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  • Verified photosSchool girl Stacy - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Visited this chick the second time....never disappoints! If I was richer I would take her into my possession forever haha! What&#39;s great about her is that she&#39;s sexy as always, very very clean.. takes it slow and easy. If you&#39;re a first timer....she&#39;ll make you comfortable. I&#39;ve got a foot fetish so for those who have a foot fetish, her feet are ultra sexy. Slim slender petite.....tight pussy. Great at! Pink nipples!! In this part of the world nipples are like diamonds <img alt="😛" class='gemoji' src=""/> She has a sexy voice, and talks English very well, And good at conversation. When I saw her first, I was wondering whether I&#39;m in a porn movie or something lol. Also.... her table is full of goodies (Chocolates, Pastry, Sweets, Nuts etc) Sweets after sweets!

  • Verified photosSchool girl Stacy - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Wow what a beautiful woman! I was gonna take her for half hour, but when I saw her I went for a whole hour with her. Everything about her was perfect! Beautiful sexy feet, legs, super soft skin and very very clean! I had a wonderful time...thank u! I want to come again soon...You name it she&#39;s got it! I ended up getting a footjob, sex and a blowjob finish! I want more of her!! She&#39;s great to talk to, awesome personality...and great girlfriend experience....wanted to cuddle more....very passionate in bed....if I could, I would marry her hahaha....

  • Deleted profile (Stacy from Russia)

    Rating: 5 / 5

    I travelled all the way across Saudi to see this girl today. She was gorgeous and a lovely person right from the start. She was very shy which is what I love most about girls. Very friendly and made me feel like we were already friends..The sex was absolutely mind blowing. I like it rough and passionate. Most girls don&#39;t allow biting and pounding. But she let me do as I wish and I absolutely pleasured every moment. Her skin was soft, beautiful breasts.....delicious nipples, sexy thighs legs and delicious feet <img alt="😉" class='gemoji' src=""/>....I coudn&#39;t stop sucking, biting and kissing. We had sex in different positions and then she finished me off with an awesome blowjob. Truly awesome in blowjob. Thank you for a wonderful time. Must visit again.

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  • Verified photosMy Name elyka - escort in Doha
    6 Oct 2016

    Hi there can you give me your Whatsapp? I am trying but not working


  • Deleted profile (Kristina Russia)

    18 Jan 2017

    Hi what is your whatsapp no.?

    Hi, +973367749884

  • Deleted profile (RUSSIAN DONNA ANAL)

    10 Oct 2016

    Can I have your Whatsapp please

    no dear i not use whatsup