Asian girls: Problematic?

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Wondered how many of you find trying to contact, or meet a specific Asian girl (Eg, Japanese) problematic. I have found they provide a great service BUT, never can be sure that the girl l have booked will actually be there. It does not appear to be the girls fault, the problem seems to be with the owner of the brothel who, on the occasions it has happened to me, tell me the girl had to, 'go out' at the last moment. Might just be my bad luck which is why l am interested in your experiences


true story, i guess it happens, i got caught few times as well. after some times you can figure which are real

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Never had that problem, just their English not that good.


I can say all girls from Japan/Korea are fake, as they can earn much more at their own countries by doing the same.
Be carefull with Vietnameese owner also, they would like to change girls or the beautiful gires they sent the picture never exist.
Somehow the information in this website somehow are reliable. But if you get information from other source, be careful!

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Hi @nofake,

Unfortunately your report cannot be taken seriously. You mentioned a "reliable" source, who or what are these reliable sources? Other websites? How can you say that those websites are reliable if you don't work at one of those websites. If you don't work at one of the other websites, in this case, you just have to assume that its your own opinion and cannot be taking as the truth.

From our side I can insure you that was created to make the Industry as fair as possible for the service providers. And make sure that each service provider has 100% freedom in their choice of work, where they want and with whom they want. We take our job very seriously and respect each user on our website. We understand that not everyone can be trusted, thats why we ask our users to leave a review if they saw that someone wasn't honest.

Next time before you want to write something and express your opinion please read carefully. Also, please respect the freedom of the service providers and their free will to work where and with whom they want.

In this type of Industry only mutual respect, understanding and fair business relationships can make each others experiences better.