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    I met her for threesome with another girl today. She was very professional. She gave me the best BJ i have ever had. I finished of very soon because i was so horny and she sucked very good. She has very good boobs. I sucked them. She tried to push her boobs in my mouth. I liked that also. I didn't fuck her and she didn't fuck me also. But she gave me the best BJ.
    Thank You Ashley. Have a great time here in Delhi.

    Always wellcome babe I hope to see you again soon 😘😘😘 I told you already I'm very professional trans .😘😘😘

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    Rating: 4 / 5

    I am writing this review just after coming back to meet her. I was so much excited to meet her because i has already met her. She was very very good last time. I made review for last time also but that didn't get published. So let me right again for this time.

    It wasn't as good as last time. She was rushing. I asked her for BBJ and CIM, she said yes. But when i met her, she refused to give me BBJ and CIM. She called another T-Girl Ashley for threesome. Ashley was really really good. She gave me the best BJ. Ashley is very professional. I finished off very fast just because of Ashley's BJ skills. After that Ashley left and then we two were together. (I will write review for Ashley separately)
    She asked me to lick her pussy. I licked and fingered her pussy. She finished off. Then we took some rest and then I fucked her. I asked her for anal but this time she didn't let me as it was 1 hour already. She is a time watcher. This is the only thing which i didn't like about her. As time was about to finish and i didn't cum till that time, so she gave me handjob. I wanted to fuck her more because i wasn't about to cum till that time. I enjoyed my time. But i didn't get satisfied with her. She didn't meet my expectations this time.

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    I made a review for U but it wasn't published.
    I had an amazing time with U. I like Ur openness towards sex. I enjoyed my time with U. I really loved Ur big tight juicy boobs and specially that tight asshole. Will meet U again soon. Love U

    This is your first review to me . Second review not satisfied to me but you cum 2 times even more that 1 hour already I allow you to stay my room and finish the second shot . You always set appointment but didn't come ... Finally you come again ... God bless ...

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