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  • Verified photosZaara Mistress - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Ok, so I have been interacting with this godsend gorgeous benevolent human/woman/dominatrix for a long time on and off now. Few of the exceptional qualities she possess -
    Pros -
    1. First and foremost of all, she is an amazingly kind person. She would say things straight, she would never lie about expectations or charges or timings ever. She is a wonderful combination of someone who is dominant as well as someone who has a very calm loving trustworthiness.
    2. She is real as fuck. If she finds you good to talk to, she would actually talk about her own likings, feelings about her life and work - and you would realise instantly that she is great at general conversations as well. She would even tell you her learnings, advices and perspectives which is great to hear.
    3. Her command on dominance sessions, concept, language she uses is impeccable
    4. She would always respect your privacy - never ever take advantage of you.
    5. Extremely professional.
    Cons -
    1. I know it's cliche but it's really hard not to quickly start really liking her for what she is. And then it's really hard to find someone else like her in this space.

    PS. I am really sorry for disturbing you at odd times of calls! Would not repeat that. Lots of love xoxo.

    Thats quite detailed review, thank u for taking the time out for this. My only complaint is that you don't give me prior notice before the online session hence u may term me as rude but please at least give me 15 mins prior notice to get free to be there for u, unless of course I have a real meet going on.