Escort News Milan: new reviews

  • 25 Sep
    New review for Cecil M.
    Rating: 5 / 5by George1th – 25 Sep 2019

    I have seen her in my hotel of Milan downtown, afternoon . As a person, I can confirm that she is the the lady of the image: she is refined, sensual, with sparkling cat-eyes, high heels, she's hands, feet glazed with red and the mouth, that mouth, which then made me start Cecil gave me a very pleasant relaxing massage by her fairy hands around for 15 minutes, dissolving my tensions, almost all...than a fantastic foreplay uncovered which she dedicated herself completely and passionately, Different positions, b,side games, 2 rounds to scream in an hour. She had given me exactly what…

  • 25 Apr
    New review for Anna Art of Massage
    Rating: 4 / 5by Romelu (2 other reviews) – 25 Apr 2019

    I had the pleasure to meet Ann last week. She is an excellent and brilliant masseuse. Her massage almost made me sleep; yet, the inly disappointment was that her progile photos are not up to date. Will repeat visiting her for sure