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Hi guys I am Kara Wild, a very naughty girl and am here to blow your mind:-) I am currently in Dubai for the pleasure of those of you who appreciate the juicy side of life.

Let me be your Girlfriend for the duration of our passionate meeting, or fulfil your Sasha Grey's naughty fantasies and be your private Porn Star for the hour. I cannot wait to have you coming on my hot sweaty body once you can not hold it any longer and you are ready to surrender to me. Let me tell you a little dirty secret - rimming me while I am massaging your Prostate till you come all over my juicy lips and my aroused breasts and hard standing nipples is my ultimate turn on. Or may be Deep Throat me before you turn me over and Take me from Behind and let us show each other the Power of Kama Sutra.

Share your filthy fantasies with me and what's app me for custom made quotation.

Kara Xxx

Per hour from
3,000 AED (US$ 816)
Anal SexBDSMCIM - Come In MouthCOB - Come On BodyCouplesDeep throatDominationFoot fetishFrench kissingGFEOral sex - blowjobOWO - Oral without condomPartiesReverse oralRimming receivingRole playGiving watersports
English (Fluent)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by thegent (4 other reviews) – 10 Oct 2018

    Got the opportunity to meet with Kara, easy to setup the time and location. Good hotel, very quiet. She dressed as requested....well beyond what I requested, and taught me a trick on removing bras.

    Before I met her, I thought she was a champagne, 5 star, and gourmet food only type of lady....I was wrong, she is a lady, but also very down to earth, and adventurous and sporty. She ofcourse enjoys the finer things in life, but also the street food, and micro brands.

    In bed, well she is a man eater, and i am sure she has limits, which are probably difficult to reach.

    Treat her well, and she will entertain you, physically, mentally, and visually, she is feast for the senses. If Nusret is to steak, Kara is to adult entertainment.

    Thank you ever so much for the lyrics and effort you have put in describing me. Very few people have succeed to really look inside me. As I love saying it takes two to Tango. Thank you for being the wonderful human that you are and coming with open heart and respect. If only everyone was like you. Looking forward to seeing you soon my darling!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by a deleted account – 7 Oct 2018

    I served Mistress Kara several times and She is on course to completely enslave me.
    The experience has been incredible and has left me feeling totally bewitched by Her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by a deleted account – 18 Jul 2017

    She is the dream Lady
    100% erotic

  • Rating: 5 / 5by a deleted account – 18 Jul 2017

    Hmmm. A gem in a sea of mediocres ( femme fatale). Be genuine and kind she will be cool sexy naughty and a friend. Be bad you will get a slap and get a shovel straight up your arse ( I know many of you would like that anyways 😬). She is a real woman so you must be a good person !! Simply amazing girl, I am hooked . Mr bond xxxxxx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by a deleted account – 18 Jul 2017

    A jewel with a brain and beauty in a sea of mediocres . Be nice and respectful, she will be cool, sexy and kind. Be bad and you will be slapped and shoved up your ars with a shovel ( I know many of you would like that anyways) 😀She knows how to be a woman you just need to be a man. Simply awesome Mr. Bond xxxx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Domination_freak (1 other review) – 25 May 2017

    Just AMAZING this lady is !!!
    Approach with the right manners and she is game for anything and everything.

    Beauty with Brains in the true sense...Until next time BABES....lots of love.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Lustylover – 12 Oct 2016

    I met Kara a month ago and it truly was the best decision. She is a great conversationalist, loves to listen and share experiences with you and lets not forget has a smoking hot body huba-huba haha. She gives the besttt bbbj and the sex is amazingggg. Overall great experience. I hope to see you again Kara. Keep chasing your dreams ! Wish you all the best ! <3

  • Rating: 5 / 5by zippz – 18 Jul 2016

    Yet again this lady has taken me to new highs both physically and mentally.
    Its as if Kara can read my mind at times with those killer eyes she can see deep into my soul pushing my limits to new levels .
    Stunning intelligent lady please treat as such she is one of a kind.
    Until the next time Kara hoping for a speedy return to Dubai .


  • Rating: 5 / 5by Mumtaz1086 – 18 Jul 2016

    I met Kara the first time in 2014, and bow i meet here every time she is in Dubai.
    I was very inexperienced, and it was and still is a pleasure to have someone like her to show you the ropes (figuratively and literally!!!!). She's made me find out more about me than I would have thought possible.
    What started out as a client visiting and escort has now become a friendship.
    Love you Kara!!!!!!

  • Rating: 2 / 5by a deleted account – 17 Jul 2016

    Met her a while ago, felt rushed and not satisfied.
    Would have been only 1 heart if she wasn't beautiful.

    Thank you aarg for taking the time! It is easy to hide behind your PC. At least have the balls to come out and say who you are 😄 It takes 2 to tango and there is no such a thing as bad publicity! You guys with Zikas78 have attracted a lot of attention to my profile. May be a good idea I keep you unhappy and you keep me busy hah hah a

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Faris_82 – 16 Jul 2016

    I just met Kara yesterday  she is simply amazing, she is very outgoing and friendly. and she smells divine and has impeccable hygiene. She is very well spoken and has superior verbal skills. No rush at all. She is more beautiful in real than photos as welll. Her only weakness is that you might get in love with her.

  • Rating: 1 / 5by zikas78 (1 other review) – 15 Jul 2016

    Dear Kara,
    Thank you so much for your advice from the best prostitute doing the oldest profession in the history Prostitution.
    The business and service is supply & demand . So Simply Yes or No .
    Let see who will meet you and give you rating 5 stars .

    Dear Zikas78, Since you have never met me I do not understand why did you file your brainstorming in the review section??? Your Economics is pretty strong I can see as good as your manners. I suggest you get a life and leave me alone... For all other decent users of this site please have a look at the questions at my profile which are all public to understand why Zikas 78 thought he had the right to post this!!!!


  • Hi am 20 old I like meet you ok
    Can i suck your pee directly from pussy?
    I want to drink your pee directly from pee hole

    by tashunhiruna85 (117 other questions) – 31 Aug 2018

    I wonder how come these accounts do not get blocked right away. Dear 20 year old twat , please refer to your mummy for further options 😄

  • do you provide a proper submissive service in which ill be your master and you'll be my slave and during the session i want you to deep throat me and i want to hard face slap you

    by Your_Master (86 other questions) – 28 Mar 2018

    HI My-Master,
    I do not know what makes you think that I shall reply to these requests in public. It would have been much more appropriate to address it via email or whats app. Looking forward to hearing from you +447946454154. Kindest , Kara

  • Hello dear you will be in dubai till end of november ?!

    by madozz007 – 10 Nov 2017

    Hi darling I am here till 19th Nov. Might be back in December but have not made plans yet. Please for future tour dates follow my Tour Calendar on Best way to get in touch with me would be via whats app +44 79 46454154 Kindest , Kara Xxxx

  • Babe you got uniforms?

    by danyalbert (3 other questions) – 14 Aug 2017

    Hi Danyalbert, Please whats app me on +447946454154.

  • Hi honey,

    Your pictures are great,
    I am a german guy being next week in Dubai. Do you want to join dinner and overnight with me.
    It is not possible at my hotel, there are to many colleagues around.
    I want to visit you, do you have hotel for incall. I will not go to private places.
    What are your rates?.

    See you soon

    by Carsten (1 other question) – 27 Apr 2017

    Hi Peter, Please get in touch with me via or whats app me on +44 79 46454154. I am only in Dubai till 3rd May though. I have a serviced apartment that I do not share with anyone else. May provide you with a video of it. It is better than most hotels in here where girls are welcome to have visitors. Looking forward to hearing from you. xxx

  • Hello Miss Kara, any chance we can meet in Abu Dhabi tomorrow?

    by Star_Lite (17 other questions) – 30 Jan 2017

    Hi and apologies for late reply. I am now in Abu Dhabi 1st February till 3rd February. Please whats app me for further info. Looking forward to hearing from you. K. xxx

  • Hun forgive me for asking but I am looking and searching for a Brit girl .. you came up on search as Brit but you say Turkish/Euro/Asian in your profile too? I want a real not fake Brit .... please let me know ... and 3000 an hour ? is this a mistake ??

    by jamiewantsfun (19 other questions) – 4 Nov 2016

    Dear Jamie who wants fun, my profile explains very well that I am of Turkish origins so obviously I am not either English , Scottish, Irish or Welsh. If this is what you are looking for well I am not the person. My looks suggest it anyways as my complexion much darker than the islands natives 😄 I am really keen to get to know what Fake British is. I am a British National. Guessing plenty of people are of different origins in UK and they are still British? or they are Fake British? And final 3000 Ead is not a mistake. I take pride in my advertising style and appearance so no mistakes on my profile 😄 If you are still keen to contact me you may do so via whats app or email which are not Fake 😄 really interested where you are from as by the way you express yourself you are definitely not British

  • Hi Sweetheart

    Your what dreams are made of. I really like you to make me your master for a limited time. I want to enjoy you completely.

    ideally looking for a role play. Where I am master and your my pretty whore.

    I want to do:
    1. kiss you,
    2. Spank you
    3. Slap your face
    4. Spit on your body and face
    5. play with your ass
    6. you rim me

    All clean and safe at my 5 star hotel. message me privately if you prefer.


    by buzy (31 other questions) – 12 Oct 2016

    Hi Buzy I really like how explicit you are especially if you have taken the time to go through my profile and read previous questions / answers etc so you get to know what kind of person I am. I doubt we would click sweetie but good luck in your search. XXX

  • Hey baby,how much do you take for one hour sex without condom ?

    by Vance91 (351 other questions) – 12 Sep 2016

    Hi and thank you for taking the time to ask me this question in public so I may answer once and for all. My life is PRICELESS and I would never accept BAREBACK.

  • Hey baby,how much do you take for one hour sex without condom ?

    by Vance91 (351 other questions) – 12 Sep 2016

    Hi Vance91, I took the time to answer the same question asked by you again above. Good luck with your search. May be best to approach the ladies via personal messages unless you are looking to amuse the rest of the audience....

  • Hello Kara, hope you're doing well today. I see from your profile that you are in Dubai, is there a chance for you to meet me in Abu Dhabi for an appointment sometime? Or are you solely in Dubai? Hope to hear from you soon and have a nice day.
    Also, good reply for that guy zikas78???

    by Star_Lite (17 other questions) – 4 Sep 2016

    Hi and apologies for late reply. I can surely visit you in Abu Dhabi. Please email me or whats app me so we organise it. Looking forward to it. xxxx

  • Liked ur awesome reply.. Good one ???

    by john310716 (1 other question) – 17 Jul 2016

    We are all here to have fun and be respected and all on the same side. These details can be discussed and agreed in private i believe... I just checked his profile since he had now given me a bad review without even meeting me hah aha and it is all copy paste to 10 girls per day. I shall contact Clair as this is insane. Its entertaining in here most times isn't it 😄

  • Hello Baby,
    Can you make striptease for me then come to me on your knees . then start licking my foot and kiss my leg and suck cock . then start with you by deep French kiss after that . slap your face by my cock and spank your ass hard and harder by hands. Then make 69 . Doggy Style.CIM COF COB . Sex front of the mirror.
    Simply Rough Sex do you like it and be my Submissive Slave with Light Domination.

    by zikas78 (75 other questions) – 15 Jul 2016

    Dear Zikas, I would suggest you learn that explicit descriptions like this one should be forward by an email not in here. I can beat the shit out of you and then get a big guy to fuck your arse till you cant sit on it for the rest of the month. Mind your manners man and have some dignity to treat women well. I doubt anyone would meet you ...

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