Hi Ladies.. Theeka for your service here...

Looking for a Great Massage? Here I am 💆‍♂️
Looking for a Licking Session? Here I am 😜
Looking for a BFE/ HE? Here I am 😇
Looking for a Slave Boy? Here I am 🤐
Looking for a Straight Couple/ Cuckold Session? Here I am 👫
Looking for a Nerves full Tool? Here it is 🌭

> All other services can be arranged on the requests.
> The services are only for females and strictly no services for single men.
> Privacy is highly considered.
> Cam shows also available.

Thanks for looking through my profile. Hope you are interested to explore more about me. So please contact me through Whatsapp, Telegram (@weerakshaan) or email. If you are looking for a genuine and decent guy, here I am at your service. No age limitations as long as you have the intention to make your dirty desire satisfied with me. I can visit your private place or anywhere else in your comfort. No troubles at all. I don't think my charges are too high for you. If it is so.. please let me know. Of course it is negotiable.

So... thanks again for reading my profile and hope you would contact me soon...

WhatsApp, Telegram (@weerakshaan) or email.

Per hour from
3,500 SLRs (US$ 9)
English (Fluent)
Hair color
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Theeka is a really good guy. I contacted him today morning and he came on time. Looking good and calm person. He loves eating ice-cream. Lol. Had a good time with him. Really appreciate the service.

    Thanks for your kind review ma'am. Very much appreciated. And thanks for the ice-cream too... Lol


  • Hi... I sent you a text on WA. Please check and reply. I need you on this weekend.

    by sherindilani – 23 Jun 2022

    Sorry for the delay ma'am. I had some stuffs yesterday. I have replied you already.

  • Hi.... I was looking ur profile few times. Really interesting to meet ya... when you available?

    by chithraraji – 9 Jun 2022

    Let me your possible date and time ma'am. I will arrange the session. Thanks

  • Hi... Hope you remember me. The tiger tattoo... are you available this weekend?

    by pkaushi – 3 Jun 2022

    Of course I remember you ma'am. Yes I'm available. Text me on WhatsApp 😇

  • Hello Theeka, Interesting profile. Like to meet you this weekend. Let me know the possibility. Reply asap

    by pkaushi – 20 May 2022

    Yes ma'am. It is possible to meet this weekend. Please contact me through whatsap or telegram

  • He. Lets meet again tomorrow? In the evening?

    by pererashalika – 12 May 2022

    Hi hi, I remember you ma'am. Of course lets meet tomorrow. Just whatsap the place and time.

  • Hi shaan, wanna meet again. Tonight. Ur whatsap is not working or something. Pls check and reply soon

    by jakanthijaya – 6 May 2022

    Yes we can meet tonight ma'am. I sent a text you on WhatsApp. Pls check.

  • Hi, need the service today. Reply me asap.

    by apoorwamel – 2 May 2022

    Yes sure ma'am. Contact me through WhatsApp +94758451085

  • Hi. I read your profile and bit interested. Need to know more.

    by Nisali_1 – 25 Apr 2022

    Sure Ma'am... Please contact me through whatsapp, Telegram or email for more. Very much appreciate the interesting.

  • Hello, I would like to meet you tomorrow. Please let me know the availability.
    I did whatsapp you. waiting for your reply. Be hurry

    by nish890712 – 8 Apr 2022

    Yes ma'am. I am available tomorrow morning times. Sure I will reply ur text. Thanks

  • Hi. need to meet you today. Please let me know the availability

    by monikaarul – 28 Mar 2022

    I'm available ma'am. Please text me on WhatsApp, Telegrm or email

  • Hi theeka, I'm sorry, i couldn't catch u last time. Can we meet this weekend?

    by mazifah89 – 21 Mar 2022

    It's ok ma'am. Of course we can meet. Please text me on WhatsApp, Telegrm or email

  • Hi shaan. I'm from Mount Lavinia. Can u visit there?

    by apoorwamel – 18 Mar 2022

    No problem ma'am. Please send me ur details through the email, whatsapp or telegrm

  • What is your location boy?

    by padmidiss1978 – 14 Mar 2022

    I'm available around Colombo ma'am. Please contact me through WhatsApp, Telegrm or email

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