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  • Verified photosOhhh boy ! you got Shemale.. - Transsexual escort in Angeles City
    Rating: 5 / 5

    A little late on this review but wow She was amazing! One of the best experiences I had. I'm a big Role Player and it's surprisingly hard to find someone who's good at it but wow she knocked the schoolgirl RP out of the park. She stayed in character, didn't just go straight for the BJ or fucking but actually role played seducing me, with actual groping and teasing. It was amazing. Not only that but we even had a really nice chat afterwards.

    I know some people might be a little concern about how good her English is but don't worry. I can confirm she speaks fluent English. Really she's great and I highly recommend anyone who has the time to not let this one slip away.

  • Verified photosWho wants to be my slut? LUXE TS JAZY - Transsexual escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I don't normally leave reviews however Jasmine perform in such a way that caused me to create an account and leave my first ever review. Jasmine was by far the best experience I have had yet to date! She listened to all my request and feedback and gave me the exact experience I was looking for, not to mention she just has an amazing personality that's friendly and easy to approach. There's no question going further that she will be used as the standard I judge others by.

    I'm a big role player fetish person and I've always struggle to find a girl who can really go along with the play and act out the part. Most girls just want to fuck with minimal conversation, occasionally saying "bitch" and "sissy boy". Jasmine was not like this at all. We did a classic teacher/student role play with her in a sexy student outfit and she nailed the fantasy perfectly, even adapting to the little twists I added in here and there.

    I can also confirm that she has medical documents showing her clean test results. I highly recommend her! She's patient and easy to talk to so don't be afraid of just sitting down and telling her what you want because she's more than willing to deliver and help.

    It makes my heart feel happy that i am appreciated for what i did and on how i preserve and take care of this craft. Being an escort is not just about sex however it is very wide that we have to think of our client and us service provider to be in harmony so as we achieve satisfaction. Thank you, Until next time my sissy 😋