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  • Verified photosSara footfetish - escort in Riyadh
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I'm here with great pleasure to review the lovely Mistress Sara that I met two day ago in Desenzano.
    When I meet her, she looks to me as required in high heels and black bra.
    She has a very beautiful body and eyes , suddenly I love her and I wanted to be her slave.
    We get in the room talling about everything as two friends and not like a slave and mistress
    As soon as we arrive in the room the tone of voice changes and the sweet girl becomes a severe mistress.
    Makes me undress me put the collar and ordered me to remove the shoes and makes snorting the shoes and feet ..... Mmmm smells divine
    After a while I sort of put a pair of court shoes and makes me lick all .... He takes me for a walk with a leash and rides me.

    Then decide to make me eat it. He put on a pair of boots, but very nice throws in the earth a sandwich Trampled and forces me to eat then makes me clean his boots and repeats the practice also undermines ....
    All with verbal humiliation and spitting
    After she puts the boots and starts with trampling ....... Then perhaps tired, she sits on my face with a Face sitting beautiful.

    After a while he was tied to a bed, and sodomized with more strap-up to break through the anus.
    Later and here we are at the end tells me to masturbate while I smell your feet in no time come ..
    In conclusion, the. Comment. is entirely positive

    hi slave 😄
    I'm glad you liked it , I hope to see you soon ....

    many kissesss and spits 😛