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  • Verified photosGODDESS ABYSS - dominatrix in Toronto
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I had the pleasure to serve Goddess Abyss when I visited Toronto.
    She's absolutely stunning and professional.
    Although I learned that my limits are way beyond what I've always imagened. I really loved the way she handled the session with every single detail and the aftercare she provided was so satisfying and professional.
    Definitely She's my no.1Godess in Toronto.

  • Verified photosGODDESS ABYSS - dominatrix in Montreal
    Rating: 5 / 5

    I had the honor to serve Goddess Abyss during my trip to Montreal.
    I can say with no doubt that I have served the most attractive young lady in my life.
    And oh my when I saw her amazing feet and toes with a toe ring I couldn't stop kissing them, Half of my session I spent it at her feet.
    She's a young seductive and very experienced dominatrix.
    I wish I lived in Montreal I would've served her day and night, But I will definitely comeback for a session with beautiful Russian lad during my next visit.