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    20 Oct 2016

    Do you Giving watersports, Receiving watersports and swap so we can play with it?
    Regards Soko

    I don't like to say what do and don't do on different sites other than my official site. One place I can keep updated and change when I decide to change something. So I always direct people there to see what is "currently" as while I am ok with some water sports at the time I write this, next week I might change that at my official personal site and might not update all these other sites. So please check my site to see what activities I am doing "today" which might be different than what I offered last week and next month I might change them again depending upon how I feel especially about some of these more extreme things like water sports.

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    16 Aug 2016

    Do you receiving ang give watersports?
    Can we play with it?

    Yes, I do both giving and receiving. For receiving, only on my body and not on my face, mouth or hair please.

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