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    Rating: 5 / 5 – 21 Jul 2016

    Meet this beauty on 5/8. She was staying at a classy hotel by the water. It was late in the night and I was afraid that she wasn't going to be available. She answered the door wearing some sexy lingerie. She is the real deal, very gorgeous, and great skills. Her lips are soft and she takes her time. The best escort I have EVER had. Would love to get the GFE wit her next time. Dinner, movie, the whole nine!!

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    3 Aug 2016

    Hello beautiful...I am coming to Dubai this weekend. Which hotel do I need to reserve so that you can come see me? Or which part do I need to be in that is close to you?

    Hi dear. Come closer to Al Barsha area. Send me your request be whatsapp, I will tell you more about choice of hotels.