Escort News Geneva: new reviews

  • 29 Sep 2019
    Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met Princesse Venus last week and she seduced me with her elegance, experience and culture. I do not want to be into hardcore S/M but probably as I'm professional weary of being in control, of being responsible, of having people wait on you and depend on you, I wanted to switch roles for one day! She took control in a sophisticated, but assertive and expert manner, but not without a touch of madness and humour. Our meeting was definitely a breath of fresh air!

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    My experiences with Princesse Venus have been truly unforgettable. The pictures give a good impression but in reality she is even more mesmerisingly beautiful. Her seductive charm and elegance are inescapable and sufficient to capture you forever. Still, she has plenty of bondage equipment and toys in case a more physical bondage is required. Depending on her mood and your requirements she can be sweet and charming or enjoy cruel and sadistic BDSM games. What I really appreciate is her willingness to listen to your fantasies and scenarios and make them reality, adjusting the severity to your…

    Rating: 5 / 5by

    Princess Venus is the most amazing domina you could dream of. She uses her limitless seductive talents to make you hungry and willing to play all her BDSM games. She is a true Princess, beautiful and authoritative, as you would expect. The only risk with her is that you could quickly become an addict!

    Rating: 5 / 5by

    Princesse Venus est la meilleure dominatrice que J’ai jamais rencontré ,elle m`a dominé avec subtilité et fermeté en respectant le scénario demandé et en tenant compte de mes limites .Maitresse Venus possède un grand choix de tenue qui mettent son corps de déesse en valeur ,elle est encore plus belle en vrais que sur les photos .Je n`ai qu`une envie me retrouver à ses pieds (magnifiques) au plus vite .