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  • Verified photos꧁꧂ Aditi Sharma ꧁꧂ A True GFE ꧁꧂ - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her almost 6 months ago.
    Gem of a person. Tries to please at the best of her ability. Had a very engaging conversation. Surprised to see how she takes care of her body and personal life. You may not remember me but its ok 😄. Wish you best of luck.

    Thank u fr ur review….. Yes, Itz difficult to recognise u ,it’ll b great if uh ping me on WhatsApp ….

  • Verified photosZaara Mistress - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    A 5 minute conversation with Zara is undoubtedly the most rudest conversation I ever had in my life. Here is what transpired:
    I called her to schedule a meeting and she said she is fine with the meeting.
    And I said I do not want BDSM but I had a fantasy which I wanted to discuss with her and asked her if I can talk about it. She said "OK". Then I talked about my hotwife/cuck fantasy where she enacts as my wife and describes to me (while having sex) a recent sexual encounter she had with another guy.
    I was checking if she is ok with it, but didn't demand that this is what I want. For this she started abusing me saying:
    "You f**king called and said no BDSM but now you are want to be a cuck, you bl**dy pervert. Do you know the definition of cuck? Who will f**k me while you watch?"

    At this point, I was a bit confused. I thought may be I didn't explain to her clearly, and there is a second thought that came in mind, where she is already enacting the role play. I was confused. So, I didn't react to her abuse, so I just calmly asked her: "I'm sorry, have I said anything that made you upset?"

    For which, she replied, "No, but I care about the kind of man, i am going to go to bed with. I don't want to sleep with a c**kless pervert".

    I was shocked. I have calmly said, "I will call back" and ended it there.

    Now, based on the reviews, I realized she also did "mother-son" kinks with other people. And yet, she found me to be a pervert. I was absolutely confused and disappointed.

    I always considered WGs, or any woman for that matter with highest respect. I also believe that as long as we are respectful to each other, whatever fantasies the other person has - we have absolutely no right to judge or abuse them. If you don't like them, a simple "No" would suffice.

    But, behaving in such way is absolutely not acceptable. I now think that because of such people who don't respect people, other women in this industry who work really hard and show respect, don't actually get respect from other mongers.

    I am still not taking this stage to retaliate with abuse, but to make this incident aware to other folks who are considering Zaara. I request all to not encourage such behaviors.

    Thats all.

    Wow, u r referring to a conversation which is over a month old. I think I owe u an apology and I m not going to shy away in doing so in public. Yes, its true I don't offer cuckold session and most definitely do not get physical with guys with such fetishes. I also agree I could have hung up on u, which I usually do if the conversation is not pleasing but not sure why I went that far. I don't judge u or anyone. Only guys who pay reserve the right to judge and review, not the workers. Anyway I m truly sorry.