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    8 Mar 2020

    Hello Mistress, are you currently in Mumbai? Available today?

    Hello, Dear chrisss83m!

    Thank you for you interest. 

    Unfortunately, I have already left Mumbai.  I take this opportunity to thank this beautiful city for its hospitality and thank you to the people who surrounded me with care and attention.  I look forward to my next visit.  

    My further Travel plan looks like this: 

    Dubai March 18-26, 
    Copenhagen April 15-21, 
    New Delhi April 21-27,
     Mumbai April 27-30,
     Bangalore May 1-3

    You can always see all the relevant information on my tours in the Travel Dates section on my website (link:

  • Verified photosVeronica - - escort in Riyadh
    14 Jan 2020

    Hello, there is no email or number to contact.
    Kindly let me know how to contact.

    Only emails

  • Deleted profile (Big Boobs Mistress Available)

    9 Dec 2019

    Hi..send you email with my fantasy...please reply if possible so i can plan.

    never got any mail from you sorry