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  • Verified photosTS GEORGIA YOUR BOYFRIEND IN BED - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019

    Met this dusky bird in Marina during Eid holidays.
    It was a last min decision to meet her and early morning just about when she was planning to shut her shop.

    To begin with from I can remember her cock is not more that 6inch, she looks close to the pics posted guess and looks a little bigger that the pics posted guess this normal with the phili bird-

    The only phili that looks really hot and is well hung 8inch is Anna Maria!

    Well, coming back to the evening--
    Is was dress in red as per her pics and Ofcourse the make up was missing.

    1. Extremely clean.
    2. Stayed hard Completely
    3. Not for first timers (not sure if she was in a hurry or just her style of doing it)

    Hope she has lost a few pounds!

    Was fun to be with will visit her again since she is back.

  • Zusy for you "Latína" - Transsexual escort in Barcelona
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019


    What can I say about this great human-
    As a person this bird is fantastic the first time I met her I squeezed the price and got the best service from her post which I met her a few times and paid her well as per her request and sex got even better.

    Met Suzy 3-4 times I also took her over to my own apartment, Never felt this comfortable with any Ts.

    She lives with a hot girl friend in marina and the apartment is extremely safe and clean-
    Parking can be very difficult better cab it.

    She is well hung over 7 inch for sure, I could not handle her even with poppers.

    Worth every penny unlike the other Spanish /UK Ts around the city-

    Sorry I should have posted reviews in 2018,

    Pornstar experience!!!!!

    Top on my list!

  • Verified photosfull service Linda - escort in İstanbul
    Rating: 4 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019

    Met Anna last year,

    Indeed she has a massive cock and fun to be with but she could not do much that evening-
    Has hygiene issues but I can't blame her as she was working round the clock and she works for an agency.

    Her boss is a kind Chinese lady tries her best to keep clients happy!

    Worth a try!

  • Verified photosWell educated and Worldly travelled Fox - Transsexual escort in Bangkok
    Rating: 1 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019

    Pics posted are old, she is much bigger in real.

    Very hyper in nature, tries really hard to make sure ur comfortable. Lives in a decent hotel in barsha.

    Most info posted on her profile is only to attract clients but nothing is real-

    Charges heavily
    Looks completely different
    Super rushed service
    Could not keep it up for more than 5min.

    Not again!

    Hello Adam, Good day to you!

    Im sorry if you felt that way, One thing for sure, I NEVER rush my clients because I value their time and effort meeting me and I offer Girlfriend Experience. Regarding my service what I wrote on my profile I offered all of them to my clients if they asked , thats why I made regulars during my stay here. I noticed that you reviewed 6 girls at the same time which is very unreliable. I also noticed that you reviewed girls that you met like last year ago which is very unusual for a REAL CLIENT to review a girl that late cause if you are a real client youll review girl the moment after you met her if you had BAD or GOOD experienced with her. I also screened my whatsapp and I never saw a message between you and me. Regarding about you couldnt keep it with me for more than 5 mins so how can you review my services if you couldnt even keep it with me more than 5 minutes. Right? that means you never experience being with me darling for sure because if you are also saying that I look very different in real then you would be out in the room the moment you saw me. Lastly if you are someone who is trying to ruin someones career here, I hope that you are enjoying it and I believe in Good and Bad KARMA. PS: If I look completely different then why are my photos VERIFIED? Thankyou and Have a blessed New year! x

  • Verified photosAida - Transsexual escort in Bangkok
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019

    She is a great person and her services are excellent- met her a few months ago-
    May not be a hot looking Ts but worth going back

    I’m in Thailand

  • Verified photosTS Cassy is back - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5 – 2 Jan 2019

    I am in total agreement with the other review- but I also understand how frustrating it can be for an escort to answer everyone's questions and not converting that into business.

    However if ur in this business it's better to prepare and then come into business.

    I did not ask her for naked pics I asked her for a regular pic as the pics posted here are heavenly photo shopped-- and I got abused.

    Lately quite a bit of the Phili Ts around here have this attitude issue and posting some heavily photoshop pics n I have experienced it 3times already in 1month.
    They look hot and pretty in pics and in real they are twice the size... Luckily I have been in the scene I was able to request for cancelation and it was respected.

    Guys it's time we start posting reviews on this site as we have an option, earlier it was hung angels which had a lot of reviews but it's shut for good-

    This site gives us the option and in my experience this is the best site I have used so far in years-

    And guys Pls take this as an advise as I have been here for a while Pls avoid any Ts who shows aggression coz they always get into trouble and they don't last very long, coz they tend to mess with a wrong person and some times even the client visiting her gets into trouble--

    This bird is trouble-

    Note - I have not met her yet.. Contacted her and in within 3min she not only got nasty but also sent a abusive voice note.

    * My review is not to cause anyone harm, I would love to read other customers feed back on her.

    Guy- Pls do post reviews if possible it will be of Great help to all-

    Trust issue is not my problem. If you don’t try you will never know ...not just asking hundreds of pictures and not even on the minimum rate .... thanks!