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I love domination, bdsm, lift and carry, lap sitting, strapon fuck, ballbust, height comparison.

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BDSM, Domination, GFE, Spanking, Strapon, Submissive and Uniforms

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  • Verified photosRoshani Baththaramulla - escort in Colombo
    7 Dec 2021

    Mistress how tall are you? Because I want height humiliation session.

    5'2 ft

  • Verified photosDominative Bbw Goddess - escort in Colombo
    28 Sep 2021

    How tall are you with heels? And without heels?

    Whatsapp me without heels im 5.5 ft

  • Verified photosRoshani Baththaramulla - escort in Colombo
    7 Sep 2021

    Do you perform lift and carry session?

    Call me today im available

  • Verified photosSunny Veronica - Transsexual escort in Colombo
    1 Sep 2021

    Can you do height humiliation? What's the tallest high heel you have? And what about lift and carry sessions?

    I can speak from personal experience that starting with a very high heel is difficult, painful and basically tortuous.

    I would recommend starting out with a much smaller heel, perhaps two inches with a block heel and slowly work your way up from there as you become accustomed to the heel height. Make sure that they fit properly, as poor fitting heels will cause you unneeded pain, such as blisters.

    I was forcibly feminized after I had an affair, and my wife started me out with five inch stiletto heels and gave me no opportunity to remove them. I spent many painful days and weeks learning how to stand, walk and work in heels. My back, my legs, my calf muscles and of course my feet burned like hell as I stumbled around clumsily, trying to learn a completely new way of standing and walking while my wife laughed at my struggles.

  • Verified photosRoshani - escort in Colombo
    2 Jun 2021

    When are you available again?

    Now , Call me 💚💚

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