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Are providers allowed to edit or remove reviews?

I see that a review posted by me for one of the ladies has now been removed. If this is the case, the veracity of reviews becomes questionable.

Await yours.



Well, I submitted two reviews recently - 1 for Adelina & the other for Lucy Jones. Both had been reviewed and uploaded. But the one for Lucy Jones disappeared after two days. Mind you, the review for Lucy was not at all adverse - The gist of it was that she offered an average service - which she did.

What could be the possible reason for this?


Please accept our apologies, however we had our reasons to block the review your wrote, we can make mistakes, but unfortunately we cannot enter into any discussion about the decision.

Thanks, Claire.


Hi Prot,

I have had a review removed also today in which i was accused of posting a fake review or being abusive. I reported about a chinese lady who has the worst photoshop work on her photos ever. Her boobs went from b size to f size. Here is the funny thing. Her original photos where on her profile a few weeks ago then she swapped them out with the heavily doctored versions. Now apparently my review is not correct. It seems that the line or response you got from the site admins here is their standard line which translates simply to….we are protecting our interests and really dont care if our paid advertisers are performing bait and switch with customers. I guess it is them trying to protect revenvue in the short term with no view on the long term effect which is that the site reputation is going down. I am off to post about this on a number of other forums now to ensure that people dont get fooled.

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