Hi, it's Dana here. I am 100% Lebanese living in Dubai. I speak Arabic and all my pictures are Me.

I am looking for a good company so a smart conversation is always welcome. I am fun to be around and like to have a good time. I like to talk and laugh, and enjoy the fun.

I am selective as you are 😄

• I'm NOT a mistress 😊

• I am discreet so I appreciate you NOT asking for my Face Picture.

• I DON'T do Anal and I Only do in-Calls.

• No Calls. Only Telegram or WhatsApp.

I hope you respect my time and would only chat if you are willing to meet. I don't accommodate lengthy chats that account to nothing.

Let's meet and have a grand time together! 😄

Incalls per hour from
2,000 AED (US$ 544)
CIM - Come In MouthCOB - Come On BodyDeep throatFace sittingFingeringFoot fetishFrench kissingGFEMassageOral sex - blowjobOWO - Oral without condomReverse oralGiving rimmingRimming receivingSpankingTeabagging
French (Good)
English (Fluent)
Arabic (Fluent)
157 cm / 5′2″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by ramimal – 17 Feb 2019

    I contacted Dana a few days back, made an appointment. She was very helpful in regards to the location and I pretty quickly felt at ease as she stays in a very posh place location.
    As she opened the door she was dressed up in a very classy and sexy way. I was a bit shocked by her beauty, she is stunning and just a perfect woman in every sense. We laughed, joked and went down to pleasure.
    It's been a while since I felt this wiped out by a girl, she pleases in every aspect and let me tell you she can be wild in bed in all the feminitic ways. The moans and the eye contact were magical.
    I finished and literally felt like this was all a dream. Thank you beautiful dana

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Mohdxx – 13 Feb 2019

    First contact was very simple, a courteous person. Got all the info that was required and made an appointment. Met up and was very happy with my decision, it was a very relaxed meeting.
    Was able to interact with her and talk normally, didn't feel forced. She smiles and jokes and makes you feel wanted.
    Whatever I was looking for was made sure that it was given. Right amounts of naughtiness and sensuality. Was very happy indeed, can't wait to meet this Angel again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Jacques_matt – 12 Feb 2019

    Met this sexy lady a few days back, hell of a meet. Ended up staying for more than we originally agree upon, she is courteous, warm and extremely friendly.
    Booking process was neat and clear. Beautiful soul and even beautiful face and statistics. Was very happy to have made the appointment with such a lovely girl. Was looking for a somewhat real and engaging time which is exactly what I got.
    I was well taken care of in every way, satisfied and happy.
    Please gentlemen treat her like a queen she deserves the title and you will be well looked after.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Mr_buff – 11 Feb 2019

    The moment she opens the door you are shocked by the beauty and the elegance. It's like a state of dream.
    I have had good experiences before but never such an experience that just blows you right out and under. Those eyes are killer. That body is meant to break some hearts. Pure class in every way, I was nervous just looking at her but she made sure that I felt welcome and took me a few minutes but I gathered my thoughts and desires and went on a full on not filled experience.
    I absolutely felt like I had known her for ages and the communication just flowed. A smart and intelligent person to interact with and a blossom of fire and flower to do your business with.
    Won't go into details as her class is higher then that but will say I am enchanted.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by petropat (7 other reviews) – 7 Feb 2019

    Dana is indeed an awesome and amazing person to meet and knows how to satisfy a person.
    She is not clock watcher and a great experience to spend time with.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by comms – 29 Jan 2019

    Dana is quite incredible. She welcomed me in to her excellent private apartment and we had a great chat, she really is a fantastic and engaging person. Once we had thoroughly discussed global socio-economic issues she dragged me to the bedroom and simply gave me the time of my life. She is extremely liberated and liberating, beautiful, sexy, kinky and an animal in bed - I am in love. Second to none, Dana I cannot wait to see you again soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by CScot – 24 Jan 2019

    Met Dana a few weeks ago and I have to say that she is one of the sweetest, prettiest, and kinkiest girls I have ever met. From the moment I met her at the door I was dumbfounded by her beauty. She was so much fun to chat to and, despite not feeling that well, she brightened up my day. Won’t go into the details too much but all I can say is that she can satisfy any man (or woman) when you are invited into her boudoir! Can’t wait to see her again soon.xx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by UKMan (10 other reviews) – 6 Jan 2019

    Having met Dana on many occasions, l have to say that in my view, and those of her many regulars, l doubt very much whether the meeting, as described by "Amara" ever took place. She is a sublimely beautiful, svelte, intelligent lady, with a level of integrity l wish many more people shared

    Appreciated x

  • Rating: 5 / 5by amsaea18 – 14 Dec 2018

    Met Dana a few days ago. She is pretty, smart, accommodating and very friendly. Just talking to her is fun. She is selective of the people whom she meets which is a plus for me. Very enthusiastic and lively in bed.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Q8K91 – 8 Dec 2018

    This lady is highly recommended
    I would definitely come back again
    For me it was my first time to try to pay for a service .. however she made me feel very comfortable..
    No regrets to choose her over 100 of other fake accounts ..
    the place is very nice ..
    So for me ill rate her
    Service: 10/10
    Place: 10/10
    Social intelligence: 10:10

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Tege (5 other reviews) – 25 Nov 2018

    Guys i met dana again really she is amazing her blowjob just enough to satisfy your needs but the second shot was in heaven like you casting a porn movie thank you dana for this service highly appreciated.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by rando – 9 Nov 2018

    Dana is fun to hang out with, she is a very down to earth Lebanese girl and has a very fit body, I recommend her for gfe. Her entire experience has made me a regular. Kudos to a very accommodating and hot Dana

  • Rating: 5 / 5by jakaasboy – 31 Oct 2018

    A must for your to do list in Dubai. She's got a great sense of humor and is not your typical wham bam thank you maam girl. She enjoys this and it clearly shows in her session.

    Everyone meeting her will end up being a regular for her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by rajeshg7299 – 22 Oct 2018

    Amazing girl. Met her 2 months back. Couldn't write review because of some reason. Very elegant lady

  • Rating: 5 / 5by HelloWorldd (2 other reviews) – 13 Oct 2018

    I dont know where should I start, the moment she opened the door I was shocked by her beauty.

    She is an amazing girl with an amazing personality.

    The cutest and naughtiest girl, an amazing mixture.

    If you treat her well she will make you her king. Will visit her again and again for sure.

    There is only one bad thing about her, which is you cant stay in her place for ever 😞

    Thank you Dana for the amazing time, see you soon. Z

  • Rating: 5 / 5by petropat (7 other reviews) – 3 Oct 2018

    Dana is one of the best persons, you can meet. Lovely conversations and private services offered that none can match her. A person not to miss
    Thanks Raj

  • Rating: 5 / 5by letsenjoy (8 other reviews) – 29 Sep 2018

    She might be charging for the sex, but sex isn't all that the time spent with her is about.
    A fabulous conversationalist with interesting stories, she makes sure you are comfortable at her beautiful place and with her before she takes you in the pleasure room.
    Although our plan got fixed after a few changes in time, it was a splendid Friday evening spent with her.
    Words can't describe her long deep kisses or the beautiful body all over mine during the GFE session, she makes you wanting more whether you're in her living room or the bedroom.
    It's been a week I was with her, but still not over her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by elcapitanodxb (4 other reviews) – 24 Sep 2018

    After more than a year of toying with the idea of meeting Dana, I finally mustered the courage as well as the doughs.

    One thing I’ve always been particular about is no ‘bang! Bang! Thank you ma’am!’ experience, and Dana seemed to be the perfect foil it. An intelligent conversationalist, a very sweet and charming lady as long as you are in the couch, and a different lady altogether once you are in the bedroom.

    Dear Dana, thank you so much for the absolutely mind boggling experience you’ve provided, highly appreciated. 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by MrT – 2 Sep 2018

    I saw Dana few days ago. Beautiful girl, great service. Very genuine nature. I left her clean and discrete apartment satisfied. I would definitely see Dana again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by JohnDoe88x – 29 Aug 2018

    Where can i start ?? I don't really know to be honest, she is one of the only woman you'll meet in your life that will leave you that memory.. She's clever, fun and really adorable.

    I'll not talk about anything to what's going on after the friendly chat but even only for that.. You can go and have a coffee with her

    My all time favorite girl and i guess she'll remain at this position for a long time.

    😄 - From you know who....

  • Rating: 5 / 5by petropat (7 other reviews) – 15 Aug 2018

    Dana is a brilliant awesome lady who loves to please and be pleased at the same time. An escort not to miss, With all services provided as per the listings
    Thanks Raj

  • Rating: 5 / 5by UKMan (10 other reviews) – 27 Jul 2018

    Sometimes you meet people whose presence draws you like a magnet, Dana is one such person. A beautiful woman with a remarkable mind. Someone who will raise your spirits. A real man's woman - you will want to posses her in the way real men do. Equivocal; strong and driven, kind and caring, intelligent and funny, serious and insightful. Listen to her stories, get to know her and like me you will be full of respect and admiration - she has achieved so much by dint of her own strength and character. An impressive woman - l so enjoy her company and l am sure you will too. This is an interest for her - a hobby if you like albeit slightly non mainstream. It's for fun and she very much wants you to enjoy the moment also. A generous lover, she will care for you and enjoy your company. In real life she has an important high powered job and believe me, does not need the money but of course, the nature of this hobby means that a filter is required and this is represented in the monetary tribute that reflects her presence. Your time with her will pass seemingly in a moment. Let those moments unfold naturally and enjoy them. If you are merely looking for sex then Dana is not for you, but if you are looking for a shared fulfilling experience that involves, conversation, laughter, tenderness and intimacy, then in Dana you have found the right place, and l envy you

  • Rating: 4 / 5by Wa2go – 25 Jul 2018

    Nice girl. Enthusiasticà, kisses - loves sex. All cleavage and ever so slightly chunky legs (see pics) has a brain. Padded bra's make her boobs look large and odd on such a short lady. Totters around on heels, wears very short dresses. A little embarrasing - everything on show. Has a downer on men but is polite and likes having sex which id perhaps why she is always online. Insidts, "..l'm just doing this for fun..." however, your one hour incall request will be met by a, "...why not make it two..." There then follows the chat, one hour becomes 2 or 3 and Dana is not shy about asking for more money - sometimes done in a slightly irritating little girl voice. Had alot of sex from all her reviews but not overly innovative. Listens and is fun but talks alot - you might want to encourage a movevto the bedroom, however, you may also find yourself slung out, she can turn! Shockingly hard nosed, even when you think you are friends. Nicotine stained fingers belie her chain smoking but she is polite enough to ask first and her aparment whic is nice, does not smell.She's selective, filters basrd on communication. Be polite, spell correctly, dress well and you will be fine. Up for most things so have a go on her at least once.

    I like the 'everything on show' part.. and I like the 'not shy for asking for more money'.. I didn't open a charity house u know lol
    We are here to have fun Mr. I donno your name or who u r so just enjoy and have fun.. Yes I am selective and yes I like a good company that consists of talking, laughing and enjoying. That's why you met me IF u met me.
    Of course who reviewed me had more fun that just talking to me 😊
    I guess u saw my pictures that r too revealing and my reviews which r too sweet and my profile as a whole to choose to come to me. Too bad you had the worst experience. Horrible! Please don't come again lol
    Thanks for the 4 stars x

  • Rating: 5 / 5by newcuriouscat123 (3 other reviews) – 18 Jul 2018

    2nd visit. I had a terrible day at work actually, Dana is the best person to visit if you want to burn that stress out. We had a good chat. Like a proper GF. She makes you laugh. You feel genuinely relaxed. A word of warning though. She loves to pull your leg. I dont know why, but I fall for it a lot 😄
    What happened in the bedroom stays in the bedroom (and in your mind for days to come).
    You really are a wonderful person, honey. A genuine no nonsense person, but clearly non-judgemental and easy going.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by a deleted account – 10 Jul 2018

    Met Dana, after a few mismatches due to my fault mainly, I spent with her a very nice evening. She is a very classy young woman who leaves in nice apt. Very sensual and very well educated. Nice conversation, some wine that she offered, and great action in bed. I will not entertain details, but I can guarantee, she is a must repeat. I may become a regular. Thank you.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Just_someone_1 – 7 Jul 2018

    Met Dana yesterday. Such an amazing person and woman. A true GFE. wiled and skilled , fun to be with.highly recommend.xxx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Newdude123 (3 other reviews) – 27 Jun 2018

    I have met her a couple of times now. She is genuinely amazing person. She captivates the mind when she speaks. A very natural person and intelligent too. Every time is different with her which leaves you wanting more.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by MR_H_1 – 25 Jun 2018

    first of all the location and the apartment are nice and in a luxurious nice area in Dubai which made me more comfortable before even entering.
    then I met her. She is the sweetest young lady ever, she is so beautiful and her body is perfect.
    She is really amazing and I had great time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by mozarsh – 22 Jun 2018

    I truly don’t know where to start to describe my experience with Dana. I have seen her 2 weeks ago and I can remember every moment I spent with her. She is a passionate woman with a beautiful smile and an attractive character. Ofcourse, I couldn’t get my eyes off her from the first second I saw her. I felt at ease from the beginning and we spent good quality time getting to know each other. We had a lot in common and I enjoyed talking to her about so many things. Her accent is so sexy. When we moved to the bedroom, it was another level. Dana is literally the most passionate girl I have even been with. She has a body to die for. I will keep the details of our intimacy between us. All I can say is that she was riding me crazy. Completely gfe.

    I will definitely repeat this experience and I am looking forward for my next time with her. If there is one girl you must see in Dubai, it is gonna be Dana.

    Dana, thank you so much for a lifetime experience. I truly enjoyed spending time with you. See you soon x

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Arbitrator – 14 Jun 2018

    I've met with Dana quite a few times now, and there aren't enough words to describe how extraordinary she is but I will try. First things first, her place is neat and glamorous, nice and discreet. She will sit with you and talk and make you comfortable , like if you are long time friends and not strangers who have just met. She's such a good conversationalist that we just sat and talked for about 30 to 40 minutes the first time I met her, moreover she does not clock watch whatsoever. She is a mature, funny, and a charming lady. Treat her with respect and you will not be disappointed with what she will reciprocate when it comes to what happens on bed. She will be your wildest fantasy come true and some more.
    The other people who already went and reviewed her know what I'm talking about, and for the ones who haven't given her a chance yet, I hope you do after this review, because the only one you are doing a disfavour to is yourself by denying the
    ultimate sexual experience, as well as the friendship that comes with it.

    Love you Dana, you're a 100 out of 10(minus the zero) ?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by aaabeardo (1 other review) – 5 Jun 2018

    I met Dana at her place a couple of times recently. Her apartment is very nice. She is an amazing person. She likes a good conversation. She listens to you. You feel that you get to know each other quite a bit after each meeting. She is very sweet. I have not met anyone like her before. Thanks Dana for a lovely time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by blue785 – 3 Jun 2018

    I met Dana a while back, she was easy to communicate with and very friendly. She has a lovely personality to go along with a stunning figure. She's welcoming, interesting, funny, smart and all around amazing. ?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by gautam4549 – 29 May 2018

    Met this girl a few days back, pics are real and she has a nice place of her own which is discrete, has great oral skills and fucks like crazy.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Kuae – 24 May 2018

    I met dana a month ago, she is amazing and easy to go with, she gave me the directions to her apartment which is easy to find with good parking nearby.

    Dana herself is very pretty looking and is like her pictures. She is a great talker and conversationalist and is very interesting to talk to.

    She is very professional and relaxed and very good at her job.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by the_bunk (2 other reviews) – 23 May 2018

    Dana is the perfect mix of elegance, beauty and naughtiness in the bed. Time spent with her is more like that with your girlfriend than a "companion". She takes time to know you and you can have an intelligent conversation with her. Once she is comfortable with you then you are in for the ride of your life (literally and figuratively). During my first visit, I had a minor complaint which was a result of miscommunication on my part. But Dana more than made up for it during my second visit and I couldn't be happier.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by UKMan (10 other reviews) – 20 May 2018

    A beautiful lady with a big heart and lovely nature. Every now and again you meet someone who lifts your spirits - a good person and a real joy to be with. Dana is one of the chosen few. She is intelligent and fun to be around with an enthusiasm for life that shines through. She will welcome you with open arms, talk to you, listen to you, care for you and take great interest in ensuring your satisfaction, whether that is in the form of a simple conversation or something more intimate. If you take the time to read her many reviews you will notice that she is not one to, 'clock watch' and neither should you. Savor the moments, let them unfold and enjoy the journey. Every inch a man's woman - you will want to posses her again and again. Good conversation, laughter and passion. What more could you want? I really cannot recall when l last enjoyed someone's company so much x

  • Rating: 5 / 5by castro_manchester – 17 May 2018

    Excellent personality and well educated girl. She put me at ease from the moment that I entered her flat until i left.
    Very nice girl, polite, kind, and friendly. Defiantly will see her again to spend a high quality time with her.
    To make story short, she is the real deal in Dubai. Thanks Dana ;D

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Alex_1019 – 16 May 2018

    Dana is the best i’ve seen.I always enjoy my time with her, it’s the highlight of my day when i see her smile.

    Dana have angelic face, goddess body, enchanting voice, dreamy eyes, elegant style and brilliant enlightening mind.

    What more can i say , definitely going to visit her again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by newcuriouscat123 (3 other reviews) – 16 May 2018

    Had to give in after following her for a while here.
    The place- easy to get to, find and park. Very discrete and upmarket.
    Dana- She welcomes you with a great smile. You sit down and talk to her and you will see that she grows on you. She is a great person to talk to with a good sense of humour. She is an honest, normal girl with a great attitude. You could just sit down and talk to her all night! She made me feel very comfy amd relaxed.
    Bed- She can be what you want her to be. She makes sure you enjoy each and every moment you spend with her. Its not a ritual nor a choreographed performance. Its just bliss. Its like a true GFE where you are bold enough to tune it up just a bit. She enjoys the experience as much as you do. (There are things that she does which i bet nobody can do better 😉
    Overall- A well grounded girl. Great companion. Your time with her will be tailored to your personality. You will leave with a smile and you will be booking your next visit.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Badr – 14 May 2018

    Hi Dana
    How r u sweatheart.
    Writing for you to tell you that I miss you.
    You are an amazing girl.
    Your presence is spectacular.
    The way you talk is charming.
    Your smile is inspirational.
    Every thing in you is so special and hardly that you will find a girl like you who gonna make you feel comfy sitting with her.
    I did meet you several times and every time I feel that I need more of you?.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by djfaaz777 (14 other reviews) – 12 May 2018

    WOW wow WOw... I am searching for words to write a review about this classy, Elegant, cute n SExy girl. She lives in a very cosy apartment in a great location in Dubai. Met her finally 2 days back. Stunned to see her when she opened the door. Beyond My expectations... Made me very comfortable and a great person to have a talk with about any topic. SHe is a Fire on the bed and not a time watcher. REally doing justice to all great comments about here ... I will be repeating visit to her and HIGHLY Recommended ...

  • Rating: 5 / 5by sonnewon – 12 May 2018

    She is nice and smart. I had good experience with her. Thx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by late_santa – 3 May 2018

    I don't usually write reviews. But i had to make an exception for Dana. Nice place and easy to get to. About Dana, she's amazing. The right mix of cute and kink. Gorgeous and very enthusiastic. If only i had enough time to see her everyday.. keep well babe x

  • Rating: 1 / 5by lool_rf – 29 Apr 2018

    I don’t believe that you can meet such a rude escort who think so less of her customers, darling if you don’t like your job or you look down to people, please go ahead and do something useful with your life rather than thinking and acting like miss wanna be but couldn’t be !

    Extreeeeeeeemly un recommended, waste of time and money.

    Lol I'm sure you are someone who couldn't afford and wasting my time. Someone I never met.. why would someone pay and stay if I'm rude lol..
    Anyways Thanks for the review though.. any publicity is good publicity as they say, right?

    I'm very rude yes.. to the rude 😉 tc

  • Rating: 5 / 5by partlion88l7 – 25 Apr 2018

    She absolutely gorgeous and smart. I had an unbelievable experience with her. She is a gem of a person.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by inthemix911 – 23 Apr 2018

    Dana is the complete package - fun to talk to and all about your satisfaction in the bedroom. Go see her if you want to feel like the last man left.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by hct719177 – 20 Apr 2018

    Met Dana yesterday
    She welcomed me with warm smile
    Great lady and not a time watcher ...

    She is seductive in her way , which is special
    It was great time i have spent with her

  • Rating: 5 / 5by wwuc – 18 Apr 2018

    Dana is awesome, welcoming, laid back and very easy to get along with. Great conversation and always a good time. Seen her a few times and it gets better every time!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by mclederhose (6 other reviews) – 15 Apr 2018

    Excellent and sophisticated; original pictures and service exceeded expectations. All around outstanding experience with Dana - highly recommended.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by Newdude123 (3 other reviews) – 13 Apr 2018

    Nothing I write will do justice. She is simply amazing. Made me feel comfortable from the moment I entered. She is really fun to be with. Is really amazing at what she does. Can talk every single thing.

    I hope you recognize me. ;P

  • Rating: 5 / 5by jritter09 – 1 Apr 2018

    Quite possibly the most beautiful lady I have ever met had the luck to meet.
    I have met only a couple of times, and I wish it were more.
    Dana, from the moment you meet puts you at ease and moves at a pace that suits the mood.
    She is sensual, sexy, and seductive and not only is she amazing at the service she provides not rushing the time but also a fantastic host and great to chat to.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by ramothirtyone (5 other reviews) – 30 Mar 2018

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Dana several times now and can't speak highly enough about her. She is beautiful, warm, sensuous, intelligent, and possesses a wicked sense of humour. She always make me feel special and ensure I leave with a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step. Treat her well guys - she's one of a kind.


  • Hi Dana, how are you? I have a few questions to ask.
    1- how long will you stay in Dubai?
    2- how much for full night?
    3- do you provide owo?

    by El_tiburn (4 other questions) – 19 Feb 2019

    Read my profile

  • Hi Dana, would you be free to meet today late evening?

    by Moodynox – 11 Feb 2019


  • Hi Dana. Free tomorrow evening?

    by Macbeth (2 other questions) – 7 Feb 2019

    Yes I am

  • Do u offer services for a married couple?

    by ajpv2017 (15 other questions) – 1 Feb 2019


  • hi sweetie....any chance for outcall to 5 stars hotel?

    by tttt (61 other questions) – 26 Jan 2019

    No outcalls

  • cum very fast..is it possible for a service of 2 hours in which you can go slowly and play with my body.i shall come after 2 hours with experience of a lifetime.confirm,so i can book

    by daveboy321 (282 other questions) – 28 Jan 2019


  • Please check you email

    by hamude09 (1 other question) – 24 Jan 2019

    I prefer watsapp. But sure x

  • I'm in Dubai next week, your there?

    by hamude09 (1 other question) – 18 Jan 2019

    Yes I am

  • Can I come in your eye?

    by Joeblack (95 other questions) – 9 Jan 2019

    Why not in my ear? 🤣

    Not sure why the admin keep these kind of spammers around

  • Hello, do you provide role play?

    by denishkumar (14 other questions) – 28 Dec 2018


  • Do u fuck without condom!?
    And r u healthy & hygiene or u have any sickness!?

    by Zeez (1 other question) – 24 Dec 2018

    Weird.. of course not

    Ask yourself that question.. u r the one going around n not being safe.

  • Do u provide Anal without condom??

    by nikhilcrook (10 other questions) – 1 Jan 2019

    No n of course not

  • I am always thrilled when and with meeting Dana. Tried posting a review a couple of times it doesn't work.
    Such a sweet and sexy girl. Love spending every second with her and can never get enough.
    See you soon

    by Macbeth (2 other questions) – 4 Dec 2018

    Thanks x

  • When are you coming to lebanon? And do you date here?

    by ghassan_2 (21 other questions) – 22 Nov 2018

    Not in the near future

  • مشاء الله موز الموز باللبن ? do u only do classical sex or any other fantasy is possible? Honestly being dominated my a super pretty lady like u is something to remember?

     – 19 Nov 2018

    Well thanks but nope I'm not a mistress. Can do slight domination though.

  • Do you go out for dinner date Dana?

    by Nik1988 – 7 Nov 2018

    Sure x

  • Baby is your ass clean? Is it ok if i lick deep inside your ass?

    by jamesbummerman (5 other questions) – 20 Oct 2018

    No it's very dirty ?

  • do you get irritated by facial hair?

    by flux – 4 Oct 2018

    Nope i dont ?

  • Gorgeous body & highly satisfied clientele.
    But show us something else, if you dont mind.

    by Stevenuk (1 other question) – 1 Oct 2018

    If u want to see something else u can always come see me ?

  • Is sex without condom available for extra charge

     – 9 Sep 2018

    Of course not

  • Nice apparel. Rare for an escort. ??

    by Stevenuk (1 other question) – 22 Aug 2018

    Thanks ?

  • Whats the best way to reach you? Telegram or watsapp?

    by Macbeth (2 other questions) – 7 Aug 2018

    I prefer whatsapp

  • I have a small noodle, can we do anal?

    by qwerty007 (2 other questions) – 30 Jul 2018

    Skidaddle Skidoodle Your D*** Is Now a Noodle ?

  • Hi Dana, your tits my gosh, i would like to gently stretch and pull your nipples long with my lips while sucking. Can i bring some milk-whipped cream? Applying on your nipples for me to suck? I promise to be gentle. And also, licking your armpit? Followed by tongue-kissing and fucking of course. Sorry if you find this weird, i just want to be sure. i’ve been fancy on you and wanted to taste you like the mentioned above.

    by Honb (1 other question) – 30 Jul 2018

    How explicit!
    If this is an attempt to sexting then you failed miserably.
    Keep fantasizing..

  • Does size matter ??

    by smdissertation99 – 28 Jul 2018

    U mean the bra size?
    I donno.. u tell me ?

  • No problem at least new collection ??

     – 22 Jul 2018

    Didn't know my wardrobe has so many followers ?

  • Can you update your photos please

     – 21 Jul 2018

    Sure wait for my autumn collection ?

  • Hi am 20 old i like to meet you ok
    Do you provide cim and swallow?
    I can finish inside like in your mouth.

    by tashunhiruna85 (176 other questions) – 19 Jul 2018

    No thanks. I get enough nutrition through my food ?

  • Can you do me a Facesitting smothering session

    by tashunhiruna85 (176 other questions) – 18 Jul 2018

    Having issues? Why do u want someone to 's - mother' you? ?

  • Hi am 20 old I like meet you ok
    Can i suck your pee directly from pussy?
    I want to drink your pee directly from pee hole

    by tashunhiruna85 (176 other questions) – 15 Jul 2018

    Your that thirsty? You don't have water at home? ?

  • Hi Dana. You are great and everyone deserves to know it. Tried rewriting a review maybe I didn't post it correctly. I think you are wonderful and I want to have you around more so if you reconsider traveling with me? It's a proposal to much more wider fun and much more time together. I will always see you again sweetheart.

    by sneakypete44 (2 other questions) – 6 Jul 2018

    Thanks for the kind words x I don't travel like that told u..

  • An extremely warm girl in town. Beauty to be admired.
    Please give others a luck to see your lower legs with feet. ?

    by irincoast2016 (4 other questions) – 28 Jun 2018


  • Hi sexy....I would like to get you dressed in shiny pantyhose, mini skirt and heels and do a photoshoot (without facial shots) before I proceed to the real stuff. Would you provide such a service?

    by endercevik_1 (3 other questions) – 17 Jun 2018

    Hahahaha r u kidding me? Weird..

  • I had the pleasure of meeting this sexy lady Dana for the second time and I already can't wait for my next visit! If you are into petite ladies, then look no further, she is as petite as it gets and I highly recommend her. The location is excellent, it's her own apartment. She is super clean, hygienic and a sweet lady that enjoys what she is doing and knows exactly how to please a man. From the moment she opened the door till our time was up she blew me away - literary! I can tell you for sure that no amount of words can do her justice. Treat her right and she will take you to heaven and back. Looking forward to my next visit.

     – 16 Jun 2018

    That's sweet x thanks.

  • عندك كرباج

    by One_st_1 (7 other questions) – 6 Jun 2018

    I'm not a mistress

  • هل تتحدثين العرب؟
    هل مازلت في دبي؟ اعطيني رقم هاتفك

    by omarmohhamed66 – 16 May 2018

    You dont sound arabic..
    All your question are answered up there 😄

  • انت لبنانية؟ موجودة بدبي؟

    by danby17 – 12 May 2018

    Yes I'm Lebanese and in Dubai.

  • Review denied twice so writing it here for you.

    Gorgeous and charming personality. Loved every bit of my time with her. Everything that I asked for from slight domination in bed (as she described it) to a GFE experience. Kinky girl with a mixture of sweet and spice. Great lady and Such a treat to the soul. Sometimes finding someone who speaks arabic is easier and makes it more fun. Amazing

    by walitnt – 8 May 2018

    Lol thx x

  • What colour are your eyes ? If I may ask

    by Wolfbat24 – 2 May 2018

    Nice color 😄

  • I tried posting a review but it didn't go through. I just want to say that I had a great time with you. Your smile and down to earth nature makes it very easy to feel comfortable and have a great time. You ooze with charm and you capture the heart. Had a great time Dana.. Will want to see you again for sure. Till then keep being you. You are great!

    by james1976 (1 other question) – 27 Apr 2018

    Oh thanks. Sweet of u x

  • Do you have uniforms?

    by vince01 (4 other questions) – 25 Apr 2018


  • Do you have uniforms? And how much do you take for one hour sex without condom?

    by vince01 (4 other questions) – 23 Apr 2018

    Let's count your diseases or infections first? 😞
    My life is priceless.
    Don't ever jeoperdize your life for stupidity.. not sure why you don't value yours.. Tc

  • Anal for 5000
    1 shot
    Interested ?

    by Sss8 – 21 Apr 2018

    Lol some men r so funny

  • Hi Dana. Do you do threesome?

    by james1976 (1 other question) – 18 Apr 2018

    Nope. Im a one man show 😄

  • ليه بترفضى تجاوبينى

    by Mezo_2 (30 other questions) – 16 Apr 2018

    You keep on asking a lot of questions .. I'm sorry .. not interested.

  • is the strapon sex included in ur service

    by rami_22 – 22 Mar 2018


  • قد ايه مهرك؟

    by Mezo_2 (30 other questions) – 22 Mar 2018

    What a silly question...

  • تتجوزينى

    by Mezo_2 (30 other questions) – 21 Mar 2018

    Too expensive for u..

  • Hi Dana.
    I've been trying to get in touch for a few weeks now, and seem to be super unlucky with the timing. Its either that or i've inadvertently gotten myself onto an ignore list with you 😆
    Can we fix this?

    by Yawn – 21 Mar 2018

    Sorry not sure who u r.. U can try again 😄

  • Can you join for a trip in other country?

    by hanzalexander (1 other question) – 23 Mar 2018

    Nope I don't do that.

  • hello
    do you do outcall and what is ur rate
    and are those real

    by AJS (2 other questions) – 20 Mar 2018

    I only do incalls and yes it's all real

  • بتحكي عربي استاذة دانة ؟

    by sam83ilp_1 (14 other questions) – 14 Mar 2018

    Yes I do.

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