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  • 22 Jan
    New review for Alesandra
    Rating: 5 / 5by Notbeen – 22 Jan 2020

    Great evening with Alessandra, sexy, friendly, great to talk too, time flew by! Will be saying hi again

    Thank you for 5 ❤️ and see you again soon.

  • 19 Jan
    Nina Student answered a question
    • hi sweetie.. I will be in amsterdam in March and would love to meet you for a real GFE... would u provide kissing, sucking (both ways), rim giving, prostate.. passionate sex... lots of cuddles?

      by lifehacker (4 other questions) – 19 Jan 2020

      Hey, thanks for your message, I will definitely be around in March and happy to provide GFE. Just contact me on WhatsApp closer to March so we can discuss details:)

  • 11 Jan
    New escort Amelia
    Amelia - escort in Amsterdam
    Amelia - escort in AmsterdamAmelia - escort in Amsterdam
    Captivating beauty that always surprises you, delightful and charming. Constantly in a good mood, showing a lot of excitement and interest with a hypnotic body that you better don’t miss.
  • New escort Lovelyisa
    Lovelyisa - escort in Amsterdam
    Lovelyisa - escort in Amsterdam
    I have mainly worked in and around Amsterdam. But I also do international bookings with regular customers. I need to be connected with my customer to go on an international trip. The photos you see on my website are 100% real. I do not want to disappoint you therefore I always do my very best to look my best. You could describe me as your girlfriend. I love passionate sex, kissing and touching eachother. Tenderly and softly, taking time for each other. What I also really like are dates with couples. To be the toy of your date, that still fascinates me and I really enjoy that…
  • 9 Jan
    New escort Cindy
    Cindy - escort in Amsterdam
    Cindy - escort in AmsterdamCindy - escort in Amsterdam
    Captivating beauty that always surprises you, delightful and charming. Constantly in a good mood, showing a lot of excitement and interest with a hypnotic body that you better don’t miss.
  • New escort Dennisa
    Dennisa - escort in Amsterdam
    Dennisa - escort in AmsterdamDennisa - escort in Amsterdam
    Irresistible and seductive, the type of girl that tempts you, working hard every time. Highly amiable and sympathetic, with a joyous personality, not having just a beautiful face, but also a beautiful soul.
  • New escort Christina
    Christina - escort in Amsterdam
    Christina - escort in AmsterdamChristina - escort in Amsterdam
    Extremely beautiful and pleasing, as a journey of discovery, an internal experience. Sending out rays of light is my favorite hobby and making people happy and joyful around me is my everyday challenge.
  • 13 Dec 2019
    New escort Nina Student
    I'm a 23 year old German finance student looking for nice gentlemen able to support me. I am able to provide a very nice girlfriend experience!
  • 5 Dec 2019
    New escort Faith
    Faith - escort in Amsterdam
    Faith - escort in AmsterdamFaith - escort in Amsterdam
    Every time we look at the new photographs of our top-class escort Faith, we reflect on how lucky we were to work with this beautiful girl and to be able to offer her to all our loyal customers. Faith is, in fact, a girl who has a sexy body, a sensual smile, and beautiful tits. If all this were not enough to make you fall in love with this girl instantly, you should know that Faith is also a fan of anal sex and that for her, sex is not complete unless it is penetrated even into the anus with strength and a lot of passion. Very few girls can compete with our top class escort Faith regarding…
  • New escort Karma
    Karma - escort in Amsterdam
    Karma - escort in AmsterdamKarma - escort in Amsterdam
    Karma is one of our agency’s most creative beautiful escort girls, and she always knows what to do to keep a customer entertained for hours. Karma is really ungovernable and could offer unexpected things, like having sex in the shower, in the bathtub or on the floor of the hotel room. And this is just a small taste of what Karma, our top-class fishnet stockings escort, can do. Choose Karma if you want to try a first-class fetish experience.
  • New escort Khloe
    Khloe - escort in Amsterdam
    Khloe - escort in AmsterdamKhloe - escort in Amsterdam
    As you can see from the photographs of the beautiful hot escort girl Khloe, she has no problem even having sex with girls, because our hot escort girl Khloe is a bisexual girl who is entirely at ease with both men and women, and who appreciates a lot when she is involved in threesomes, either with two men or together with a friend. Seeing Khloe having sex is beautiful, and being lucky enough to do it with her is even better. This beautiful blonde girl comes from Germany and has impressed all our breeders for her beauty and absence of taboo. Khloe wants to have sex, and all that’s needed to…
  • New escort Parmie
    Parmie - escort in Amsterdam
    Parmie - escort in Amsterdam
    Yes, we already know what you are thinking while you are looking at photos of the beautiful kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie. The question in your head is, “Why don’t you show us her cute face?” The answer to this question is very simple: because we want to make you grow the curiosity to discover her beautiful face, a face so beautiful that it remains forever imprinted in the heart and mind of every man, a face that only very few people have had the privilege to see, and that they will never forget. Imagine the face of the kinky escort girl Amsterdam Parmie, and think of her lovely body.…
  • New escort Sally
    Sally - escort in Amsterdam
    Sally - escort in Amsterdam
    One famous Italian singer, Vasco Rossi, once wrote a song called “Sally,” where he says that “life is a shiver that flies away, a balance under the madness.” A beautiful and iconic phrase that perfectly describes the escort babe Sally, one of the most stunning escort babes of our agency. Sally is a girl who loves life and strong feelings. Sally is aware that life is short and that we have the right and the duty to feel real emotions and to try anything that can make us happy. This philosophy of life has led Sally to choose to become one of our best babe escorts, adored by all our…
  • New escort Abigail
    Abigail - escort in Amsterdam
    Abigail - escort in AmsterdamAbigail - escort in Amsterdam
    Abigail is an adventurous girl who loves a fun night out. She is a very pretty woman; her body makes sure you have nothing to complain about. She likes a lot of different things in bed, she really is the ideal person to spend an evening with. The nice thing about Abigail is that she is always looking for a man to have a nice chat with, and to do more of course. She is a beautiful girl to see and her body is really beautiful to behold. She is able to hold long conversations, for the people who are looking for a girlfriend experience this always comes in handy of course. Besides that, she also…
  • New escort Ashley
    Ashley - escort in Amsterdam
    Ashley - escort in AmsterdamAshley - escort in Amsterdam
    This is a very naughty woman; Ashley thinks almost everything in bed is okay. She can massage you, but she can also satisfy you in other ways. She loves to meet people; a good man is an ideal person for her. In appearance she is really beautiful to look at, she has firm breasts that are beautiful to look at. Because she is still full in the bloom of her life, everything is fun for her to do. Her buttocks are wonderfully soft, and your jaws fall wide open when you see her for the first time. She is the perfect girl for all the men who want to have some naughty time. Take a look at her pictures…
  • New escort Alysa
    Alysa - escort in Amsterdam
    Alysa - escort in AmsterdamAlysa - escort in Amsterdam
    Each of our customers has individual preferences that we try to satisfy as much as possible, and when a customer tells us that he loves girls with long legs and a nice ass, then we already have the perfect solution for him: the kinky Amsterdam escort Alysa. Look at her pics: Alysa’s legs are perfect, very long, thin, sensual. He observes her ass: perfection, not even a Renaissance sculptor would have succeeded in creating something similar after years of work. Look at the beauty of her ass while wearing a cute thong. And what about the feet? Sensational, especially when Alysa wears very…
  • 3 Dec 2019
    New escort Lyka
    Lyka - escort in Amsterdam
    Lyka - escort in AmsterdamLyka - escort in Amsterdam
    Few girls of our escort agency Amsterdam are more particular than Lyka, a girl who is entirely at ease in the strangest situations, and who always loves to exceed the limit. Lyka is entirely at ease in situations where the client asks for the use of sex toys like big dildos, which Lyka can use to masturbate or to allow the client to play with her pussy. A beautiful dildo show is an excellent way to start a night of wild sex with this girl, the pride of our escort agency Amsterdam. Lyka also loves using food as a way to make things hot. For example, Lyka can use cream, ice cream or even…
  • 2 Dec 2019
    New escort Sasy
    Sasy - escort in Amsterdam
    Sasy - escort in AmsterdamSasy - escort in Amsterdam
    Very few girls from our escort agency have been able to attract the attention of our customers and revolutionize business like Sasy. In fact, this girl has transformed our agency, becoming the most popular escort in a very short time, and conquering many customers. Sasy’s agenda is always full of bookings, and this kinky babe never seems to be satisfied, but still looking for new customers, new experiences, and new ways to make love better than any other girl not only in our agency but also in our competitors. Sasy is one of our most popular escorts because she is stunning, smart and sexy.…
  • New escort Veronika
    Veronika - escort in Amsterdam
    Veronika - escort in AmsterdamVeronika - escort in Amsterdam
    Veronyka is a beautiful girl, with skinny legs, a fabulous ass, and nice tits, with a sensual mouth and a language she loves to use to make genuinely unforgettable erotic games. This hot Amsterdam escort has a real natural talent for sex, and her best skill is always to know what to do and when to do it, to turn an erotic situation into a real pornographic set. With the beautiful Veronyka, it is possible to realize every fantasy and every sexual position, thanks to her flexibility and her talent. The beautiful girl really loves sex, and every client represents a new experience. Veronyka was…
  • New escort Mey
    Mey - escort in Amsterdam
    Mey - escort in AmsterdamMey - escort in Amsterdam
    Every client of ours has individual preferences for the escort girl with whom to spend his evening of sex. Many love blonde girls, others like black hair, but the vast majority of men love women with big, firm tits, ready to be squeezed and sucked. Our beautiful escort girl Mey is our escort with big tits and absolutely 100% natural that all customers love to touch and suck while having sex with this sexy blonde girl. Mey’s tits are hypnotic, they are firm, tonic and can be used for many original games, such as putting the dick between the tits, or using the nipples to stimulate the cock…