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  • Verified photosOhhh boy ! you got Shemale.. - Transsexual escort in Angeles City
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    I met her last week I was not so comfortable with her place as i can hear people in her room and tried to focus on her but really made me upset is her room and people around her. The picture was not really looks like her . Not satisfied with her .

    i actually i Don’t reply to this kind of non sense Jealous Bitch ass mouth smell Like a fart comment like this. but all people ive met and know me asking to reply and defend my self about this. Claire Admin of this Website is unfair there are many people who wanna put a good review about me but claire don’t even let them posted here its unfair why claire let such a fake comment from everyone posted here ? this post bitch sounds not even busy on your own business that is why you here trying to destroy other business ? No client ? no money to pay own hotel? lol I’m so proud of my self what I’m right now and reading such a negative comment like this because someone hate me and jealous at me ! Just two cents from me,

    First of all My all pics 100 percent real. If someone doesn’t like them then they can leave as soon as the walk in and see me, You said i am not same on the picture I’m the one who open the door for you girl ! then why did you still enter ? i can tell you i don’t even wear heavy make up like what you do everyday lol i can even go out under the sun without make up with you and let’s people judge us.

    Second if you don’t feel comfortable with my place hearing some voices in my room then why you still continue ? you can leave and don’t pay ! this is hilarious me myself i don’t even wanna hear any voice or people around me while I’m having sex because i know the feeling You sounds really fake ! and jealous about me girl ! who else wanted hearing people voice or people around them while having sex ? Duh !

    i dont remember anyone complaint to me i always make everyone comfortable and no rush experience and ended up satisfied with my services if claire admin will let all good review about me from people ive met You will know my point.

    You Sound like a old ass that eats expired fritos. and not even the good chili cheese Fritos. the plain ones with a nasty old room temperature Mountain Dew to wash the hate down. stinking ass Bitch.

    I’m still enjoying My Good review on below while laughing on your negative jealous comment about me ❤️

    Ps: Lagreta is Lagreta We will never be the same Watch me shine Mind your own business Work hard and earn no need to destroy others business because at the end of the day karma is karma ! God Blessed You More ❤️