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  • 12 Dec
    Madhu answered 2 questions
    Madhu - escort in Colombo
    Madhu - escort in ColomboMadhu - escort in Colombo
    • Do you have foot fethish? How much for one hour

      by Kalu_1 (112 other questions) – 12 Dec 2019

      you can perform foot fetish on me. but not other way round.

    • Sorry, I didn’t know that babe. I’ll call you tomorrow. Are you in whatsapp?

      by Chocoboy_1 (6 other questions) – 12 Dec 2019

      no, I am not in Whatsapp. I am new to this and using basic phone. I don't have a smart phone yet. When I find some money I am hoping to buy a smart phone

  • Kaveesha (hiru) answered a question
    • Hi i am from india i love ur black body can u plz replay me

      by v_k_kiss – 12 Dec 2019

      Thanks sir cl me

  • Roshani answered 2 questions
    • Hi darling can I have an erotic massage and a strapon session ?

      by Ruchira_Ranaweera (6 other questions) – 12 Dec 2019

      Call me

    • Hi you do bj with or without condom and lip kiss allowed ?

      by shehan076_1 – 12 Dec 2019

      With condom only

  • Sadaa answered a question
    • Won't to know if ur can provide face sitting, blowjob without condom,and cann u piss from pussy please tell and the price

      by Star_logan (1 other question) – 12 Dec 2019

      Please call me. Guys this site we going to lost. Do something to recover this

  • 11 Dec
    Madhu answered a question
    Madhu - escort in Colombo
    Madhu - escort in ColomboMadhu - escort in Colombo
    • I have called couple of times today but you didn’t pick. How to contact?

      by Chocoboy_1 (6 other questions) – 11 Dec 2019

      Hi baby,
      I went home today, can't pickup the phone as I live with parents. Call me again on tomorrow Thursday
      With love

  • New review for Roshani
    Rating: 5 / 5by kavishapawan – 11 Dec 2019

    I met her today. She was nice and lovely with a great body. Gave me an awesome blowjob. Very friendly and she has big boobs too. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • New escort agency Kumara
    Kumara - escort agency in Colombo
    Kumara - escort agency in Colombo
    Age 20 call more details m looking for open hearted, feeling lonely and needed get your stress free to have romance without physical contact in a distance relationship phone sx is the beat option. No health issues, no soical issues, no family issues or no pregnancy issues but still u can be sxy and dirty as you want in romantic phone
  • New escort Shashi
    Hello lovely gentlemen, I'm Shashi, a single mom who loves to please men.. Forget all limits , and come see me as soon as possible for an unforgettable experience for as low as 7000.. Please call ASAP
  • Shenushi(WhatsApp only) answered a question
    • Hi do you do domination or femdom???

      by Farans (4 other questions) – 11 Dec 2019

      I can do

  • Natashi independent answered a question
    • Hey i Whatsapp u but didn't get a reply? Ar u avilable today..

      by playmphimogmailcom – 11 Dec 2019

      hey i’m available babe , i did reply to all. thanks . revert back babe see ya soon 💋💋💋💋💋

  • Sadaa answered a question
    • Can u piss, do 69 position, blowjob without condom, lip kiss and to lick ur pussy
      Can u do all of these please tell me and the price

      by Star_logan (1 other question) – 11 Dec 2019

      please call me sir am available today

  • Roshani answered a question
    • Can you come kandy? If you come how much one hour for foot fethish?

      by Kalu_1 (111 other questions) – 11 Dec 2019

      Incall only

  • Natashi independent answered a question
    • Darling how much to rim and eat ur pussy . Cant whatsapp can email but

      by ajleesboy (13 other questions) – 11 Dec 2019

      Hey babe , i texted back you on whatsapp, i’m available today and this week babe , i was out of country last few so please text . thanks . mwah 💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • 10 Dec
    New escort Asha Shanu
     My Name is Asha shanu Age 22 , I'm a hot Sri Lankan Girl living in Colombo, independed, with nice Skin. I'm very hot and sexy and will be ready to give you the best Services you can dream. There are no limitations. After my Service you will never search for an other Girl, I will be your perfect Lover, will do my best to satisfy you. Please let me know when you have some special wishes. __Please read advertisement properly__ Dont waste my time and I dont Like bargain hunters. I prefer good quality VIP's. Not cheap people. Dont ask for more pictures, just watch the ones in my profile,…
  • Natashi independent answered a question
    • Hey babe

      I am trying to send u a msg on WhatsApp but the messages are not getting delivered.

      I want to book an appointment tomorrow with you. Are u available?

      by Blue_8 (1 other question) – 10 Dec 2019

      hey babe , i’m available tomorrow from 9 am onwards in mount . i reverted you back in whatsapp babe , please check it out . thanks 💋💋💋💋

  • Sadaa answered a question
    • Do you allow to cum in mouth ?

      by Deej (1 other question) – 10 Dec 2019

      Yes i do. Guys we going to lost this massagerepublic site do something or find some thing else to recover this

  • Meena answered 2 questions
    Meena - escort in Colombo
    Meena - escort in ColomboMeena - escort in Colombo
    • Add your feet photo

      by vomacor943 – 10 Dec 2019

      Sorry, i won't do foot fetish

    • Can I have your email address

      by rockybunny (15 other questions) – 10 Dec 2019

      Dear text me on whatsapp, thanks