in booking one, she sent me the hotel details, we met in the basement parking, she went up, booked the room and i went straight up without having to present an ID, no questions asked.
    Meeting: As said by almost all of her reviewer's, her blowjob is out of this world, she seems hungry for a cock the way she tries to eat you, i haven't had many Indian girls do that to me so it was a memorable experience. I had specifically requested for GFE and i got what i had asked for, the way she took care of me especially the foreplay part was awesome.
    Sex: I am more into foreplay and I got what i was looking for. I wasn't much interested in the sex part as the foreplay satisfied me to the core.
    Recommendation: I would recommend her to people of my age especially (40 & above) who aren't that sex deprived but looking to spend some quality time with someone who would take care of them like how they expect. She is a must visit.

    Hi J! I was having a pretty rough day until I saw the notification pop up on my screen that someone had written me a review, I did not even in my wildest imagination think that this will be from you knowing that we met last week, I thought you may have forgotten all about me, this makes it even more special given how possessive you are about your privacy. I did not imagine that someone like you would step out of his comfort zone and write such beautiful words for me, although it is just one review but it means a lot more to me as it comes from someone so special like you. I do not have the words to thank you enough, I hope you will give me an opportunity again to thank you in person soon. Have a great day ahead and please text me as and when you get a chance as I would love to thank you privately. Be well.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her last week for an hour long session at my hotel, I was looking for a hot, steamy, passionate session beyond the realms of modesty and she delivered what she promised, she has a perfectly shaped body and a nice pair of boobs she loves being sucked, it was a major turn on for me when she would grab her boobs herself and put them in my mouth to suck, her kissing & blowjob ability is the best that i have experienced in Dubai, a must visit girl and an absolute firecracker in the bed.

    Hi Jackie, if you’d allow me to call you that here 😉 thank you for taking your time out and writing these nice words for me, I am really happy that you considered me worthy enough for your time and attention. The pleasure was all mine, I am sure that now you know I am not that cold in person as you were fearing, I am a lot more accommodating someone as genuine as you, I hope we can meet for an extended time whenever we meet next and, yes, before you ask, I will book the nicest hotel for you and will have a little surprise in store, I hope this wasn’t a one-off encounter and we’ll meet often as you promised, thank you for your kind words and I hope to see you again very soon. Hugs.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met Her last week. Best at everything..best blowjob I have ever got.. will meet her soon again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Few days back I had pleasure of meeting this lovely godess and what transformed from there on was just mind blowing.. to be frank I was a bit nervous but with her kindness generosity and some nice talks she immediately made me feel so comfortable.. these pictures don't do any justice.. just meet her ..She understands what are your needs and boyyy!!!her skills are just wow!!!😍😋 I won't write too much about the action part😉coz my writing won't do any justice.. you need to experience it and I am sure you will come out totally satisfied😍 guys don't wait she is a must try and once you try.. you will repeat for sure 😋😍.. Thanks baby for a wonderful session.. you left me high and dry 😉 will see u soon.. 🙏💋 TC ....
    and yeah she is a good communicator too.. fluent English as well ..

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    what a girl she is awesome experience perfect time with her will try her again for sure.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is a real hottie. Her big boobs are awesome. Her blowjob is amazing. Had a wonderful time with her. Looking forward for the next meeting.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    Met this charistmatic goddess. She made me very comfortable with her friendly and pleasing attitude. we talked about various things to know more about each other. She is not a clock watcher.

    After sometime we went to the bed. she is real tigress in bed. I had the pleasure of taming the tigress. The experices was beyond my expectation.

    Had a very nice stay and will definitely visit her in near future.


  • Hello Ria, good morning!
    I have sent you a private message here regarding a misunderstanding we had, I request you to please check the message. I hope we can fix this and you give me a chance to meet you🤞. Thanks and wish you a good day.

    by dk7008 – 6 Dec 2022

    Hey I dint receive ur message,
    Appreciate if u give last 5 digits in private wssup or private message
    I will try and reassess the conversation,
    Appreciate ur understanding

  • Are You Indian ???

    by Ni_mi98 – 30 Oct 2022

    Yes I am an Indian

  • Hi Ria I have sent you a message on WA I look forward to your reply please

    by Rmeg2299 – 1 Nov 2022

    Hey I am promptly available on wssup but if ur messages aren't going through I might have blocked you in which case..please send your wssup number in email..I will try to review the reason for blocking you, If I don't connect in return,my decision is final. Appreciate your understanding. Tc

  • Do you provide just a nude massage? Without any other services, just kissing and teasing along?

    by dubaidollar2000 – 14 Nov 2022

    Hi I do provide a nude massage,
    Please wassup me on 0562776952
    For further details

  • Hi Ria
    How r u babes…
    Are you offering anal sex and rimming (giving and receiving ) ??

    by Veerkum – 17 Nov 2022

    Hey I'm good how are u,
    Please wssup me on 0562776952
    I'll send all details to u discreetly

  • do you have telegram?

    by kasunwick99 – 21 Sep 2022

    Hey sorry,
    I can barely cope with wssup on days.
    Please feel free to wssup on 0562776952

  • did you allow tity fuck?

    by kasunwick99 – 11 Sep 2022

    Hey yes my breasts are 46D,
    I do tity fuck often,
    Please message me on 0562776952 for a more prompt answer and a discreet conversation.
    Thank you

  • Hi dear can u unblock me as need to meet u

    by Windsorcastle – 6 Sep 2022

    Hey I did unblock, this wud be the last chance I can give having reviewed our previous conversations, appreciate your understanding

  • can you hit me harder with a cane? and give me other punishments?

    by sunshine_13 – 20 Nov 2022

    Please stop messaging me,
    Believe me I would love to hit where the SUN DOESNT SHINE..
    leave people be.. your messages are very irrelevant , these gimmicks don't disrupt another's life they barely matter,
    I won't be interested in any way to meet u..not because of the domination,just based on messages uve written!
    Leave me be and grow up!

  • R u available on 26th august

    by ASH_34 – 1 Sep 2022

    Hey how are u..I'm available but I promptly reply on wssup..please may u wssup at 0562776952

  • We met couple of weeks back, I’ve been trying to reach you for a week, didn’t see your profile on MR not connecting on WhatsApp, are you not in town?

    by sharmajikalaunda1990 – 8 Aug 2022

    Sharmaji ka laundry!
    how are you!
    Found the name hilarious btw..
    I am on wassup dear definitely been available throughout.
    Kindly check the number you saved and text me on wassup again 0562776952
    Looking forward to seeing you laundaji

  • Are you available today close to 6 pm?

    by akutcher946 – 30 Jul 2022

    how are you doing?
    I am available let me know
    Whatsapp me on 0562776952

  • Hiya, you sound lovely, are you dominant or can be submissive too?

    by dukeofsussex49 – 23 Jul 2022

    Hey Duke!
    How are you!
    I do offer domination and submissive services,
    Don't hesitate to text me on 0562776952
    We can discreetly discuss and set it up!
    Looking forward to meeting you😘

  • Available for out call?

    by mudamud – 12 Jul 2022

    Hi how are you,
    I drive I am available for outcall within dubai,
    Do text me on 0562776952

  • Honey, you look amazing! do you offer deep french kissing with tongue play?

    by Adventurer_dxb – 19 Aug 2022

    Hey how are you?
    I enjoy deep French Kissing with tongue play.
    Kindly wassup me on 0562776952 I will send you all of my details to schedule a meeting.

  • Madam
    Are you OK with doing a Domination session with as a female including naked face sitting, rimming , body worship etc

    by sadmas – 16 May 2022

    Helo Sir
    Yes I am ok with this service,
    Kindly whatsapp me on 0562776952
    To discuss it further in discretion
    Thank you

  • Hi, Will you be comfortable to do taboo mom son roleplay with first timers please?

    by rahulans88 – 22 May 2022

    Hey i would absolutely indulge in the same.. I can even wear a saree if it helps Titilate youfurther! Please wassup on 0562776952

  • Hello Ria, do you have good feet? Would it be possible to see them?

    by Andy_55 – 25 May 2022

    Hey Andy!
    Yes i do maintain my feet with frequent pedicures and gellish nail polish..
    You may Wassup me for the pictures at 0562776952

  • Can you join me in voco dubai?

    by wahsteve – 28 Jun 2022

    I certainly can join you there ,
    I drive in uae,
    Kindly wassup 0562776952
    I am more responsive on wssup .
    Appreciate your understanding

  • hi are you still doing service?

    by bradley1239 – 22 Aug 2022

    Hey yes I still do service,
    Kindly wssup me on 0562776952

  • Hey,
    Would it be possible to contact you via email instead of Whatsapp initially?

    by benjaminlinus869 – 23 Mar 2022

    Hey sure you can email me due to the velocity of messages though I am more readily available on WhatsApp

  • Available evening ?

    by alexy_1 – 14 Feb 2022

    Hey I am available kindly wassup on 0562776952

  • Available for out call?

    by sanjays – 28 Feb 2022

    Hey I am available for outcall.. I do drive let me know which area you are in though on 0562776952

  • Will you give golden shower

    by Blackdogg – 7 Dec 2021

    I don't do please wassup if u need other services 0562776952

  • Hi Dear,
    Reviews on your profile are encouraging and intriguing. Can you please share your email address or reply to my email sent to you a few days back. Would like to check few things with you before setting up an appointment.

    by crazy4massage – 5 Dec 2021

    Hey thanks so much for going thru my profile.. I usually miss emails bt I'll try my best to coordinate there.. If possible please what's app +971562776952..

  • Hello beautiful, I wanted to know if sex without condom is possible with an extra payment? Sorry to ask you this if you find it offensive but I had to try asking!

    by someonedekker – 27 Nov 2021

    Absolutely u wud need to transfer 100 billion us dollars in an offshore account to Switzerland..i hope u understand my point.. U shud NOT go through this with anyone for safety of your health or the girls health!!I'm not one to judge anyone generally I am not offended by your request but I am talking from a place of understanding and concern, your welcome to meet me normally..you may what's app me if interested in the same. You have my digits-0562776952

  • Hey nice profile 😍 i am 22 years old and i want to try trampling in heels and i want you to put your heel in my belly button and keep standing even if i am in pain 😍

    by Rami_tawfiq – 16 Nov 2021

    Hey rami! I have the ideal heels in different colors for your fantasy, I can totally cater to it.. I would suggest since I can't carry them all for you, best we meet incall for this scenario to play out. Please wassup me on 00971562776952

  • i am a good slave i want to serve you and be under your control do you have a toilet service to be me your toilet

    by Abdulluhahmed11 – 10 Dec 2021

    Hey sorry I don't do that, your welcome to meet otherwise wassup me on 0562776952 for the services I do or don't. Thank u

  • Hi do you trampling in heels and can put your heel in my belly button and cover my mouth with your hands ?

    by Rami_tawfiq – 15 Sep 2021

    I absolutely can.. If u prefer a colour or type of heel u can wassup me ill tell you my shoe size.. Would love to be spoilt 😂😘

  • Ma'am do you do domination and golden shower

    by Blackdogg – 9 Sep 2021

    Hey I do domination..such as hitting, facesitting, smoking humiliating, fingering ass but I don't do golden shower.kindly wassup me on 0562776952

  • can you show your face please?

    by sunshine_13 – 3 Nov 2021

    Hi how's u, I can share u my pics discreetly on wssup kindly message on 0562776952

  • Hello Sexy, can you post a full body picture with less clothes on?

    Can I take a video while i fuck you doggy style or while you drink my cum?

    by Sly – 4 Nov 2021

    Hey sly, I can provide a full body picture.. Kindly wssup me for further conversation at 0562776952

  • Nice listing, I can see from your reviews that you entertain couples as well, are you bi? What are your donations for seeing couples? We are very discreet and want to remain that way.

    by anjaliverma1989 – 6 Jul 2021

    Hey anjali! Thanks for reading my reviews, I love meeting couples.. Yes I am bi I can make you and ur partner cum.. I am discreet too.. Please wassup me on 0562776952 to discuss charges.

  • I have a fantasy of spending a night with someone who acts as my wife on my wedding night, can you do that? I can pay and you will need to arrange dress, candles, scents etc.

    by cocklover1975 – 9 Jul 2021

    Hey I would love that the passion in the first night is something else.. I have a red saree, with an extremely deep blouse, scented candles and can get a few petals.. The fantasy can mainly be as an indian wedding bride because I am Indian. Please wassup me on 0562776952 to speak descreetly for this arrangement.. Can't wait!

  • Are you still in Dubai? I want to see you again.

    by mksgse – 15 Dec 2021

    Hey I am a resident of uae, you can see me at an hours or shorter notice if I am free and available, would prefer a pre-planned booking incase your traveling so we don't miss each other. Please wassup me on 0562776952 to set it up😊

  • This is Pooja, we met sometime in April, are you still in Dubai? We messaged you couple of times but did not get a response, we would like to meet you again, i hope you didn't dislike us last time around for you to not respond to us now.

    by Pooja_Singh_1 – 30 Jun 2021

    Hi Pooja please donot mis understand my temprory absence,I absolutely enjoyed that nyt and would love to meet u guys again for a super horny nyt❤️I have texted u on wassup🤗can't wait to meet😘

  • I love to french kiss and suck on boobs, especially an Indian.
    If we connect on whatsapp can I build a tailor made service for myself for the best experience?

    by bradley1239 – 31 May 2021

    Yes i love French kiss and boob play.. I enjoy it more if u lick softly a nit makes me insane.. I can tailor our appt as per ur needs.. A few things I don't do I wud inform u.
    Please wassup me on 0562776952 or international numbers 00971562776952

  • i have a small penis and i am a virgin and so I wanted to know if that would be okay with you and if you could take the initiative when we meet.

    by lirici3053 – 2 Dec 2021

    Hey, I do initiate when we meet especially if I notice u having a shy personality.. I wud take care of u the best I can..

  • Is your bust size really large as you claim in your listing? I have a fascination for large breasts, what size are you and are you natural or do you have any implants too?

    by hassanmurtaza1989 – 6 May 2021

    Hey yes I am 46D the biggest u could have here.. They are completely natural.. I'd never get a knife needle on my body.. Please wassup me on 0562776952

  • I like discreet encounters and usually prefer meeting in hotels, do you have a preference when it comes to visiting hotels or I can book any hotel of my choice?

    by jawadahmad1989 – 29 Apr 2021

    Hi u may book any hotel you like just share a booking confirmation with me

  • Are you independent? Are you okay with being handcuffed and made love to? No torture or extreme pain will be inflicted though.

    by richardharr1972 – 5 Apr 2021

    Hi thanks for messaging I am independent, I love the fantasy of being handcuffed 💋it's a fantasy of mine too bt I am against torture etc so this seems hot can u message me in private to set it up at 0562776952 /+971 56 277 6952 (international numbers)

  • I have some taboo fantasies, are you ok with taboo roleplays? The difference in our ages makes you perfect to play my younger step sister, are you ok with such a role play scenario?

    by pratiksaks4500 – 2 Apr 2021

    Oh bby u make me wet with that request.. I totally love that role play.. Wud u play my big brother tonight text me privately on 0562776952 /+971 56 277 6952 (international numbers) 🔥😉

  • I live alone in a safe & discreet apartment, I am into BDSM, I am more of a sub than dom, do you have any toys to play with? I love to be tied & blindfolded, do you provide such sessions?

    by pj73863 – 5 Apr 2021

    Hey I do have ties and scarfs for blindfolds for nw if u have more toys I am ready to use, please wassup me privately on 0562776952 /+971 56 277 6952 (international numbers)

  • Loved your profile, it has truly turned me on, are you down for an overnight meeting at my private apartment? Are you okay to visit private apartments?

    by motwaniritesh11 – 1 Apr 2021

    Hey thank u baby.. I wanna take care of ur turn on😍thinking of a hot nyt wid u has be pretty steamed up myself 😍I drive and I can totally come to ur apartment please wassup me privately on 0562776952 /code +971(for international numbers) can't wait to meet u

  • My name is Pooja, we are an Indian couple living in discovery gardens, we're open minded and love to explore our sexuality, do u meet couples? We would love to host u tonight at 10 pm if u are free.

    by Pooja_Singh_1 – 1 Apr 2021

    Hi Pooja, I love to meet open minded couples and spend quality time with them, please WhatsApp me on 056 2776952 and let's discuss this privately, I would love to meet you at 10 pm tonight

  • Hello Charismatic, I had a left a text on your WhatsApp this afternoon I didn't get a reply yet, I am staying at Premiere Inn Ibn batuta tonight, would you be available for a 2 hour session at 11 pm? Would you need me to arrange to pick you

    by rajukumar797 – 30 Mar 2021

    Hi sry for the delayed response, I can be there at 11, sweet of you to consider my commute, I drive I will get to you.. Have replied on wassup.. See u😘

  • Hello darling! I’d like to meet you today and had sent you a text, are you available to meet today?

    by rmohan15 – 16 Mar 2021

    Sure we can meet wssup me 0562776952

  • Hi
    Are you still in Dubai?

    by applepro – 16 Mar 2021

    Yes im here wssup please on 0562776952

  • Are you lactating? Got a milking boobs?

    by srktestdomain – 16 Mar 2021

    I'm sry I'm not,wssup me for anything else I can help wid

  • hi there are you in Dubai? and do you offer domination sessions? thanks

    by sunshine_13 – 16 Mar 2021

    I sure do please wassup me on 00971562776952

  • Are you available for an outcall this week?

    by geocan77 – 16 Mar 2021

    I'm available please wassup me on 00971562776952 I do outcall also

  • Been trying to meet with you maam ,please let me know if we can

    by Dirtydanny93 – 13 Aug 2020

    Please wassup 0562776952

  • Are you still available?

    by Dirtydanny93 – 16 Mar 2021

    I'm. Available

  • how much for 2 hour session....i want to come to you

    by d_booblover69 – 13 Aug 2020

    Please wassup 0562776952

  • Hi darling... I wanna meet you but only if you can do anal? Let me know

    by valentineno5087 – 16 Mar 2021

    I dont do anl sry

  • Do you have a friend for 3some?

    by zefur – 16 Mar 2021

    I. Do please feel free to wssup me on 00971562776952

  • hey, wanted to know if your available to travel to abu dhabi?

    by WhiteGhost – 16 Mar 2021

    Kindly Wassup me on 00971562776952

  • Hello, My name is Ralph Lopez and I live in Chicago Illinois. and I'd like to know if you tour Chicago at all. If so, could you please let me know when you might be visiting? I would love so much to meet you. Muahhhhh

    by Ciello – 7 Nov 2019

    Aww thank u dear please may u Wassup me

  • Are u an independent ?
    Do u say alone?

    by tannat_V – 7 Nov 2019

    Yes independent please wassup me

  • Hello dear, i tried to contact you on WhatsApp but you are not there. Have you changed your number?

    by shcoleen – 7 Nov 2019

    I have same number on wassup

  • Hello dear, i could not find you on WhatsApp. Have you changed your number?

    by shcoleen – 16 Mar 2021

    I am available on 00971562776952 on wassup

  • Are you still in dubai?

    by S567123 – 7 Nov 2019

    Yes i am please Wssup me

  • Are you still in dubai?

    by S567123 – 7 Nov 2019

    Yes please wassup me

  • Hello

    I am Dubai and looking for humiliation and domination session .
    I would love to get humiliated about my penis size.

    by Ben_Haris – 7 Nov 2019

    Sure, dear Please wssup me

  • How much do you charge for full night??

    by Bixbee – 29 Jan 2019

    Please wassup me 0562776952

  • Are you still in Dubai.

    by buzzgoodwin1914 – 29 Jan 2019

    I am Please wassup me 0562776952

  • hey do u offer Anal Rim??

    by kunalmark – 10 Nov 2018

    Pls wssup

  • Hello
    Are you into SM and do you have canes whip paddle and Strapon

    by Ben_Haris – 18 Oct 2018

    Kindly wassup me on 0562776952

  • Whats the best way to reach you? Telegram or watsapp?

    by davidzukerberg – 18 Oct 2018

    Kindly wassup me on 0562776952

  • Hi dear trying to contact you. Your WhatsApp is not getting thru

    by Krishn – 8 Aug 2018

    Sry cud u wassup on 0562624086 definitely working

  • hi,do u take cum in mouth and face?And do u provide anal?

    by smith56 – 16 May 2018

    Pls wassup me

  • still in dubai?

    by escortfinder – 8 Aug 2018


  • do you provide hardsport??

    by Rebecca_ – 8 Aug 2018

    Pls wassup me on 0562624086

  • do u really provide hardsport??

    by Rebecca_ – 16 May 2018

    Pls wassup me

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