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  • Verified photosJudy - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Omg.. she is incredible.. she is hot.. she is a real mistress.. from the moment you enter her place, you will know your place under her. She will abuse and use you for her enjoyment. She will slap your face, spit on you, degrade you. She made me suck her starpon on in a number of hot and degrading way. And then now comes the fucking.. I finally tried all the positions.. she fucked me doggy style, on my belly, on my back raising my feet

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  • Verified photosMia - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Omg. This is the mistress!! She is one of the best mistress out there. She really know how to treat a slave .. from the moment I went in her room .. she took off her rope and she was wearing a sexy leather custome. You can till that she is very controlling and gets what she wants from a slave and the slave will love it. She ordered me to strip naked and then started laughing and humiliating me on how I had a small cock .. she came close to me, hold my face and started spitting on me!! That was WOW!! She spit and slap my face for some minutes.. then she wore a strap on and ordered me to suck on it.. that was hot. After that, she tied my hand to the bed and raised my legs and tied them too, then she started fucking me very nice and spitting on me .. omg that was nice..

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