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You never fancied yourself an artist… until you met your muse.

When I walked in to greet you, you couldn’t help but notice that I looked lovely. My wild hair hints at the animal underneath my otherwise polished appearance, and the slow smile spread across my soft lips hints at the secrets I can’t wait to share with you. Coffee colored skin wrapped over a purposely athletic yet femininely curvy frame, exuding an erotic authenticity that shows through the dress that you so easily peel away.

Ample inspiration… but who knew what we’d become together?

The tangled beauty of arms, legs, and tongues intertwined as we close the distance between us and draw ourselves together. The hypnotic symphony of gasps, moans and sighs as we pull the lyrics from each other’s mouths. The sultry dance of sensuous rhythms as our embraces dissolve into ecstasy.

A play performed for us alone… physical poetry.

Of course, it all begins with you, reaching out to me. I'm generally just North of Hartford, but of course our paths can cross anywhere at anytime if you make the proper arrangements. You’ll find plenty of inspiration available on my website, in the form of photos, my blog, and a more detailed itinerary of my scheduled antics. I encourage you to enjoy it!

Your muse is waiting… let’s create a masterpiece.

~Mme X~

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162 cm / 5′4″
Hair color
Hartford, Connecticut
United States


  • Rating: 5 / 5by monkeyrunner007 – 20 Jun 2018

    I've had the great fortune of visiting Madame X (or Max, from here on out) 5 times now. She is one of those special ladies who sometimes come into one’s life and leaves an indelible imprint on your soul, such that you think of her long after you have parted ways. I adore her looks, her sexiness, her wit, her intellect, and I have just as much fun hanging out with her as I do in behind closed doors activities.

    To my great fortune, she was going to be in my neck of the woods a month ago for business and when I heard that, I reached out in a heartbeat and scheduled one of our 2-3 hour trysts. I'll keep this review brief and to the point, but just know that in those 2-3 hours, she was everything and more than I could have hoped for. I adore her body, her kisses, and the way she longingly looked into my eyes as we were in the throes of passion. During our down time, we shared some cognac and caught up on our lives, but then it was back to what we both enjoy best. I won't share the explicit details but just know that I was thoroughly sated and drained when everything was said and done.

    I had also hoped to see her last week when she threw an adult party with two of her female friends but dammit, I simply couldn't make it to the Hartford area. Definitely my loss but I hope to be able to partake in one of her parties in the near future.

    Max, if you read this, thanks (again) for a truly stellar time. You so totally rock my world! Guys, if Max is anywhere near you, you truly need to meet this woman! If your experience is anything like mine, she will rock your world.

    Thank you so much for the compliments! I always consider it a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with you.

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