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Toilet slave and facesitting furniture who loves to be crushed and smother suffocate under big smelly dirty poopy butts
PS-I can and love to eat your shit directly from your ass but even though you should force me more lol.

I like:

BDSM, Domination, Face sitting, Receiving hardsports, Lap dancing, Giving rimming, Role play, Spanking, Submissive, Uniforms and Receiving watersports

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  • Verified photosMistress Silvia - dominatrix in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I have took 3 sessions till now with my mistress, I have already gave a review about my first session with mistress and today I will tell my second session with mistress silvia.

    I asked for the same things that I asked last time but with more domination and brutality.

    We started with a roleplay as me being a non deserving interview candidate and she being a boss, she was wearing a white sundress that hugs tight to her glorious body.
    Fasting forward
    I entered her room and give my intro to her and she slapped me in mid interview and told why I don't deserve this job and abused me, after a long while of begging to get a job she agrees to give me a job only if I agree to do what she says, I said I'm ready to do anything as I need this job the most.
    She throws me on her feet and made me kiss it and smell it.. I was doing as she tell me to and she put her bare feet in my mouth on which I was choking and she was laughing. After 5 mins of this she stand up straight and turned around and ask are you really ready to do anything on which agrees with a nod.
    She then pull my face to her sundressed ass and ask me to kiss it which was easy and I did it. Then she gives me a smirk and pull her sundress up and ordered me go ahead and push your face deep under here and connect my lips to her soft thick butt and was trying to kiss it but she take her hand on back of my neck and pushed real hard making me go deep under her glorious hole, I remember I was not able to see anything few seconds later she grabbed her sundress and push it back down while my face was still in her ass and in the next moment my face was attached to her ass under her sundress. She started to squeeze up my lips and nose which makes me breathless and she become excited and started walking slowly a bit to let me feel the pressure under there and honestly I was feeling like a pure slave to her who was stuck in between her.. And then she just started to bend down slowly slowly and then all of a sudden completely on which my face was really starts paining and she hit my back and ask to lick it clean and take out my tongue and starts circling around her opened sweaty glory hole and she said she won't let me go from this position if she don't feel good with my tongue inside her and I pushed my tongue deep inside her and starts tongue fucking her (no lie it was smelly but I don't know why It was bit sweet like apple juice taste) after 5 mins she took me out of there and I breath fully now and I asked her can I have this job now ma'am and she started laughing and pushed me on a bed and sat fullweight on my face and start really hard fullweight buttdrops on my face which I really love but it was paining me that time but she does not care and doing it anyway I was trying to move my hands here and there but she thought it was all because of roleplay and in one hard buttdrop she almost broke my nose on which I try to scream but couldn't and she straight up her legs and sat there for a while I accepted it like a real slave moment and enjoyed the pain and hugged her thighs with my hands and after 1-2 mins I was shocked that she is still not getting up and waiting for me to start suffering I tried to move her up and she starts laughing hard and pushing more weight on me and after good 2 mins she got up and ask are you ok while laughing and i said yes mistress and we ended the session there.
    After that I wear up my clothes and we both saw that I got a bigark on my nose and she said I'm sorry for that but at very next moment like a real mistress but that's what you wanted right so enjoy it boy.
    And I said yes mistress silvia and we hugged for last and I grabbed her ass there and I know she feels that this slave still wants more punishment.
    Then I left with good mark on my face and smile on my lips and satisfaction in my heart and soul being a good slave for my mistress.

    I will tell the third session that I recently had last week in my next review. And will also go for more as there is still something that I want to try with my mistressđź’©!!

    Oh my goodness!,slave boy the story teller,I'm always happy with you whenever you visit as you can't get enough of my ass..I'm grateful.

  • Verified photosMistress Silvia - dominatrix in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met this absolute beauty 2 days back.

    I can't sum up the excitement and experience she gave to me. But I'll try to write a glimpse of it. (I demanded everything she did to me)

    She is pure dominatrix! She literally sat on my face with her fullweight and suffocated me under her and bounced buttdrop real hard on my face again and again, leaving me with a mark on my face, I asked her to try licking her ass but I was so scared but she forced me into it and squeezed my tongue under her glory hole, I tried my best to be the best slave and at the end she gave me the perfect fuck with dirty talking of me being punished for fucking her.

    Surely gonna meet her next time for getting my punishment in my mouth and will try my best to swallow it whole!! .. Well even if I won't be able to.. I know she will make me finish it all.

    Thank you my mistress!

    I'm grateful for the best review and glad you enjoyed my session, you were a good slave as well,being under my ass for 5 minutes was really awesome felt like I own you as a goddess.,you're welcome for more & more sessions.

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