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  • Verified photosKazakhstan young girl yoga teacher Mia - escort in Dubai
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    Guyz this girl really have some problem I don't know what but she have I contacted her to meet she accepted I asked for outcall she said just incall I accept so I asked her location she said somewhere hotel then blocked me without any reason I am still thinking why she have done it so if you got blocked when contacting her don't be surprised if you want my advice don't even contact her girls like this who don't respect doesn't deserve to meet when no clients remain her and also no money remains her she will learn to respect her clients.

    I used to be a good yoga instructor. People who have their own principles. Yoga Church I am very friendly to every lovely person. Respect is mutual. I will not stop you for no reason. You didn't follow the promise first. Bullying me a 22-year-old girl. You are too cruel. Thank you for telling me that there are many bad guys in the world. I need to protect myself.