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How do I remove a fake review from my page?

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Please contact us regarding this matter through our Contact form. Thanks, Claire.


I got desame concern how can we remove a fake review?and is there any option for us to just delete right away whatever reviews we gonna get iether its good or bad coz for me personaly i dnt like to get reviews hobestly i prefer nothing written on my walls just my advertisement thank u


Preventing a fake review is clearly important. I would like to add another perspective from the customers side which related to the idea of, "fake". Having been in Dubai now 6 months l have come to realise that many of the European ladies have photo's that have clearly been photo shopped - something that is only noticeable once you meet the lady. Do you have any advice about how this might be spotted and hence avoided.

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Hi, regarding the issues with the reviews, please get in touch with us using our contact form.

Regarding the edited photos, we'll think what we can do from our side to help you. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks, Claire.