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  • 15 Sep
    New escort agency A Gentleman's Affair
    A Gentleman's Affair - escort agency in Melbourne
    A Gentlemans affair. For the man who wants it all. You're about to discover a new world of companionship. A world where every gentleman gets exactly what he wants. How a man deserves to be treated as he is the only man existing on this planet. This experience is tailored for the prestigious society. A life choice that only you deserve. Welcome to a Gentlemans affair.
  • 17 Aug
    • hi are still in dubai

      by Alex2000 (28 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      Nope. Based in australia at the moment

    • R u coming to Dubai? And when ?

      by Fargo (2 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      No plans..

    • Hi, are you currently in KL? If yes until when you'll be there?

      by constaza10 (2 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      In melbourne now babe

    • Hi...would u be in KL during the week of Oct 3?

      by dtbp (1 other question) – 17 Aug 2017


    • Hi dear, would you be available in KL during first week of OCT?

      by dtbp (1 other question) – 17 Aug 2017

      Nope. Sorry

    • hey nicki..... do you have any plans to come to kuala lumpur in the month of january or feb..... also can you please tell how much you charge for overnight.

      by Seenu_1 (3 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      Already left there. Im in melbourne now

    • When you will be back to dubai ?

      by Fargo (2 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      Not plans this year habibi

    • Hi Nicki,

      Will you be available in HK between July 6 and 10? thank you.

      by jcruz – 17 Aug 2017

      Nope. Im in australia

    • Hi Dear, any plans to stop in Dubai?

      by vichris (15 other questions) – 17 Aug 2017

      No plans yet.

  • 10 Aug
    Micky answered a question
    Micky - masseuse in Melbourne
    Micky - masseuse in Melbourne
    • Hi
      Can you provide b2b massage ?

      by aleefsaab (19 other questions) – 10 Aug 2017

      No Dear. Thanks for asking

  • 28 Jun
    New escort Military Girl
    Military service should be compulsory for all australian citizens who are physically and mentally fit. All should be required to do their national service at the age of 18 – including girls, who should serve a minimum of two years in our armed forces.This might mean a high number of young and beautiful women who would normally be doing beautician courses would be fighting for our country sucking off our soldiers then disarming our enemies then sucking them off too. aussie girls would be deployed to active, front-line roles during the same years their Australian counterparts might be attending…
  • 6 Apr
    New masseuse Bonnie Cooper
    Bonnie Cooper - masseuse in Melbourne
    Bonnie Cooper - masseuse in MelbourneBonnie Cooper - masseuse in Melbourne
    Slim, with curves in the right places and an element of grace, I am here to honour your desires. I have a deep and innate understanding of both myself and potent sexuality. This enables me to embrace all of what you fantasise of and dream about in both your darkest and lightest moments. My sensitivity and discretion suits the discerning gentleman. I am one for the connoisseurs. If you think you have seen it all, until you have seen me – you haven’t. Alternatively if you have found yourself in a lonely moment searching these pages for the first time – I am made to guide…
  • 25 Mar
    • Hi will you be coming to Kuala Lumpur in December ending or in April ? Do you have any plans on those months?

      by Seenu_1 (3 other questions) – 25 Mar 2017

      No plans maybe i will be here in London for awhile

    • Do you see virgins??

      by snowzz37 – 25 Mar 2017


    • hey - are you free this weekend?

      by passed – 21 Mar 2017

      Yes im free in London area only.

  • 12 Feb
    New escort Swedish Siri
    Swedish Siri - escort in Melbourne
    Swedish Siri - escort in MelbourneSwedish Siri - escort in Melbourne
    SMS SIRI I come from Sweden last wik. I love a guys hard cocks in my mouth and all of my holes all of this time, sometimes I Ivan like to draw on my face like crayon. Women from my country pleas the men no matter how we fill or mood we in, if a men cocks is hard then it's times to do what he wants.. Wether it be my wet mouth or my perfect pussy or my hot tight ashore they are all there for you pleasure. In my country I'm the whore and I plan to be the same here in your country. My price for pleasure are... 2 holes (mouth natural and pussy protected) 500 Australia dollar 3…
  • 16 Nov 2016
    • Hi. How are you ? Can you tell me if you have plans to Kuala Lumpur this dec or April 2017. I would like to meet you.

      by Seenu_1 (3 other questions) – 16 Nov 2016

      no baby... no chance in KL

    • Hi, when will you be in Singapore again? OMG! You are sooo hot! Would love to have a good time with you if you are back again! I am enjoying your pictures a lot! 😉 <3

      by James_26 – 16 Nov 2016

      maybe next year...

    • hi
      can you tell me will you be in kuala lumpur from december 27th to jan 7th
      I will be in Kuala lumpur on those days.

      by Seenu_1 (3 other questions) – 16 Nov 2016

      no baby.. not possible cause i got a flight plan already... cant be in KL that dates..