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Hi, I am Aphrodite, a devoted pleasure seeker who takes enjoying life very seriously indeed!

I am of Mediterranean descent, a diligent and successful student of the arts with a deep, longtime interest in psychology, anthropology and healing. I am a woman who likes to invest in education and the wholesomeness of my body and spirit in order to make the world a better place and the lives of the people around me brighter and richer. I have a great multitude of different interests and take pleasure in the good things that life has to offer. The experiences I enjoy range from wild to mellow, they can be fast, hot and steamy or be like thick honey, slowly unfolding with the charged tension and savoring of every moment. I love Nature and I love being natural. I feel perfectly comfortable and at ease in such different settings as a VIP dinner at a top Luxe Hotel surrounded by High-Class intellectuals, and hiking in the wild. I am passionate about what I like and SUPER fit as you can see in my photos and videos. And, in case you wonder how accurately my photos represent me, rest 1000% assured they reflect with perfect precision the reality of me, which your eyes will confirm to you with ultimate delight and satisfaction upon meeting me! πŸ˜„ I recommend that you also allow yourself to enjoy watching my videos.

I worship Beauty, Internal and External. I believe that True Beauty is wholesome and starts shining from the inside of a person. I also believe that Beauty can save the World. πŸ˜„ From the core of my very existence I enjoy cultivating that Beauty in myself.

People often tell me that that they feel good even from just being in my presence. Why?πŸ˜„ I think it is because I am real and present wherever I am and whatever I do. In a world of phony things and phony people this has become sadly rare...

Apart from being a most exquisite World-Class Companion I am skilled in several different types of piquant exotic massage techniques. How satisfying does it feel to be touched just the way you like it? With the sweetest, teasing and titillating touch and body rub I am able to take you to the heights of relaxation intertwined with the most profound sensual experience. We only live once... Make yourself a gift and take the plunge! πŸ˜„ I welcome well-mannered, mature, sophisticated and most discerning Gentlemen as well as Ladies. Please keep in mind that I am not for everyone. I am very selective about who I enjoy my time with and I choose to stay away from high-volume engagements. What is important is your personality and the respect you have for your body as well as your soul which will be shown and projected in how you treat yourself and others around you, close and far...

Whether you want to relax and recharge after or during your day of work, escape from daily pressures and restore balance or simply indulge your senses in a friendly and warm atmosphere with a Beautiful Woman the realization of your wish is just a few finger strokes away...

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