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I just officially joined the republic, but have been using for some time now. First of all ladies this post isn't meant to offend anyone but if it does personally offend any of you, your probably guilty of this so……..i got nothing if you do this sorry this offends you but its truth. Ok there are a couple things I've noticed and about 9 out 10 girls do false advertise. Now before i get a bunch of hate mail, check this. So on every post you have your typical every ad info/what they dont offer/sometimes donations or specials/ city in or coming to regular stuff. But why is it that "not a clock watcher/ no rush / i takr my time because i love what i do etc., Its on every providers ads yet you cough up top dollar thinking an hr what am I gonna do with myself and she's either constantly waying you done already or asking you finish yet, or any other hurry up line you can think of. Ruins thr visit and the experience. I can see the qk visit folks they get what they pay for but seems more cost effective for everyone to take approah and

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HI @Acehigh,

You can report all the listings which in your opinion use fake photos. We'll check them again.


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It's not fake photos that honestly is expected almost. Im actually more surprised now when it actually turns out to be the actual girl from the photos but thanks


Its is not just MR that has fake escort details it is also websites such as Dubai Escorts. I have arranged to see a number of escorts on both in the past only to find out on arrival that the escort l thought l was seeing was someone different or that the services listed were not ones the escort actually did. I don't think it is the agencies fault - l believe they do all they can to ensure accuracy - its the girls, and l think you will find this on any website. Frustratingly, as a client, it is just a fact of life we have to live with.

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Ukman you've got a valud point there but think about this donations keep goung higher and higher and given that ok pics aren't real fine, but sell me on an hour hell you walk in expecting an hour. Not just a half ass head job thats about as inspired as doing your taxes… hand then 2 minutes (if that) later they are already asking 1)you ready ?? If you say no because clearly you're being rushed along they get increasingly more and more upset its like looki don't expect to be abe to last an hour but i do expect your undivided attention for that hour.

Oh and to be clear i never intended this to be just about this site this is the only place that actually allows for posting. It was meant as a general anywhere you see ads, they all claim the same thing "i don't rush, dont waste your time with the others" as much as providers discuss having/wanting a blacklist for no show clients, how they hate when we do "insert complaint here" i just had to say something about this cuz man it's getting ridiculous. 300 to 400 an hr I've seen plenty that want more only to have you show up and hurry out as fast as they can cuz their other client is waiting like, WTF?? Just is annoying it's all we gotta jump thru hoops to see and pay them we sgoulyd get what we pay for am i right