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  • Verified photosSamrita Emergency Gf - Transsexual escort in Kolkata
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Last time I was in Kolkata I contacted a couple of people. Luckily samritha was the first to respond. I took a shower and headed out to meet her. To be honest when I first met her I was too nervous to appreciate her beauty. My heart was beating so hard you could practically hear it, and she noticed. We had a nice conversation and a couple of drink (mostly me) then as soon as I started to feel comfortable we got intimate. I said I wanted to see her tool. To be honest I felt a little intimidated, because her tool is as big as advertised, which is bigger than mine (which is above average)... in a good way. But when I grabbed it I could really tell the difference between our sizes. We kept fooling around until we decided it was the next step. She made me feel comfortable and then she started slowly driving her huge tool inside me. Unfortunately I couldn't take it and decided it would rather just give her a bj. We both came, had a good conversation took a shower then I left. Still regret not letting her have her way with me, and cant wait for my next time in kolkatha. I recommend everyone to give her a call, especially if it your first time.

    Means a lot buddy❤️

  • Verified photosEliza - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I had the absolute pleasure to meet Eliza. She was dressed in an amazing dress when she opened the door. So many ladies only have underwear on and forget that the tease is part of the package.
    Needless to say, after a nice chat, once we got down to business, she started to do a striptease for me. Well to see her there wearing a full suspender set all matching, it was a sight. Simply amazing! She is do egar to plase and under her initial sultry shyness, she is a real sex godess.
    I have to say, Eliza has such amaxing breasts. They are firm, yet full bodied. Fantastic to get a tit ride from, did well worth trying.
    So she is the girl we all want on the end of our weapons! Bj skills are realy top notch.
    All i would say guys is i hope next time she sees a client, it will be due to her review, she is well worth the visit and happily give her a 5 heart review!
    Thanks Eliza, xxx

  • Verified photosTina - escort in Surat
    Rating: 5 / 5

    It took me a some time to meet her just because I was busy. I should have met her 2 months back. Anyway it was my loss as she is one of the best treat I could have given myself.
    Very sensual and amazing girl. She is a full of energy She has a lot more than exceptional looks. Yes, looks can be deceiving but I was lucky to see her inner beauty as well. She has a lovely personality. A very humble and caring girl. She goes the distance to make me happy and she always does things with a smile on her face. Spending time with her was great and I will definitely be seeing her again as long as she…

    Thanks babe for the review. We had such a had
    such a great time