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  • Verified photosMai best girl friend for you - escort in Singapore
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    Scam. Agency. different girl. don't speak english don't understand anything that her boss promised over whatsapp. waste of time.

  • Deleted profile (Candy New Girl)

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    never actually met, but I've sent her a message, and asked if all other services beside Anal and CIP that are published are good (or any extra is needed), the reply was "Are you idiot ask for anal anx cip? Fuck yoursel for cip idiot!".
    I actually did try to reply and explain that maybe she didn't understand my english but I don't want Anal or CIP and the reply was "I posted NO ANAL NO CIP IDIOT!".
    I guess she can't read english very well... and I was just trying to be polite.
    BTW, her email client is in russian, so I doubt she's from Sweden.
    Just a fair warning.

    This is is what do you ask: "Also, Anal and CIP - and discounts "!!!! My english is so good and first what i needd to do this is ask massagerepablick add uou yoh to the black list like not a good person for protect helth of girls !
    If hoy are cheap and ask discount you can find a street girls this is first, if you cant read in english what i write in my add "NO ALAL NO CIP NO DISCOUNTS! -THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM" with unnormal clients like you are who ask what do you ask you are i think girls must be rude and immedliltly add you to the black list, because ours healt so important for us and for ours good clients.
    So you can tell many stories about me, but as i tell before if you are cheap and sick person -this is only yours problem, I recomend to all girls and agecency add you to the black list
    Dears girls this is his information about him:
    Jordan Bernstein
    <[email protected]> , if you are need more his ip and his address just send me mess i give to you all information abot him
    Yours Candy