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  • Verified photosNatasha - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5 – 2 Sep 2019

    Late review but I'm writing now coz I'm fantasizting about last time.
    I hope any ballbusting fan sees this. She is FIRE when it comes to this fetish.
    Specially when her friend joins. Last time you KNOW it was amazing I will come (or CUM) soon 😛
    Be ready and tell ur friend to watch as she is learning fast lol

    Awwww thank u

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  • Verified photosJane Juicy Pussy - escort in Dubai
    17 Nov 2019

    sent u already SMS number starts with 052 138

    Okay dear

  • Verified photosJane Juicy Pussy - escort in Dubai
    1 Nov 2019

    I want a short ballbusting session with u. Why did u block me on WhatsApp? I'll let u squeeze them if u want u tried before

    Okay what's your number

  • Verified photosEisha - escort in Dubai
    27 Jan 2019

    Will u kick my balls if I ask u to ? 😆


  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    8 Oct 2018

    Hi there,Mistress.
    Do you like ballbusting ? Have u kicked any of your slaves super hard and enjoyed it ? Wanna know the outcome because I have a huge ballkicking fetish specially in barefeet.

    Before booking a session I ask several questions to find out what a person would love to do and try.
    I also ask about whether they want a PAIN FREE session or if they are specifically into pain and I get them to choose a pain level which varies from soft to extreme.
    The majority of the people in Dubai do not wish to receive any pain (or just soft pain) however I do have some real pain aficionados who have the same fetish as you have.
    For more information, kindly WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Verified photosProfessional Mistress Ann in town - dominatrix in Dubai
    28 Apr 2018

    Dear Mistress, do you kick balls ? have u tried it before ?

    Yes, mistress is professional for that

  • Verified photosTrue mistress, gorgeous domina - dominatrix in Doha
    22 Apr 2018

    Hi Goddess. I hope you consider a fair rate for only ballbusting request and it's light one not extreme.
    Could u tell me plz how much ? Not full service I just want ballbusting 😄

    Hello, contact me by whatsapp, listed in my ad.

  • Deleted profile (Indian Lady)

    24 May 2018

    can u softly kick balls/dick and grab them ? this is all what I need

    call me on 0567174732