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  • Verified photosCharismatic RIA@JLT EliteIndianCompanion - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Met her today. Where do I even start.!!
    I haven't seen a lot of escorts, but she is unique of the lot, I don't think a better girl can exist here. She shouldn't even be called an escort, she is just amazing.
    Sex is only a part of what she does, don't get me wrong, she does the sex part on a level that is extremely hard for another to match with; she is more than that, she is fun to be with, extremely talkative (in a good way), smart, a realist, and what not, she can be a great friend and a listener.
    Now to the part that matters here, the passion she brings to bed is top notch. You may start wondering 'How can a paid girl be this much interested in fucking the **** outta you?', but she does that, so well. Her crazy wet kisses still are lingering in my lips, and other places ๐Ÿฅฐ Her BJ is so raw and intense, I felt like she is a crazy monster. She wants to get fucked, so badly. Oh my, she is a sex angel.
    Dear Charismatic Ria, I feel so fortunate to have met you today and hopefully we will have more fun together. How do I remind you who I am - The guy who overstayed and emptied your cigarette stash, but didn't touch your beer (today on 20th April 2022)

    Hey goodboy!
    I am so immensely overwhelmed reading these beautiful words. I genuinely have a hanger in my mouth since morning, just cant stop smiling!
    How do you expect me to forget who you are!
    Your typical gentleman that feels like a friend more than anything you had me so worked up!
    I knew the second i had you in that we would have a great time, your energy is that of a long lost friend, calm and so open it was refreshing to know you for you..
    I genuinely feel the encounter we had was great because of you.. I love the way you kiss almost very misleadingly sensual but you turn tables later in bed.. While i ended up taking the lead initially(since your such a polite guy i thought you would never kiss me first) what transpired there on was a complete turn of tables energy wise i could not help but feel submissive with your moves on me.. The condition i was in i wanted it all so greedily! I wanted to return the pleasure that you had me feel! Your size the pounding it still makes me want you again!
    I believe i ended up saying i should not have spoken to you that long (first meeting problem when we naturally gelled that hard)
    I so should have grabbed on all the time in bed that we have!
    I enjoyed your company immensely i believe I had you twice but I would have had you again and again if you dint have that commitment! I hope to be swept off my feet again the way you did with your masterskills..
    I am eager to recreate that same level of intimacy with you again!
    Cant wait๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’‹