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  • Verified photosZeana - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Fraud alert!!!!
    I visited her for service....she took money n gave service...agreed for 2 shot session....after one shot she said she wants to go to the washroom...i was lying there on bed naked....she n her roommate entered the room n started to take my video...blackmailed for money n as i did not have money she snatched my 20grm gold chain n threw me out...pls be careful n do not visit!!
    Her roommate is also listed here... her name is leilzipop!

    Who r you ? Who the hell r u why you blaming us I guess you r jealous us we never did whatever you blaming us blackmail n took money from any one who our clients just delete this review guys it's fake what he telling us :! Wow how he blaming without any reason if we r snatched 20 gram gold chain n took click vedio at that what r he doing he will stay just like statue ? He is fake n he jealous us some one trying to spoil n harm our life I know that !!! Plz guys stop thinking bad sence be positive don't being negative things why we gonna do that black mail for money we have second thot commen sence we r very humble n honest we r not thief robber I don't what he want !!!!! So guys don't trust his fake review god is there god will know that n I m cursing him that go on get accident for blame us thank you all

  • Verified photosLeilabilopz - escort in Pune
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Fake profile...she is a ladyboy not female

  • Anikta Singh - Transsexual escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    She's an escort in pune....her name is aarzo....i visited her once....forget about service....she n a friend of her looted my money n threw me is a service will be provided by her

  • Verified photosStunning Beauty - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Visited her on 6th of july 2020....booked her for a night....first thing first....she is not at all same as her pics....before she let me into her appartment the first thing she wanted was money....we had discussed my fantasy over chat but she did not fulfill it....i told her to do the active part....first 15-20 mins it was good untill she gave me a bj....after that she just laid on the bed like a seemed like she is paying me to give service to her....after some 2 hrs she denied to continue saying she was tired n wants to sleep....i wasted my money that night...wont reccomend her to anyone!!!

    Hi Romeo. Or should I call u fake dumb ass. I was not available on that day. So please stop posting false comments. Whoever you are, I can see you are jealous of me. I look beautiful than u and you know that. Next time you post such comments you will have to fave consequences.

  • Swara - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Worst experience....she doesn't even get nude with you....just gives a bj n hj n says session is more if you want more....not reccomending her to anyone!!!

  • Verified photosKadambari09 - Transsexual escort in Pune
    Rating: 1 / 5

    She is very arrogent....lack of communication...called her to fix an appointment with her she says to message on whatsapp....n she does not reply properly on whatsapp....i dont know anything about ur services as i haven't visited you yet but u need to work over positive communication skills when someone is messaging you to fix an appointment with you

    Thank you very much your feedback...
    But its not true may be bad luck by chance ..
    You should visit once n get Services...
    If you don't get back any reply from my side does not seems am arrogant..
    Everyone have their own opinion.. So may be that is ur conclusion..
    Without having proper communication...
    You must wait for the response.. Rather you should end up with impression..
    Anyways... All the best for your future search..
    N hope if I will get chance.. Will have nice time..
    Sorry for the inconvenience.?✌️

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