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  • Verified photosMia Mia - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Girls picture is real. Cute. Not aggressive. No rush. Gives a great blowjob and foodjob. Pussy feels nice. Will definitely meet again

  • Verified photos꧁꧂ Lyn Sexy Girl꧁꧂ - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 4 / 5

    I had the pleasure of meeting this girl today. Her pictures are real and her apartment is clean and tidy. Blowjob and footjob was great, I enjoyed it. Sex was fine but the tightness of her pussy is great. Would defiantly meet her again .

    Thank u bb 🥰

  • Verified photos🦋Anna🦋 New lovely - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Met Anna and have a few comments. Attractive, nice body, nice energy and friendly. However, sex was very boring, blowjob was very average and room was very hot (I was sweating a lot). She wanted me to finish my session after 30 min even though I paid for an hour. She gets tired easily during sex!

  • Verified photosSandy Anal sex - A level - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 3 / 5

    I must say, same girl in the pictures, nice, polite, friendly, great blowjob, passionate about sex. I took two star off because 20 min into the session she wanted me to finish which was annoying!

  • Verified photosGfe exp role play all u r phantasy - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Met Lily today. Honestly, handjob, footjob and blowjob were excellent. She looks like the pictures, friendly and funny. Has a very sexy body and nice personality.

  • Verified photosLopez Super Sexy Girl in Town - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Met this girl. The first African escort that actually uses her real photo. They is very sexy, curvy, nice soft boobs, vagina feels nice.

    I would have given her 5 stars if she does not keep asking me if I finished every 5 to 10 minutes, especially that I paid for one hour and didn't even finish in 30 min!!

  • Michelle - escort in Jeddah
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Called and asked for this girl. Was directed to a location in Tasty Palace Restaurant. All agencies are either tasty palace or Aroma Restaurant. Anyways, they told me the girl in the picture was not available even though the person on the phone said she was available. This is not the first time they lied. I picked one of the girls who looked innocent and nice because I had so many bad experience with this agency. The girl I picked was not any different. Rude, rushed and does not do any of the service listed. You want to kiss pay extra 100; you want a blowjob pay extra 100; you want massage pay extra massage. Even for a hug she wants an extra 100/-. Even after a very bad service and telling her she did a bad job, she asked for a tip. Guys I tried so many of their girls. They are all bad. Look somewhere else. Anyone who gives you a location next to Aroma Restaurant or Tasty Palace is a big NO!!

    Hi, please see my personal introduction and the price I want, I am independent. The price you pay 300 is straight sex. There are 19 reviews for you, all of which are bad for girls. I feel your own problem. I have a lot of customers and they all feel that I am fine. I don't even know who you are, because I told you that I only do one hour of 600 customers. Thank you for your comments, let me know that it is impossible to spend less and want more.

  • Verified photosLara - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Places like Tasty Palace and Aroma Restaurant is a big no. Guys their girls are rude, rushed, will not provide most of the service listed unless you pay extra and will ask for a tip. For example, if you want to kiss, she will say no you have to pay 100 more. If you want a BJ, she will tell you the same thing, pay 100 more. Apparently all you can do is have sex. And, they can be very rude and aggressive. Even after you fight with her verbally, she asks for tips!!!!! tips for what? A bad service? Guys don't bother. All their girls are bad. I visited this agency a lot and I only met two good girls. Sadly they are not available anymore.

  • Verified photosCarry - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Guys. Any location next to Tasty Palace Restaurant or Auroma Restaurant is a BIG NO!!! The girls are very bad, rude, rushed and painful. She will always ask you for tips after a very bad service and will ask for extra money for kissing, blowjob or massage. Even if they tell you VIP girls, all garbage. Don't waste your money. I visited this place 15 times. 11 of 15 girls i tried were all bad. Four were only good but are no longer available. Again, don't waste your money and time.

    excause me , what you say . that not my place ok ,,im work alone , what youtalking? you have any problem just call the number you contact , thanks

  • Verified photosJuan - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Guys...Just don't bother. I called asking for the same girl in the picture because she was good. Person on the phone lied to me and said she was available. As usual, visited her place and was offered other girls. Guys I am no longer visiting this agency. I tried so many girls. All were very bad, rushed, some were rude, want you to finish in 10 minutes, ask for tips even after a very bad service. Also, they ask you to pay extra for blowjob, massage, kissing, etc. and some even refuse. They always ask for tips towards the end. Told them to F*** off. I complained to the lady handler but she just says "Okay"....guys very bad service. Moreover, last time I visited, the lady handler told me to wait a while before coming in because one guy was causing problems. Apparently, they also rushed him and asked for tips. Again, don't visit this agency. Not worth it. Glad I paid using fake money the last couple of visits.

  • Verified photosBig Boobs and New Girl Angel - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 2 / 5

    First let's talk about the good side of her. Friendly, enjoys sex (even though she can fake it) and clean. The bad, she forces you to follow what she wants to do. For example, you enjoy the boob job but she insists on changing things around - She cannot stick to one thing at a time. She rushes to finish you after 15 minutes. She insists that she is the best out of all girls and that if you come back to her she will do a better service. For some services (blowjob, massage, etc.), she will ask you for additional money. If you don't have the money for those services, even though it is listed on her profile, then she won't do them. Even if you agree not to do the additional services, she still gets angry that you don't want to pay her extra! And, as usual, she asks for tips. SO expect just a regular sex with a boob job and a fast handjob to get you to finish quickly.

    hi, please call me. Additional services require an additional fee

  • Verified photosCamilla - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Fake - Not the same girl in the picture. Overpriced - Was in a hurry to meet another client

  • Verified photosFox’y - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Rude, Rushed, Non-cooperative

    Hi there. I'm happy for your review, I hope your conscience is satisfied and happy too.
    I will be proud and happy if you show the evidence that we met.
    My account is new and I don't think I met someone already here. Godbless

  • Verified photosIndependent Sophisticated Kristina - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 3 / 5

    I was honestly happy to finally find an independent Pinay girl that offers incalls. Difficult to find one there days. Met Eva and I have a few things to say. First, the pictures are real so no worries. Second, there is a due diligence at the beginning of the call as she wants to make sure you are not an Indian or Pakistani. Yes, sorry to say, there are nationality restrictions. Being an Italian, I guess I passed. Anyways, she lives in a very old house but her room is very clean and smelt nice. That was a plus. She was friendly, nice and very cooperative. She also smelt nice and is very clean - very hygienic. However, sex, handjob and blowjob was very average which is why I gave a 3/5.

  • Verified photosJuan - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I didn't like any of the escorts this agency offers except this girl. This girl was amazing. Very cooperative, no rush and does her job well. I am happy with her. Sadly she is no longer available 😞

    Dear she is still available in Abu Dhabi,please contact 0569210289 or email me and if for incall location ,she is now near to Al Diar Capital hotel.

  • Verified photosCoco Nuru Massage - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Guys, don't let the photos deceive you. The girl is real but she is very skinny and her legs and private parts are hairy.

    Not cooperative at all. Very aggressive. I don't understand why she thinks if she breaks your dick then you will finish quickly. Literally, the most painful handjob ever! Rushed - wants you to finish within 10 min. Footjob is a mess. She doesn't do blowjobs nor kissing, even though I am a clean person! On top of all that, she even asked for a tip!!!!! Not recommended people.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • ANGEL - dominatrix in Ras al-Khaimah
    Rating: 3 / 5

    I'll explain why I gave three stars.

    Whenever I call an African and they say the location is in one of the villas close to One to One hotel, I know I would get a different girl. Especially other websites verified this girl's picture.

    Anyways, I knocked on the door and it opened. THe girl was hiding behind the door and the place is pitch black. Literally pitch black. You can't see anything except when you use the light of your mobile.

    The girl wasn't the one in the picture but had a very sexy body and I can't tell if her face was pretty because it was very dark. I asked to have the lights turned on so I can see but she said the lights don't work and so she placed her phone on the shelf with the torch on so we can kind of see. Her face looks okay. A 6.5/10. But body was amazing.

    Overall, experience was great. I have a foot fetish and so I like sucking toes and getting a footjob. She had no problems at all. She never complained and did everything I asked. She even gave me a blowjob without asking and her blowjob skills were great.

    I knocked two stars off because it wasn't the same girl in the picture and because of the darkness of the room.

    I would visit again but I am worried it might be a different girl. The phone number is shared among different african girls living in the Villa and I don't think you get to pick the girl you want. One will show and if you are lucky she might look good. I got lucky both times with two different girls but I won't try my luck again.

    Also, Asian houses can let you choose and leave if you don't like any girl. I warn you people it won't work here from what I've read so you are at your own risk.

  • Verified photosGiagia - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    I'll mention why I gave a star. I met with the girl (not the one in the picture) she took me to her room. The place is neat. But here is my problem. I asked for a hand job and footjob. She got out the lube and started jerking me very fast. I told her several times to slow down and all she does is smile and act dumb. I then symbolized with my hands to slow down and she just smiled, grabbed my thing and jerked hard. I don't know if she was playing dumb. I stopped her and asked her if she understood English and she said yes and I then told her to slow down. Again playing dumb she proceeded fast. By this point I lost my erection and came quickly. Took 3 minutes. I'm serious. Only three minutes. She got dressed so quick and told me thank you. Very bad service. I am paying for an hour and she gives me 3 minutes. The lady handler on the phone apologized which was the only good thing that came from it. I told the handler the service was bad because the girl was too fast and I told her several times to slow down.

    you give others 17 one heart,so stupid !

  • Verified photosGinger - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Called her - Said she was from Malaysia. Her profile says Italy! Weird!

    Im have many girl

  • Lilly Toyou 1 - escort in Abu Dhabi
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Ok so I'll follow you guys through my experience. Normally, I go for high class escorts (1,500/hr) but I though why not give this a try.

    I went to their apartment and, honestly, the place is not that clean. There is a weird smell combined with a smell of alcohol and cigarettes. As I walked in, the place is packed with girls, mostly asians. Around 5 asian girls surrounded me and one of them told me to call the boss and demanded 700/- On the phone she agreed to 300/- and I told the lady so. Anyways, they agreed on 300. I was like thinking "700/-" for this SH**t. Doesn't even deserve 50/-

    They showed me one girl who was suppose to be "beautiful" and from Russia. I have never seen such an ugly russian before. I decided to give it a try.
    My experience, the russian girl had attitude problems and did not do her work properly. She kept complaining. I did not enjoy it at all. She demanded I lay down on her bed but the bed was so dirty I was disgusted to do so.

    I just stayed for like 3 to 5 minutes then left. Worst experience ever!

    You truly get what you pay for. If you want high quality then go for high class escorts. But if you are looking for ugly girls to bang in a filthy area then go for it. I honestly don't recommend it. I actually wished I left and don't understand why I just went for it.

  • Deleted profile (Kelly)

    Rating: 2 / 5

    She was a bit cooperative, even though she doesn't look happy about it. She does rush to get you to finish. Doesn't do kissing or blowjobs

  • Deleted profile (Patricia)

    Rating: 3 / 5

    A few points I wanted to say. I would have given 5 stars but keep reading and you will know why.

    First when I met the girl, the villa from the outside does not look that welcoming but keep your fear aside and go for it. Anyways the room was tidy and clean so no worries.

    Now I'm not sure if it was the same girl in the picture. Maybe it was the makeup or something but SHE WAS STILL GOOD LOOKING.

    What I really loved about her is that she was passionate about it. They was very into it and you fell she is not faking it which I love. She was on fire as they say. Friendly, motivated and no rush.

    He is where I knocked off two stars and gave three. Sometimes while she is giving a hand job, she would look at her phone from time to time. Another is her friends keep calling her from the other room and she answers back (doesn't leave). When I finished. Two other girls walked into the room which I found awkward, especially that I was still naked.

    Over all, girl was amazing but if the drawbacks mentioned above was cleared You'd give 5 stars

    Fake review!!
    I believe you are an agent trying to spoil me and make your own girls have more customers. how can you say you do not knw if i am the girl in picture were you blind? and my villa is not welcoming oh my god! and u came in why didnt u leave? please Admin you should always read before you post cos some idiots come here to spoil people's business. i still meet people everyday no one have ever said bad or written bad review only this guy i dnt even knw

  • Deleted profile (LINDA ♥GORGEOUS❤)

    Rating: 4 / 5

    I'll mention why I gave this escort a 4/5.

    I have been visiting escorts from this agency for the past 4 months (twice a month). and here is my review on the agency. The girl pictures the agency sends you are real, which is a plus. The quality of girls in terms of looks is a 5/5 but the personality depends on your luck. Some are nice while some have attitude problems. Some rush while some take their time. Some are willing to try the services listed. Some are hesitant. Some are intimate (kiss you, touch all over your body, etc.), some just don't. Most don't speak english which can be awkward but not a problem.

    Now for this girl. She was good, funny, friendly and spoke English. The services was performed well. I have a foot fetish and she didn;t mind giving me a footjob but was a bit hesitant for me to kiss and suck her toes, despite foot fetish is listed as one of the services. Another point is the blowjob. If she used lube to give you a handjob then you should wash for penis for a blowjob because she doesn't like the taste of lube. Otherwise. All good and had a good time.

  • Deleted profile (Melisa)

    Rating: 1 / 5

    Girls from Africa should learn to post their real pictures or at least a fake picture of an african lady! It sucks saying she is from poland and then finding someone who is black!

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