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Hey! I hope that everyone had fantastic seasonal holidays! Let's see how this year goes for all of us 😄.

I decided to open this topic to be a bit closer to you and give you some tips about our website.

First I want to remind everyone that MassageRepublic is not an escort agency 😄! If you write to me regarding a booking I will surely send you back to the website. To avoid waiting time please just get directly in touch with the users on their listings.

If somebody doesn't reply to you… Don't be angry with us! Once again, we are not an agency and we cannot obligate our users to get back to you, perhaps the users have their own reasons not to answer. We have enough users and I'm sure you can find someone else. As advice, always be very polite to the women/men/shemales, respect their job and you will see that you will not have any problems getting a reply.

I think thats all for today! Be good, be respectful and bring positivity to this world!


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Hey! In case you cannot find a service you want, or you cannot find it in your city, just drop a message in our forum and if someone is interested they will get in contact with you. xx

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I hope everyone is doing well. Every day I receive messages saying that on other websites they do things that we don't do. For example, they approve you without a verification photo, or they accept the same verification photo you used on other websites. We are MassageRepublic, we have our own Terms and Conditions, we have our own verification rules. We are always happy to see new users on our website but let's follow the rules of our own website. These rules have been well thought out and made for a reason.


Hi Claire,
As an user, I have a suggestion. While it might increase admin on your side, it might be worthwhile to re-verify the photos. On more than a couple of occasions, I have asked for the lady in the photos only to be told that she went back 3-4 months ago. Maybe, a re-verification every 6 months?
Another area to improve could be the search feature. for the rates, we can search 'Up to XXX'. How about making it 'Between xxx' and 'YYY'?

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Hi, thank you for your suggestions. We will consider them for our future updates.
Meanwhile, please review or report listings that use the photos of former girls who do not work in the agency anymore. Thanks, Claire.

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Hello to all users.

I really hope you are all well! I'm writing to you because our website is growing and recently I've seen many violations of our rules from a lot of new and old users.
Some of you are getting very angry with me if I tell you off for something. However, after many years of working here I understand that almost all of you take my good will as a weakness. Unfortunately, lately I don't have many choices other than to be very strict with everyone!
To make a good place to advertise and to search for services we need to work together as a team. We respect all our users, so please respect the place you advertise and other users on our website.
Be happy and be good!

Your Claire.

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Hello to all our users.

Today my post will be dedicated to those who want to report "someone" but they are too scared to report this "someone", however they still report it. Can you please explain what is the propose of writing an email to us with the report saying that someone is using fake photos on our website and you know who s/he is. Or somebody is writing fake reviews about herself.

Do you understand that this report means nothing?!

We also know someone who knows someone who told someone that you're using fake photos… funny! 😄 Isn't it?

So for next time, just to save you time and ours too, please if you want to report somebody on our website be ready to provide the link to the reported user's listing. If your fail in doing so we cannot take your report seriously!

Have a good day.