Fake images of escorts in dubai.

Started by fatboy_1


Recently I have been cheated particularly by escorts that have posted images that are "similar" to the escort that you will eventually meet. Under the review section is it possible to unload a image of the girl that you get offer to try stamp out this practice. I would like to in future take a snap of the girl and then post it as a part of a reviem

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Hi, thanks for your message. Please be advised that you can post a review if some agencies send different girls. A review will stop it from happening to other users. Thanks, Claire.


I wanna be agood escort but really still don't know how i do that cause i still new..still never meet any one

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Hi, please read our Help for Advertisers section. Thanks, Claire.


Hello, is there a chance that eventually a wrong girls turn up from a verified profile.


What I can't fathom here is this. The same woman's pics on a multitude of verified profiles???

How are they even getting verified? Randomly???