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  • Rebeca Mature - escort in Dubai
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Terrible attitude. I was in Dubai and I really like Italian women. I found this lady via your website and I was able to contact her via WhatsApp. Since I was looking for an Italian lady I wanted to ensure I was getting what I am paying for. I was extraordinarily polite with and extremely respectful to her at first she was nice and respectful and quickly spelled out the terms with I had no issues agreeing to. I then asked her if she was Italian, there are a great deal of fake profiles out there, and she said "yes". When I asked her what part of Italy she was from she never answered. I asked her twice and eventually she blocked me on WhatsApp. I felt this was very disrespectful of her and I don't appreciate her treatment of me. All I did was ask a very legitimate question, all she had to say she is from northern Italy or whatever, she didn't have to block me. Normally people who do this are either not being honest on their profile or just have a bad attitude or both. I don't recommend this lady. Don't be surprised if you get blocked by asking her legitimate questions.

  • Verified photosBella♡ - escort in Al Manama
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Very bad attitude. Rude and unfriendly. I don't recommend.

    First of all, we never meet, I block you on WhatsApp because you was only speaking speaking for days but never make an appointment. Seems that u like to give bad reviews to other girls to. Again, we never meet.