We are Mistress Jennifer and Master Bruce ,professionals roll players in BDSM. With our personality and dominant character we can fulfill the most hidden fantasies, such satifying punishments,financial domination,verbal/physical education,physical/verbal humiliation, rollplay, personal slavery ,event escort , couple escort , party escort , alibi escort , swinger club visit , dinner escort etc.
Make appointment one day before please if is possible .
Discover all your fantasies for your mind and your body! Feel good and discover your limits!

Incalls per hour from
€200 (US$ 210)
Outcalls per hour from
€250 (US$ 262)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)
167 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
Santa Cruz de Tenerife


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Mistress Jennifer is the best mistress I have ever submitted to.

    I had several sessions with her and I enjoyed each one of them !

    First of all, she is incredibly cute and sexy. It doesn't matter how beautiful you are, she will still be out of your league.

    She is very fit. But not skinny. She has great muscles in a very feminine body.
    I loved when she let me kiss her strong biceps, her back and her thighs.

    Her skin is very soft and incredible to caress.

    But don’t expect to kiss her on her lips. She’s your mistress, not an escort. She knew how to show me where my place was.

    She knew I was completely aroused by her body and she enjoyed every second of it.
    I was noticing all the time by her face that she liked how crazy I was for her body. She enjoyed having that superiority on me.

    Because Mistress Jennifer is a true goddess !
    I had before her and after her mistresses that were acting. She is different. She really enjoyed making me suffer.

    She is both a true sadist and a comprehensive person that understand what she can and can’t do with you.

    But she was manipulative enough to teach me how to go further.
    She was the first one to understand quickly my limits and also the first one able to make me go further.

    I was noticing her jubilation when she was reaching my limits and when I was screaming because the pain was too strong.

    She was so intense in her domination that she made me go beyond my limits. Several time she wanted more, because she was enjoying torturing me.
    Sometimes, she was asking me to continue with a smile which was a mix of sadism, pleasure and care. And most of the time I accepted.

    Because she is such a great dominant woman that she is able to convince you to suffer more that you thought you can.

    Well, sometimes she was very authoritarian with me, and she knew how to scream at me to make me obey.

    But most of the time it was conviction. She manipulated me in order to be even more submissive to her.

    I said she has muscles. Indeed she is very strong. And she knows how to spank. She can spank really really hard. And she showed me once how strong she could be in one spank. I understood that even though if I was suffering she was still adapting to me.


    She has amazing feet !

    Really beautiful. Perfect shape

    And they smell a lot !!

    I am a big feet fetish. That is my strongest fantasy. I prefer smelling beautiful feet than having sex.

    She is amazing at it.

    Interesting story about it.

    I did not like ballbusting.

    But when I was on my knees or on the back to smell one foot, she started to touch my balls with the other one. Then she started to bust softly, and more and more strongly.

    She loves ballbusting.

    And she understood that I was so intense smelling, kissing and licking her foot that she could use the other one to make me practice and accept a soft ballbusting.

    But again, she senses the perfect strength to use.

    Once she punished me with a “real ballbusting” (when I stand up waiting for the kick). I remember she told me “I will be harder than usual but don’t worry you will still be able to handle it. I will limit myself enough”.

    She controls everything. She knows the job.

    In my last sessions with her, when I was licking one foot, I was voluntarily spreading my legs to make space to the other foot. I loved to smell her foot while suffering and seeing how delighted she was to make me suffer !

    Mistress Jennifer, you are a true sadist !

    But a lovely and caring one !

    I can’t wait to come back again to Tenerife in order to smell your feet, obey you and suffering for your pleasure.

    I miss you Mistress.

    Your submissive.


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