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  • Verified photosNatasha professional squirter - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Late review but I'm writing now coz I'm fantasizting about last time.
    I hope any ballbusting fan sees this. She is FIRE when it comes to this fetish.
    Specially when her friend joins. Last time you KNOW it was amazing I will come (or CUM) soon <img alt="😛" class='gemoji' src=""/>
    Be ready and tell ur friend to watch as she is learning fast lol

    Awwww thank u

Questions by hackertonight

  • Verified photosVIP Discreet companion - escort in Dubai
    6 Jun 2021

    Heeeey found u again. its your ballbusting boy haha.
    Miss your sessions a lot. when and where can we do it soon ?

    Yes talk via WhatsApp darling 0559659710

  • Verified photos🖕 Rude Mistress🖕العمة روعة - escort in Dubai
    28 Mar 2021

    I see in ylur services &quot;ballbusting&quot;.
    What can u do to me with this? Explain. Its all what im interested at, nothing else <img alt="😁" class='gemoji' src=""/>

    Text me

  • شيري المسترس. العمه. Sherry the Mistress - dominatrix in Dubai
    12 Jan 2021

    تقدري تمسكي بضاني وبتاعي وتفعصيهم بإيدك ورجلك؟

    بعض تعالي يا كلب وانت تشوفهم متفعصين في

  • Verified photosViolet - escort in Dubai
    24 Dec 2020

    The chicken is asking for the photos to be on your profile. Theycwill look hot and attrwct more slaves and more importantly woll remind me of the amazing time i had ??

    Okay chicken. I'll consider your request. ☺?

  • Verified photosLovely Laila Real Thai Gfe - escort in Dubai
    17 Dec 2020

    Hey lovely.
    If I ask u to gently kick my balls and grab them,would u do it?? I&#39;d love to try it with u <img alt="❤️" class='gemoji' src=""/>

    Sure, send me Whatsapp

  • Verified photosCarla mistress full service - escort in Dubai
    21 Nov 2020

    How hard can u punish my dick and balls?

    It's hard I kick your balls and tie it .. i step in heels anything u like slave

  • Verified photosDior - escort in Dubai
    15 Nov 2020

    Put Yr number at least ?‍♂️

    0568209924 what app me

  • Verified photosVIP Discreet companion - escort in Dubai
    9 Oct 2020

    I read in Yr reviews thay u showed Yr kinky side. What is it exactly and what do u do in tease and denial??? <img alt="😆" class='gemoji' src=""/>

    Hmmmm ??? I will tell on WhatsApp ?? 0563213653

  • Verified photosFedora - masseuse in Dubai
    20 May 2020

    Where is Yr WhatsApp number? Its not there

    That is my WhatsApp number chat me on WhatsApp

  • Verified photosMistress Dubai Anita from Belgium - dominatrix in Dubai
    8 Oct 2018

    Hi there,Mistress.
    Do you like ballbusting ? Have u kicked any of your slaves super hard and enjoyed it ? Wanna know the outcome because I have a huge ballkicking fetish specially in barefeet.

    Before booking a session I ask several questions to find out what a person would love to do and try.
    I also ask about whether they want a PAIN FREE session or if they are specifically into pain and I get them to choose a pain level which varies from soft to extreme.
    The majority of the people in Dubai do not wish to receive any pain (or just soft pain) however I do have some real pain aficionados who have the same fetish as you have.
    For more information, kindly WhatsApp me on my new number : 00316 2143 8749

  • Verified photosProfessional Mistress Ann - dominatrix in Dubai
    28 Apr 2018

    Dear Mistress, do you kick balls ? have u tried it before ?

    Yes, mistress is professional for that

  • Verified photosTrue mistress, gorgeous domina - dominatrix in Doha
    22 Apr 2018

    Hi Goddess. I hope you consider a fair rate for only ballbusting request and it&#39;s light one not extreme.
    Could u tell me plz how much ? Not full service I just want ballbusting <img alt="😄" class='gemoji' src=""/>

    Hello, contact me by whatsapp, listed in my ad.

  • Deleted profile (Christa)

    25 Aug 2020

    Can u correct Yr WhatsApp number or just reply with it?

    +39 379 1715312 What’s app babe

  • Deleted profile (HOT VIP PINKY&MICKY LDY BOY&LADY)

    2 Jun 2020

    Which one of u can enjoy kicking my balls and humiliate me? <img alt="😛" class='gemoji' src=""/> <img alt="😛" class='gemoji' src=""/>

    Hello baby thank you for the best question, We can do all kind of services but not anal and lesbian. we can kick your balls no problem but are you really not getting painful? we just worry maybe your hurting. thanks again for the best question.

  • Deleted profile (Curvy Nila)

    21 May 2020

    Iost Yr number again and I&#39;m texting this one on WhatsApp but no answer.
    Plz reply back. U have my number. Yr ballbusting boy

    Hey dearie sure I would massage you on your number ASAP

  • Deleted profile (Curvy Nila)

    20 May 2020

    Yr ballbusting boy is tryin to reach uuuu. U have my number text meee. Coz I&#39;m texting on the other number for 2 days now and no answer

    Hey dearie whatsapp me 056 321 3653 my new number ???

  • Deleted profile (Jane Juicy Pussy)

    17 Nov 2019

    sent u already SMS number starts with xxxxxxx

    Okay dear

  • Deleted profile (Jane Juicy Pussy)

    1 Nov 2019

    I want a short ballbusting session with u. Why did u block me on WhatsApp? I&#39;ll let u squeeze them if u want u tried before

    Okay what's your number

  • Deleted profile (Indian Lady)

    24 May 2018

    can u softly kick balls/dick and grab them ? this is all what I need

    call me on 0567174732