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Posted in Massage/Nuru Massage, unprotected genital contact before protected penetration

Yes, there are many things one could contract in this situation when unprotected. Two come to mind rather quickly, and they are both incurable and highly contagious. Much information can be gleaned online so just research health topics and you will find out all you need to know (and maybe more than you ever wanted to, haha)

Started Looking to network with fellow FBSM in US

I would love to meet other ladies and start networking about a renting Incall locations in the US. Although not a simple matter by any means, with the right situation perhaps it could work as a win/win. Mature FBSM lady seeking clean, safe, well-situated space in PNW and East Coast (DC, New England to name a few places of interest) PNW= Seattle, Vancouver BC, and others.

  • short -term travel dates, low volume, high screening, 90 minute minimum, massage only hotel alternative type of deal.

Posted in ADs in Different cities

Hello, I am listed in one city but need to add another city because I work out of both equally. Problem is, I am/only able to add one city "officially" and i know its against the rules to set up two profiles so what exactly did you suggest in the above comment? I just want to make sure I'm not going to be able to figure it out without breaking any rules,/thanks

Started Removal of reviews and menu of services for discrete woman in US, would MR ever consider this?

Would Massage Republic ever consider changing their site to bring in more girls who can no longer use BackPage since it was shut down a few days ago? I.E., the menue of services and the review options are two large barriers for many of us (in the US) as we choose not to buy into the review culture, nor do we want to use additional terms like menue of services due to legal repercussions and person taste.

We really need a new site to post our ads and are hoping you will consider our needs.

Most Respectfully,

New client