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  • Verified photosGroup sex ladyboy miko-lady gina - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 18 Jun 2019

    Holly loving god of threesomes...
    I have been with men, women, transwomen, transmen, CDs but never have i been in a threesome...

    Last month i had the most astounding threesome with 2 lovely ladies, what’s great about it is that it was a girl and a shemale 🤭🥕👙 i was led into a room to pick 2 escorts out of 5, i knew my first choice is going to be the shemale and the second girl, I don’t remember her name but had nice Flower Tattoos on her stomach...they were treating me like a king...the girl started undressing me (from my PINK brand panties, these are my lucky fuck panties) and she cleaned my cock and ass-hole properly with wipes and then started sucking me and slightly fingering me (after applying little lube)

    The sucking was awesome, however no body will ever know how to suck you off as a shemale or a man...the sucking i got from the shemale was off limits...the shemale bent me over on the bed on all fours and laid down while i started sucking her flaccid cock, in the same time the girl was behind me and rimming my asshole 😛😍, when the shemale saw me excited about the rimming she decided to give me my share as well, turning around and allowing me to caress her flower, I wouldn’t have done that unless i knew she was extra hygienic, we got busy in the rimming train then when my hole was ready, i asked the shemale to fuck me but she told me to wait for her to get in the mood and that i needed to fuck the girl...i was ok because i picked a girl with big ass and bog boobs so she was awesome...

    Come to surprise that she offered ANAL by herself, when i tried to stick my cock in her pussy she told me no fuck my ass first...her hole was a bit tight first, then it was a smooth entry...I didn’t even apply lube

    After a few thrusts, she took out my cock and put it in her pussy...really that was one of the hottest shit I experienced...and while fucking her sweet pussy, on missionary i found the gentle hands talk a grip of my hips and she started adjusting the tip of her cock to my asshole... it was a matter of minutes and she was thrusting my ass crazy, i was shocked that i had to video tape the cock fucking me so i can remember this nice fucking to return to it...she got tired eventually from fucking me while the girl was face sitting me...

    Got off to wash and rest and i went back to fucking the beautiful anal love whore i got 😍

    We fucked for around 10 minutes and the shemale kept shoving her cock in my face, i choked on it till she nearly came but i stopped her because my asshole was not satisfied YET...then was the great show, i was riding the girl doggy style and the shemale was riding me doggy as well...I couldn’t stand the exoticness of the situation and took out my cock from her pussy, removed the condom and splattered the girl with cum all over her stomach and tits...

    Fuck this was an experience of the world

    I love you girls ❤️

    And i’ll be back for that naughty girl again 🥰😍

    thanks so much love them. see you again.

  • Verified photosTS Karen -A Classy Shemale in Town - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 10 May 2019

    Karen, Karen, Karen...
    I met her something like 3-4 days back, well let me start by how she is really talkative in an interesting way and funny also and how she treated me as if she was my GF (kudos for the only GFE escort in dubai)

    well she invited me over to her hotel apartment, it really smelled nice, fruit and all girly...everything was really tidy and she was dressed up in long black boots with black stockings, a garter belt and sexy tight high waist lacy cami set.

    She welcomed me by a really intimate kiss and offered me refreshments, then i went to shower to get ready for this angel.

    Came out of the shower to enter the room of wide spread legs on the bed ordering me to come and worship her. Honestly i like dominance but not that much, as soon as i told her so she became the most delicate GF you can ever imagine...starting sucking her beautifully crafted cock (close to 7-8 inches) hod it tasted heavenly, beautifully shaved and silky smooth.

    This wasn’t my first time with a transexual as a bottom however she offered me to top her first we flirted and i fucked her hole for a couple of minutes then stopped because her tight hole nearly made me cum.

    Then came the main show...she started caressing and fingering my tight shaved hole, lubing it and then giving me the D 😆, it hurt at the beginning but she kept slow and applying proper lube so it won’t hurt and also won’t be so slippery...i was that close to cumming hands free, she went one for close to 30 minutes fucking me non-stop, just pausing to switch positions or catch a breath (she is really fit, i was the one catching the breath 😅)

    Eventually she had to come, and since that we agreed on safe sex, she came streams of cum into my mouth, and i was naughty enough to swallow her juice, well she made sure to kiss me deeply after that and make sure I swallowed it all.

    That wasn’t all, we cuddled a bit and then she went for another round fucking me doggy, her favorite...but this time went she came she made sure to cream my face and i was to clean every drop...

    I was in heaven for at least an hour and she didn’t even glance at the clock.

    I really love and will visit you again as agreed after the bills (hahaha an inside joke, i told you guys she is really funny)


  • Verified photosTS ALYSSA BOTH CUMS ALOT - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 10 May 2019

    Wow wow wow,
    What else can be said but is that she ia fuckin’ stunning...

    I met her yesterday and unlike the professional description on the website she totally agreed to multiple shots...she went on and on fucking my ass-pussy for hours, doesn’t get tired nor runs put of milk 😉

    1. She shot once in my mouth and i swallowed that sweet elixir of cum (a looot of cum)
    2. Second shot was inside my ass (of course with the condom on, better safe for both of us)
    3. Third shot was on my face and went like a flier into my eye (we really giggles about it hehehe)

    It was an astounding experience, other than the fact that she has a really beautiful cock, she is a really feminine and beautiful peace of art. Her eyes are magical...and body is mystical.

    I would visit her in any given day just to have my cute ass-pussy caressed like that.

    She is really surprising as she mentioned...really more beautiful than in photos and that cock is bigger than 7 inches, she is an expert, knows how to use it with out causing much of pain for her sissies nor using too much lube to ruin the fun out of it

    Goddes alyssa is a dream cum true

  • Deleted profile (Curvy Paula Is Ready)

    Rating: 5 / 5 – 7 Apr 2019

    Well what can i say, she is the best shemale in dubai...

    Thanks babe ❤️ Till we meet again xoxo 😘

Questions by Bilobolobo

  • Deleted profile (Curvy Paula Is Ready)

    7 Apr 2019

    What true color is your eyes?

    Brown eyes babe ❤️

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