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    I have been a close friend of Cathy for many years. She is a terrific woman with fantastic reviews. Recently she was pestered by an aggressive Chinese man. He was not willing to respect Cathy's boundaries, pestering her continually with unannounced gifts and persistent phone calls from different phone numbers during her work time. Cathy was firm and clear that she was not interested in having a relationship with this individual as he was persistent. Unfortunately, Cathy is concerned that this Chinese gentleman will attempt to do something to tarnish her reputation. I strongly believe you all know Cathy to be a terrific lady with a wonderful personality. and you care for her as much as I do. If you have not had a chance to see her, do. You will not be disappointed she is an all-time favorite.

    Thank you so much indeed! This Chinese guy is really annoying, I got his threat again last night, so I think it’s necessary to tell all details. He got my contacts from this website, and he told me that he wanted to know of me and dated me instead of being a professional customer. As an honest person, I explained him that I had been being in a serious relationship for many years and he was not the first one to be refused due to this reason. He ignored it and even told me that he would disappear when things came. He pestered me continually unannounced gifts by delivery to my place. Oh! It was my mistake to let he knew my address by accident. He even tried to play dirty tricks to get address of my parents and office. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t make the same mistake. Which surprised me was he initiatively transferred money to me on Wechat a few times as gifts and forced me to accept. For making his misunderstanding, I explained him that I wouldn’t date him as his girlfriend even if I accepted it. Frank speaking, he harried me everyday with chats and phone calls. One day, I had a task to him which was to transfer me $5000 to my bank account in one day if he had the determination to stay with me. Otherwise I would block all his contacts, because I dislike to be pestered and harried, especially to be manipulated. Because it’s a challenge for him to get something which is almost impossible. And also that was the prerequisite to date me, as I needed to see his sincere and determination. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept it. His plan was too meet me in person and see how things would going on. Is it ridiculous? I told him to make a professional appointment as a customer or disappear in my life. Why should I follow his plan and date him in relationship? Since he couldn’t accept the prerequisite, and I didn’t want to be persistently harried, so I blocked all his contacts. After that, I got his left messages from this website, he threatened me that he woke public all the chat history and let all know I was always a liar. I am not sure if all of you are interested in calling him and having mind wash on him? I would love to provide all his 3 phone numbers. Cheers 🥂!