It's hailee, here to give you the release and pleasure you deserve. All your worries and stresses will melt away once you step into my arms, leaving a smile on your face. I give world-class service with a sexy devil attitude, always focused on you and fulfilling your needs. I'm 100% real and so are my pictures. I am clean and sweet, always safe and smart. I don't judge or discriminate as long as you are generous and kind call or text to get the fun started. I have my own place that's safe secure and very discreet. I'm available till late night. I'm in Linda Vista. Please call or text I don't check email much.

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English (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
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San Diego, California
United States


  • Rating: 1 / 5by a deleted account – 13 Jan 2019

    Showed up and looked nothing like her pictures! Probably 10 years older. Over weight, horrible breath and body odor. In desperate need of some soap and water, matted unkempt hair. She had on filthy dirty bluejeans with a tank-top I think she still has on from one of her outdated pictures. I could have found better in a skid row mission. I paid her premium dollar and this is what shows up. Complete liar will take your money for half the time of service. Was actually scared to touch her and catch something so I settled for a covered hand-job. Fabricates excuses and innuendos to cover her own shortcomings. Your Money You've been warned. THESE KIND OF PROVIDERS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE. ONE HEART IS ACTUALLY TO HIGH!

    Excuse me but you were the one that was a total disappointment! U only wanted to pay min and expected alot more than you deserve! U expected alot for being such a cheap asshole! I don't lie and my pictures are real and I I don't claim to be younger than I am! U can't make everyone happy all the time! I take pride in looking the way I do a d ur just pissed cause u wouldn't do shit with u bare! That's how I stay clean and don't catch things that people like u could be giving cause u refuse to be safe and covered! I have many satisfied clients and it's not my fault that your a complete jerk if u weren't happy when I came to the door than you should have left! It's people like u that make people like me want to gag when you show up !I always strive to make sure I'm clean I smell good I brush teeth and use gum before someone shows up I use perfect hygeine 150% of the time and I don't take money from u just to take money!... I have been known to give back money even though it may not be my fault things don't go right. I know I'm not a spring chicken anymore and I'm totally honest about my age! And I never claimed to be a skinny Minny! Next time if you don't like what you see than be a fucking man and day I'm sorry but this is not what I was looking for,. Instead of of being a complete total jerk and staying and then making me out to be the bad guy! U know u know what we look like but we have no clue wat u look like and u we're no hunk a hunk of butning love either sweetheart! Stop trying to put us girls down because ur an ugly cheap piece of crap who's probably cheating on his beautifull wife cause she won't give it up to a nasty fat smelly pig who calls himself a man! And who wishes he had a penis half the size of his right pinkie to really satisfy a woman! Grow the fuck up and stop trying to make urself Superman when ur clearly the troll under the bridge! No one forces anyone to stay and do anything. Maybe it's just ur attracted to men and should be paying for dick instead. U stupid kame motherfucking sorry excuse for a man!!! Good night and believe me ur little comment has not and will not prevent me from making more money in a week than u probably make in a month!!!

  • Rating: 3 / 5by a deleted account – 6 Dec 2018

    Saw Hailee back in Sept. She was nice enough how ever was a lot heavier than her pictures show and a tad lazy. She went on more about her problems and medial issues and not paying attention to the matter in hand. At best my experience was mediocre but in all fairness in some instances you get what you pay for. I should have known better then to go shopping for a five star experience at Walmart. Especially since I like my oats before the horse eats them! Nothing a guy likes to hear more than I have to stop my hands are tired after you paid for a service!

    I am responding to this review, this person was upset because I wouldn't do anything bare. I did have medical issues which he asked me about first and as far as being heavier yes that's true due to the fact I had been given steroids for my issues which have been taken care of. There is nothing worse than someone who doesn't get their way so they have to say something negative about you because u care about your life and stay safe and don't want to risk getting a STD. This person hygeine was very poor he smelled horrible and he was the one asking about my issues in conversation.u can't always make every single person happy no matter how u try! And yes my hands were tired since the session went well over time he paid for and still I made sure he got his! He was cheap, rude, smelled bad and all and all if he thought I was thicker than he liked he should have left instead of trying to pay me what he would pay a street walker! I have ALOT of satisfied clients so one or 2 guys writing something bad shouldn't influence anyone. I try really hard to do what I can to make sure ur experience with me is 100% satisfaction because I strive to have return clients. Thank for reading. And for the record yes I'm alittle thicker than some but I never claimed to be skinny mini. I have since then dropped some extra weight that the medicine had made me gain.. thank

  • Rating: 3 / 5by docinsf – 23 Sep 2018

    Very accommodating and service oriented. She is much thicker than her pictures, however, and for some this will definitely be an issue. Her service is good and reasonably priced. Just older and thicker than I would prefer.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by a deleted account – 17 Sep 2018

    Called Hailee for massage I was in desperate need of. It was after hours, my caregivers had gone home and I needed my Tiger Balm fix rubbed into some excruciating arthritic joints. She drove about 45 mins to reach my location last minute from hers. Extremely pleasant and accommodating. Very reasonably priced. Intelligent conversation and gave it a good try for not being a licensed trained masseuse. Her hands did get tired in the coarse of the hour but she worked out great for me in a pinch since I could not reach anyone. Her other listed attributes I can not comment on as I did not partake. Daty, rimming, and fetishes is the only thing I'm good with these days and no response gratification as my soldier is a dead issue.

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