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  • Deleted profile (Carmen Arabic Hottie)

    Rating: 1 / 5 – 2 Mar 2019

    Dear members and Massage Republic,

    This profile is fake. Please be aware of this and delete this fake person pretending to be an escort.

    For your information, the total payment offered varies vetween 200 and 220 kd. However, there has to be a deposit of 20 kd (sometimes 50 kd) which is made through Bitcoin or CashU payment. This is the fraud and theft! Be aware when paying before even seeing the escort IN PERSON!! Never pay electronically no matter how many pics and videos they send.

    This is just rude, offensive and unfair, accusing someone you have never dealt with, with theft, is very bad.
    If you are not a huge liar, please attach pictures of evidence for your review from my side here on public, if I have ever done something wrong for you, show it here and don't be such a coward!!

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  • Deleted profile (Nagham Arab Girl نغم)

    9 Jan 2019

    Hi. I sent you a message and I didn't receive a reply. Please give me a contact email so I can ask you of your availability. Thanks dear 😄

    It's came one in the ad [email protected]
    Been busy and will reply to you soon