Massage Republic was created to serve the needs of providers and users of adult services

Massage Republic was a real help when I started out as an independant last year. The enquiries you sent plus my old clients meant my life got a lot better! Thanks for the help.

— Ella

Is it free?

Yes, it is always free to have a profile. There is a (generous) limit on the number of enquiries (messages and clicks on your phone number) you can get each month in 'free mode'. If you reach this limit we will send you an email and you will not be in the search results for 14 days, although you profile will continue to be live and people will be able contact you. We do this to provide the fairest distribution of exposure on the site between our free members.

How do I make a great profile?

If you provide a complete profile with accurate information, you will increase the number and quality of the results you get from it.

  • Put real photos, preferably more than one
  • Take time to provide a good description
  • List only the services you provide
  • Make sure your phone number is correct

Please don't!

  • Make more than one profile per individual, they may be deleted
  • Post fake listings or photos
  • Use ALL CAPS, it looks CHEAP

Can one individual have more than one profile?

No. If you create duplicate profiles they may be deleted or your account blocked. As an individual you can list in more than one city if you really are there often (please keep updated your available dates on your different profiles).

Can I make profiles for different individuals?

Yes, as long as you have their permission for you to list them and they are real people.

Can I see how much business you are generating for me?

We hope so! In your account area you can see graphs which detail: the number of messages sent to you, clicks on your phone number and clicks through to your website. If you use Google Analytics you can also find the number of website visitors by looking in Traffic Sources > Sources > Campaigns. We know you won't always know about all the customers we send, but we have tried our best to give you an idea! If you have questions about measurement, get in touch, as we really appreciate hearing about your results.

What are the different options for my profile?

  • VIP: You get top priority in the search results and city main pages. Unlimited enquiries.
  • Featured: You appear ahead of Basic and Free profiles. Unlimited enquiries.
  • Basic: You get unlimited monthly enquires and priority over free members in the search results.
  • Free: You will appear after paid listings in the search results and if you receive over a certain amount of enquiries during a 30 day period your profile will be limited until the end of the period. We do this to provide for the fairest distribution of leads between our free members.

If you upgrade from one paid level to another to another you will not lose any remaining days you have paid for. They will be applied automatically if you do not continue with you subscription at a higher membership level.

How are profiles ordered?

Profiles within the different categories (VIP, Featured, Basic and Free) are randomised daily and customised to the individual user and quality factors each one (make sure you answer questions, add video and get good reviews for the best results). We do this to provide the best possible experience for users and ensure that all advertisers in a single category receive a similar amount of exposure to users.

Why are my photos marked as fake?

This is the most common complaint from our users about listings. Fake photos are also not fair for other advertisers. Your photos may be marked as fake because of a user report. You will receive a warning mail when this happens and then you have 48 hours to verify your photos before your listing gets blocked. Verification is free and you can verify here. If you have a paid listing and it gets blocked the credits are not refundable.

More questions?

If you have a question, find something that doesn't work or have a suggestion to make the site work better, click here for the Feedback forum