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  • Verified photosTANISH THE GODDESS OF MEN'S XXL - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I met Tanish on 1st December 2021. It was my best experience till now with a Trans woman to be honest. Went at her location at evening we first started with chit chat about herself and her future plans.
    Then we began with hot smooching and kissing and I told her that she should fuck me first as I wanted to cum while getting fucked. Then I went down and started smelling her shecock over the panties. Her one ball was peaking out which i then began sucking but she said its very sensitive. I then started sucking her dick which began to grow and after sucking it for a while I found myself literally gagging on her cock when she started to deepthroat me. And let me tell you yes its 8 to 9 inch(😮much bigger than my Iphone 11😉) probably biggest she dick you will see in Bangalore I guess. Then I took off my underwear in a hurry and became doggy with my face facing mirror on her room. Damn it its really very big I cant imagine whole thing went Inside me as before that I had anal sex 3-4 times only. The best thing about my experience is she is very comfortable person to be with and will give you respect actually we were laughing the whole time because of pain, pleasure, enjoyment and the whole thing. Then at one moment when as she was thrusting me she told me to look at her dick as it was full size now, and my god it was so thick and long It was a wonderful surprise, literally the girth of it I was shocked then we began laughing with excitement and my cheeky comment maybe. It was also wonderful to see yourself get fucked by her in the mirror also lol. She at least fucked my in doggy and missionary for almost one hour. then I took her cum in my mouth and drank the whole thing. 

    We both then cleaned each other and she gave me blowjob and then enjoyed some cookies together. 
    I spent around 3-4 hr and left her apartment. she has very classy and spacious flat in good area(You can ask her directly).
    I must say not only sex but whole ambience was great and laughing and chit chat was the best.

    Gosh!!! You given the full description..😂we both are actually same loving person😊...I enjoyed your company..especially your jokes..😊 are a very nice person...and thanks for giving me a huge huge huge review...😊😂see ya soon❤️😘