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  • Verified photosMeenoose - escort in Kochi
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Had her cam session bases on the conversation about real meeting. Have to say she is beautiful. But bit disappointed as she is or some guy controlling her account through of blocking me from telegram.
    She doesn't seemed like a girl who will block as she was very much interested in meeting. But I believe the guy behind the screen, be careful guys don't do cam based on an expectation to meet her.

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  • Verified photosMeenoose - escort in Kochi
    4 Dec 2021

    Hi dear. Hope you remember me.
    You agreed to meet me today. Are we meeting today or not. Not sure but seems like you have blocked me from telegram or you are ignoring. may I know why?

    I was in my native for some urgency.. Now i came back.. Lets discus about real meeting and fix a date